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Zebbie Zebbie

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I'm Just His Wife
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"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" He asked angrily. I swallowed before speaking. "Ivan you hurting me-" His grip on my arm was tighter so I frowned even more, my tears were already dripping. "I don't care! Maybe you followed me here! I told you before, you are just my wife in papers! You have no right to watch all my movements!" I was depressed in my mind. My weak sobs disappeared. "I-It's just a coincidence. This is also where Roxanne and I will meet ..." I could hardly breathe from sobbing. My back hit the cement wall when he slapped me hard. I sat down on the floor and covered my mouth to stop my sobbing. "You liar! Remember, Rigella. When Lara sees you I will hurt you again. Now, get out! Get out of my sight!"

The Princess Billionaire
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I once gave my trust and love to someone. But what happened? I was just used and hurt. Since that day, I never trust again. I vowed to never let anyone have the chance to hurt me again. Until he came. despite all my pushing and torturing him, he stayed. Little by little, he melted the ice that had been encased in my heart for a long time. Just like how the sun brought warmth after the long winter. And just like that, I broke the promise that I made to myself. I loved Paolo and he loved me too despite the big age gap between us. Even if it is wrong in the eyes of others, we are ready to prove our love. The two of us will be together, we will keep our promises to each other and build a happy family. everything had already been planned out. But I forgot that destiny is different to play with. What I thought was perfect turned out to be a tragedy. My name is Angeline Cruzette Sy. And this is the story of how I met my first love that ended unexpectedly. he was 25 years old and I was 15 years old when I first met him. That was the exact time that I thought that age has nothing to do with love or does it? That was also the time I thought that age has nothing to do with love... or does it?


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