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The Princess Billionaire

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I once gave my trust and love to someone. But what happened? I was just used and hurt. Since that day, I never trust again. I vowed to never let anyone have the chance to hurt me again. Until he came. despite all my pushing and torturing him, he stayed. Little by little, he melted the ice that had been encased in my heart for a long time. Just like how the sun brought warmth after the long winter. And just like that, I broke the promise that I made to myself. I loved Paolo and he loved me too despite the big age gap between us. Even if it is wrong in the eyes of others, we are ready to prove our love. The two of us will be together, we will keep our promises to each other and build a happy family. everything had already been planned out. But I forgot that destiny is different to play with. What I thought was perfect turned out to be a tragedy. My name is Angeline Cruzette Sy. And this is the story of how I met my first love that ended unexpectedly. he was 25 years old and I was 15 years old when I first met him. That was the exact time that I thought that age has nothing to do with love or does it? That was also the time I thought that age has nothing to do with love... or does it?

Chapter 1

I am from a very prosperous family. And since I was an only child, I had no trouble getting what I wanted. I always get what I want right away. It doesn't need to be said again. They always gave me whatever my eyes and heart desired. Perhaps that was the only way they were able to show me how much they cared and loved me.

Since I was a child, they were both quite busy with our business. They never stood by my side. I can't even think of any pleasant occasions when they were both by my side. Instead of caring for me, they devote more time to managing our enterprises. They expressed their affection by giving me the items I asked for as a result. They believed that the most expensive items in the world would be sufficient to carry out their parental responsibilities.

I was aware of how much resentment everyone had for me. Behind my back, they frequently called me by other names. spoiled brat, unyielding, unfavorable, satanic, etc. However, I didn't really give a d*mn about what they had to say about me. Worse than garbage are the people who are talking behind your back. If they perceive me in that way while I'm trying to find a method to free them from the mansion, I can't hold it against them.

I played jokes as I got older to make the housekeepers and security guards leave the mansion one by one. There, even if I'm simply cleaning, I'll burn their clothes, splash juice on their cheeks, and put frogs in the maids' quarters, among other naughty things. Even though it seems cruel, that's the only strategy I have found to grab my parents' attention.

I believed that they would take care of me themselves if there were no assistance or guards in the mansion. in order to spend time with their lone child. When I went to school, I greatly wanted my Dad to ride with me. My mother has always been supposed to comb my hair when I wake up. As soon as I get up in the morning, I want to see them. You know, the usual daily family bonding. I don't give things much thought because I've always yearned for their affection and attention.

But despite my best efforts, my folks didn't seem to give a d*mn. They promptly receive anything when an assistance departs. They have a backup guard available right away when one leaves. In the mansion, this cycle is what takes place. But I persisted. As I became older, more and more individuals visited our mansion and departed it. Really, it's starting to aggravate me. It gets old pleading for your own parents' attention. It seemed as though the loneliness I was experiencing was slowly suffocating me.

I was aware of the previous familial ties at our school. I had just turned 8 at the time. Even though I didn't anticipate my parents to show up, I nevertheless said that there was a school function. They said that the conclusion of their business trip had forced them to attend. I screamed and leapt on my bed because I was so delighted. My smile nearly caused me to cry on my lips. I was anticipating that day. I was eager for our family to get together.

I stopped acting stupid, and our assistants noticed it. They believed I had improved and changed for the best. They simply are unaware of my happiness at having my parents join me at the occasion from home. They came with me to the school for the first time that day. I have a hard time falling asleep while waiting for their return.

The school's family day has come and gone. On this morning, I awoke. I got dressed and took a shower. I was beaming as I made my way to my folks' room. I've been holding off on opening their door. I inhaled deeply before I unlocked the door.

I started to say "Good Morning," but was interrupted when I saw my parents' empty room. But it wasn't actually empty. Their bedroom was furnished with pricey and opulent items. But it seemed hollow because my folks weren't there. It seemed as though my heart was empty and itched for their attention.

For myself, I took a stand. I battled the need to cry even though I was close. I immediately felt a tightening in my chest, even when I was young. They promised me they would be there on my special day, yet they broke their word. I was hurt because I hoped. I grinned sourly. What else has changed? This is how it always is. When did they find time to spend with their own kids?

I had a blank expression when I arrived at school. My eyes felt like ice. I had a straight line of lips. I was emotionless as I took in my surroundings. My schoolmates are all accompanied by their parents. They were laughing heartily as they conversed happily.

I was truly feeling unwelcome at the time. I had the impression that I was alone on the dark side of the planet. I thought everything I was seeing was extremely far away. It's all so far away. There is only me.

Several times, I wanted to cry, but I refrained. I'd prefer not to cry. I persuaded myself I was a strong lady even when I was young. My name is Angeline Cruzette Sy, and I come from a wealthy family in the Philippines. I noted to myself that no one was interested in me. I wasn't actually loved by anyone. My own parents themselves didn't want me. I was by myself. At the same moment that I had everything, I also had nothing.

My unhealthy habits grew worse and worse over time. Sometimes I can see the helpers sobbing right in front of me. My hair was cut. Paint was spilt by someone. the application of red ants on clothing. I act absurdly till they sob and depart the mansion.

I once overheard the maids conversing in their own chambers as I was strolling around our own mansion's yard. Through the glass, I caught a glimpse of the maid packing up to depart who had only recently arrived.

She's still young, but her behavior is already poor. Mr. and Mrs. Sy are kind; perhaps that's why they don't pay attention because it's a horrible attitude. How can you love a child with a bad attitude?

"You said it. It's only eight years old, but that horn is already long. I can't take it anymore. I don't want it anymore. I'm going to resign. I can't take what that demonic child is doing anymore. That's what's going to kill me, huh."

"Since you have a child like that, let's see if you don't throw up, I can't blame Mr. and Mrs. Sy if they prefer not to be here than with their child."

What they stated caused my chest to constrict. But I held back my tears, just like before. They repeatedly stabbed my heart with their remarks, which were like a sharp blade. Despite the fact that I was weak on the inside, I continued to project a tough exterior. I entered their section instantly and started talking.

I genuinely said, "Oh, are you done?" to them. I don't need ugly servants, so poor folks, get out of here.

An assistant said, "I'm really going to get out of here!" Still young, but the horn is already long. I can't survive in a place with a demon like you.

I laughed and said, "If I'm a demon, what are you? Satan's hook or maybe Lucifer's right hand." I showed it to another assistant and said, "And you." "Those who look like ancestors on the mound. Pack up too. Run away with Satan's gang and go back underground."

After saying that, I walked away in their presence. I am aware of how thick my tongue is for my age. Can they blame me, though? I derived all I said from them. I just picked up words a child shouldn't utter from them.

I was abusing them more and more. The maids' average length of stay ranged from 24 hours to 3 days. As they left our residence, they were all in tears. While they were talking, I was grinning and simply staring at them.

I get along well with everyone at the mansion and even at school. Nobody approaches you to strike up a conversation. Everyone distances themselves from me because they don't want to be recognized as the real me. I stay away from it since I think I have an infectious illness. Maybe I would have been expelled from school a long time ago if my parents didn't own a significant portion of it. They only agreed to let me live with them because they didn't want to lose their piece of the money my parents gave them. But I'm aware that everyone at our school despises me to death.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't interact in some way with the mansion's maids. Making them weep and removing them one at a time appeared to have been my ritual. Growing up, I was rebellious and cruel. But in all honesty, I was just a young child seeking attention. They accuse me of doing all of that because I am a monster, a spoiled brat, and someone who has a nasty attitude. They had no idea that I had just done those things in an effort to attract attention, validation, and love.

One day a new servant showed up. I assumed she was exactly like the other servants who visited our mansion. He won't last long, I thought. He tolerates all the foolish things I've done to him. Instead, he simply grinned at me before walking away from me. He is not at all like the helpers who roll their eyes at me when I abuse them. Still beaming with a smile, his eyes sparkled.

When the new maid was cleaning the pool, I was eating dessert in the swimming area. I swiftly got to my feet and shoved her into the water after coming up with a new joke. She didn't react angrily to my jokes about her, so I waited for that to happen. She simply giggled before playingfully splashing water over me.

She said, "Ahh! You want to splash water! You're here with me," as she emerged from the water.

I just stood there and watched her react. Why? Why didn't she become upset? She has to be furious. I'm sure she said something terrible to me. She's still grinning, why?

I just kept staring at her before sitting back down. I'm curious as to why she lacks anger management skills. She only moved to sit close to me before speaking.

She said, "You know, Angeline, I get you. I avoid focusing on her. "I know you only do those silly things because you want to be noticed. You want attention. You want to feel loved around you. You just want someone who will look at you like a child asking for help. But because the people around you don't understand you, they say hurtful words to you."

I noticed that she was also looking at me when I turned to face her. She made a new smile.

She gave him a comforting grin and said, "Don't worry. I'm here. I'll look after you. I'll take care of you. You don't need to pretend to be a stubborn child, a demon. I know deep down you're good. You're not really a demon and you're an angel. It's like your name."

For the first time, I didn't want to cry, not because I was upset, but rather because I liked what the new assistant said. For the first time, I met someone who recognized my true self and understood me. I had just started crying, so I was taken aback when she abruptly gave me a hug.

After that, Yaya Lordes and I got along great. She is the only one of our assistants whom I get along with well. She was by my side at all times, including meals, school, play, and sleep. She acts as though she is my parent. I experienced love for someone who was unlike me for the first time.

However, I believed it would continue a while.

When I walked by the kitchen, the maids were conversing. I'm currently watching an anime film with Yaya Lordes. I overheard their chat as I prepared to get some cookies.

I don't know who does it, but I'm certain it was in Madam's room the day before because I cleaned the space, but some of her jewelry is gone from her chamber.

Oh, it's going to make us grimace. Madam's jewelry is pricey. Are you sure about that?

When I questioned Lordes what she was doing the previous night as she was leaving Madam's chamber, she simply said that Angeline had taken someone.

Because of what I had heard, I kept quiet. I don't recall giving anything to Nanny Lordes to steal from Mommy's chamber. Because I adore Yaya Lordes, I don't want to believe that what they are saying is accurate. She was the first to recognize how I was just looking for attention and the first to admire someone like me.

I couldn't sleep last night. I fell asleep after Yaya Lordes had already put me to sleep so that I could check her claims with my own eyes. I snuck out of my room in the middle of the night. It's dark in the hallway. When I entered Mommy's room, I overheard a voice.

Yaya Lordes voice!

I listened to the door to see whether she had a companion inside, but there wasn't. It appears as though she is on the phone with someone.

"Yes! I'll get it tonight. There's a lot of jewelry so it won't be noticed that something's missing," replied Yaya Lordes. "I'm getting enough so it's a big amount anyway. I'm leaving too. Yes, I'm leaving too. I don't care about that girl. I'm just hanging out with that Angeline so I can last here. But not anymore. I'm leaving; I don't want to stay in one place with that stubborn child."

What I heard caused my chest to clench once more. Yaya Lordes' comment caused the corner of my eye to warm up. I believed everything she said and did to be true, but it wasn't. She is exactly like the other people who appear to be wealthy. They persist with me because they simply want money from me.

Even though I'm just 10 years old, the things that people say have injured me numerous times. I spent a long time focusing on the door. Yaya Lordes and I were both taken aback when it opened. She had a gold necklace in her palm, which she hurriedly covered behind her back when I noticed it.

She asked anxiously, "Oh... Angeline, have you been there for a while?" I just glanced at something in your mother's chamber, so hurry up and go to bed so I can tell you some more fairy tales.

I couldn't even speak. Imaginary tales? fabricated narratives. similar to Nanny Lordes. It's untrue what she tells me and what she shows me.

Because I didn't want Nanny Lordes to leave, I was enraged by what I learned. Even if the concern she displays is false, it's okay with me. She was afraid of leaving me alone once more. What I witnessed her stealing rendered me blind. But that was short-lived. When she was discovered, she was instantly exiled.

I complied with her request to help her. My parents refused to withdraw the case despite my pleadings. They permitted Yaya Lordes to leave my side. They once more left me alone. I became even more enraged with my parents and the people around me as a result. With resentment in my heart, I grew up.

No one can answer the wall I built. I changed back into a demon. The maids are once again the target of jokes and bullying. I've lost any sense of self. I believe I am soulless. I had goosebumps all over my body. My parents weren't even aware of that. They have no concern for me. I'm used to it, so it's okay.

Even though I was only ten years old, I experienced all types of suffering. People around me didn't seem to give a d*mn about my existence in the world I was living in. My pupils got icier. I had no idea what kindness actually entailed. I see a hidden agenda in everyone who comes up to me. I hid myself away in my own shadows to wait for someone because of this.

He has the power to reclaim the light I was yearning for.

I had just gotten home from school when I was startled to hear my parents conversing in the living room. I had just turned fifteen at the time. They gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before inquiring about my well-being. I assured them that everything was normal and that I was fine. When Mommy spoke, I was preparing to ascend to my chamber.

She smiled at me, "Angeline, baby, I'm going to introduce you to someone," and I stopped. "You now have a new helper. Yaya Lusing, give the newcomer a call.”

new support? I questioned. It appears that I will be playing with a new person in the mansion. I'm unsure of her expected shelf life in days. Whom does she resemble? What is her age? I was just waiting for the new helper to appear on the stairs when I glanced at the door. I came across a man who was, I believe, fifteen years my senior. He was simply dressed in a plain shirt and worn-out pants. He appears to be from a low-income family.

But I wasn't really drawn to him by his outward appearance. He suddenly grinned as soon as our eyes met. He grinned as if he were admiring the most stunning woman he had ever seen. He has a towering stature and a lean physique. He even has a good appearance for a poor man, in my opinion. I was only fifteen years old when I first noticed strange, fluttering butterflies in my tummy.

"Baby, this is Paolo. He is a new assistant. He will be with you in everything," Mommy chuckled as she spoke to me.

I questioned with shock, "Mom, why a man as a servant?" The Paolo in question was simply grinning.

She moaned, "Because the agencies are no longer supplying us with any female helpers, and they're all turning down your Daddy's offer." Remember her? Paolo is Manang Lukring's nephew.

I blinked. Yes, I said, "the one I painted all over her body."

Daddy yelled at the baby, "Baby, stop being a spoiled-brat, will you? Because of your antics, no one can help you anymore. You're already fifteen years old, yet you're acting like some brat!"

You decide, Daddy. Regardless of what you say, I said to myself. He has enough time to lecture me but not enough to inquire about my feelings.

I was silent throughout. I didn't move until I realized Paolo, my new assistant, was standing in front of me. secondly, a man. Really? I moaned.

He smiled and remarked, "Hi, Angeline. Your name suits you. You both look like angels." "I'm 25 years old, how old are you?"

I replied, "As if I'm interested. Call me Miss instead; poor people truly don't have any respect. "And don't call me Angeline; we're not close; you're just a servant and I'm your master."

Daddy said, "Angeline Cruzette! Stop acting like that!" "You are such an obnoxious girl!"

I resumed my silence. I gritted my teeth and pretended that what Dad said didn't affect me.

Paolo replied, turning back to me, "Oh, Sir, it's fine. If you don't want me to call you Angeline, just Cruzette, all right?" He raised his eyebrows.

I gave a frustrated "Whatever!" in response and entered the room.

Initially a new helper, then a man? What? Why can't my parents see that they are enough of a help to me already? I sigh once again. That guy, I detested. I just despised him so much, and we had barely met. I detested his smile. It irked me beyond belief.

Then I recalled what Paolo had said. Only 25 years old, is he? In comparison to those who entered the home, he is still a youthful man.

He is 25 years of age.

I was 15 at the time.

We also have a ten-year gap.

I detested every aspect of our school. I despised the professors and pupils. All of them were bogus. When I first meet them, they dare to grin at me, but as soon as I turn around, they start talking. They referred to me as a sl*t, a hooker, a relationship destroyer, a boyfriend stealer, and even a b*tch. As if their taunts will have an impact on me. I'm still young, therefore nothing that is said to me will harm me. Fakers!

What I detested the most was that they called me a hooker, sl*t, and even a boyfriend stealer. Yes, I was a b*tch and was cruel. However, stealing boyfriends? My God. What is ailing their depraved little minds? I don't steal men for myself. Is there a boyfriend because I don't really have any pals with whom to spend my leisure time? Do they have thoughts? They make me nauseous. I get nauseous from sharing the same air with them. It's all bogus.

Did you like school? How was it?

When my driver spoke, I was crying out in vain. Every time he picked me up, he would ask that question. like he actually cares. This guy was incredibly good at making me feel bad. This unfortunate man's speech has made my already lousy attitude even worse. I merely glared at him, and all he did in return was smile. My eyes rolled. That's insane. Why can't I get this bug out?

He has been employed as my maid for the past year. I tortured him just like the people that passed by my assistance. I had hoped that he would cross my path soon and I would never see his happy smile again, but I was unsuccessful. Without exception No matter what I do, he still remains. He will never be upset with me, but he will always laugh at me. He constantly smiled when he saw me.

He gives me a smile as though I'm not a nasty guy. I detested the goodwill he was displaying.

I made every effort. I treated him the same way I treated my prior assistants inanely. I doused him in paint, but he just smiled and did the same to me. Frogs were placed where he slept, but it turned out that he was merely playing with them. He simply stated that it was okay because it was old when I torched his clothes. You really don't know how to be angry, do you? Or was he simply adept at disguising his true level of rage?

Once, I let our three labrador dogs out while he was mowing the lawn. I feared that he might be pursued and bit. But my strategy flopped. They were pursuing me. I didn't waste any time diving into the pool. He was just laughing as he approached me.

As time went on, I became more and more drawn to him. When he smiles, it offends me. Why is he smiling though he is so impoverished and having a hard time with life? I'm becoming more and more enraged with him as time passes. Did I already express my hatred for him?

I'll give him a call, "Hey!" He only turned to check in the rearview mirror. He was grinning once again.

"Yes, Miss?" he asked. "Are you going to answer my question? How is your school? Is it fun?"

I rolled my eyes and said, "As if! Why are you still working for me? Are you that poor? Money is really important to you poor people, right? Tell me, how much do you need to quit your job."

After looking at me, he grinned once again. "Money is not important to me, Ms. Cruzette. Sure, I'm just a poor person, and I work to lift my family out of poverty. But if I don't use what I earned, it won't make sense. I want to work hard for what I earn. I want what my family eats, from my blood and sweat."

I said, "It seems like you poor people are just money."

He simply concentrated on what he was going through. He continued, "I like my job. At first, it was difficult, but as time went on, I fell in love with it. Especially for you. I consider you a friend and not a boss. You haven't experienced poverty, eh. You were born with everything in front of you. But us? we still have to work just to eat and make ends meet."

I said, "The thickness of the face!" "I'm your boss and not a friend. I don't have any friends. People around me only need to be my friends for money. People who look like money."

He grinned, "Not all. I'm not like that, Ms. Cruzette." Despite the fact that we are ten years apart in age, I still want to be your buddy. "I know you're depressed. I know you just want to be noticed, so that's why you treat people around you like that. You push them away, but in reality, you want them to come closer to you," I said.

I reached for my backpack and threw it his way. I yelled, "You know nothing!" I continued saying, "Shut up! You know nothing! Shut up!"

I jumped out of the automobile as soon as it came to a stop within the estate. I shut the car door hard. I want to wander off. I'm ready to yell. My chest is once again tense. I scooped up the trash that was on the side and dispersed it throughout the mansion. The help I encountered was silent. Once more, they gave me a critical stare.

Before I went into my room, I heard Paolo remark, "Minda, I'll take care of it. I'll clean it up."

He always cleans up after me. He always defends me when I do anything foolish. He presents himself as the source of the rumors I circulated. For that, I despised him. I simply detested that person.

Just now, I had my room door locked. I stayed home. I skipped meals. I'm not in the mood to move. While we were in the car, Paolo said something that bothered me. I chuckled aloud. Acting as if he was familiar with me, ah. That poor dude has a big face.

I understand that you only want attention, which is why you treat those around you badly.

Chapter 2

I can still hear what he said before. My heartbeat quickened. Therefore, eh. Like the other helpers, he is the same. similar to that Paolo from Yaya Lordes. It would be lovely if they could win my heart, but if I fall for their trick, they would simply use me to further their own ends. Tricksters. You phonies. I detested everybody. Each one is a fraud. They just displayed friendliness in order to obtain what they actually desired from me.

Because Paolo's stay in the mansion is taking so long, I'm continually considering how to get him out of my home. But despite my best efforts, I was unable to come up with anything. It looks like I completed every task. I have used every trick I know on him. Yet he is incredibly tolerant. He is tolerant of my suffering. He rarely becomes furious, and even when he doesn't laugh, he smiles.

His smile was what I despised the most! He makes a smile that I don't like. Being a demanding person, he must be having dif


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