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Irene sacrificed everything she had for her first love, but it was all wasted effort. After her heart got broken by her first love, Irene vows never to fall in love again. She disappears for a while and comes back as the world’s richest woman, ready for revenge. She becomes bitter and wicked but no one can understand why. She rejects all the men coming her way no matter how handsome or rich they are. After she finds her ex and her ex best friend who married each other, just as she promised before she left, Irene brought hell down on them.


Irene!” I heard my mother yell immediately as I walked into the house.

"Mom, I just came in. Can you please let me breathe?" I yelled back, very irritated at how today turned out.

“My baby, is everything okay? I heard your car pull over about twenty minutes ago, but you didn’t come in. What’s wrong?” My mom asked, walking out of the kitchen into the living room, where I stood. She looked so anxious and scared, dabbing her wet hands with the kitchen towel.

“I’m fine, mom!” I laughed, hugging her.

“Why are you back this late even? Like your shift should have ended two hours ago.” She said this as we walked to the kitchen.

“Today was hell multiplied by an even deeper hell, mom.” I said, sitting down on the dining table.

“D*mn. And I thought you were having fun.”

“Fun? I had to work two extra shifts because I missed my original shift last week when we went to that concert. Two extra shifts, mom! I am in actual pain right now, mom.” I said, resting my head on the dining table.

“My mama..." she gently said, kissing my forehead. She’s so gentle and sweet. “Good thing I’m making your favorite.”

I sat up properly and turned to face the pot. A smile formed on my face when I gently perceived the right aroma. Pasta.


"Yes, my love," she responded, focusing on the pot.

“Where’s dad?"

She paused, looked in the air, and then looked at me.

“Out with his friends.”

“Oh, right.”

With my already low morale, I slowly dragged myself to my feet.

“Where are you going?”

“My room. I need to take a shower.”

“Will you come down to eat dinner soon?”

“Yes. I’ll be down in a minute.” I responded, out of breath and strength. I walked upstairs, tired and hungry.

“Okay baby.” I heard my mom say.

I got to my room, walked in, and closed the door behind me. I kicked my sneakers off and threw my bag and myself on my bed. Everything hurts. Imagine having to work for nine or more hours because you are trying to save for college! Life is even more annoying than my younger self saw it, but I’m pretty sure she would be proud of me for not letting my dad’s anger ruin my positive mindset. He has been out with his friends for the last eighteen years of my life, and I am nineteen years old. Xavier Irene without the Xavier. If all my wishes came true, I would be a billionaire.

After minutes of thinking about how life is going, I decided to stand up and actually take a shower. I took off my clothes, put on my bathrobe, and turned on the shower. I let the cold water hit my skin as I let down my hair. The water kept running and hitting my skin. The best feeling, if you ask me.

But thinking on the bright side, I love this quiet life. Just me and my mom. My dad and my mom almost never got along. In fact, they stayed married because of me. Who cares anyway? I love it here. I love my mom, and nothing can change that. She’s working hard for my college, and I’m working hard for it too. College decisions will be out tomorrow. I can feel my heart pounding so hard against my chest. Nothing must go wrong. I need an offer from an Ivy League, and I need a fully funded scholarship as well. I am not a hundred percent certain, but I am a hundred percent hopeful. Right after college, I hope to move to a quiet town where my mom and I can live, work, and chill. It’s been too noisy for too long in this city.

I turned off the shower after scrubbing my body and washing my hair. The headache went down, but the sleep didn’t. I walked out of the shower after putting my bathrobe on. Yes, I take cold showers at night and hot showers in the morning.

My room’s even colder temperature wrapped my body harshly. Just how I like it. I walked over to my closet to grab some sleeping clothes after standing and staring cluelessly. I don’t have any specific clothes or clothes meant for sleeping; I just wear whatever is comfortable and clean. I wore a large red tee shirt and baggy pants with my socks. I sprayed my body with mist, plugged my phone in to charge, and then walked out of my room, switching the light off on my way out.

“Mother!” I shouted while walking downstairs. There was no response. “Mom!!”

I walked past the living room and into the kitchen, but there was no sign of my mom.

"Mom, can you hear me? Mom!” I started panicking.

“Irene! I’m outside!” She yelled back. Oh, thank goodness!! I rushed outside through the back door in the kitchen and met her sitting on the bench beside the garden, watching the stars.

“Mom. Is everything alright?” I asked carefully, sitting beside her.

She turned to look at me; her eyes were heavy. I instinctively moved close to her and hugged her warmly.

“Everything is okay, Irene.” She said. I moved my hands, and we stopped hugging.

“You were crying?”


“Why are you lying to me?”

“Tomorrow is the big day, right? The colleges we applied to are sending in their decisions tomorrow. I have no idea how we are going to pay for them. We haven’t saved enough.”

My already weary heart broke down again. I tried to speak, but I could feel that ball form in my throat.

“I will get into an Ivy League, mom. Then we will apply for a fully funded scholarship for me. When I move to college, you will move to Portugal, as we planned. Everything will be okay, mom. I promise."

She smiled at me and rested my head on her shoulders.

“I will do my best, Irene. I will not disappoint you.” She said. The heaviness of this moment.

“I love you, mom.” I said. I lifted up my head after a few seconds and smiled at her. “Let’s go eat. Or you aren’t hungry?”

“I am.” She laughed as we stood up.

We walked in and went straight to the pot to serve ourselves. The pasta and fried chicken look so heavenly.

“I may not go to work tomorrow.” I said, my mouth full of pasta. My mom stopped pouring the orange juice and looked up at me as though I had said an abomination. “What?”

“Irene, what do you mean?” My mom asked, her eyebrows furrowed together.

“Common mom, it’s decision day. I have to be prepared.” I whined, pouting at my mom.

"No, no, babe. The only thing you have to be prepared for is work, okay? All we have to do is check your emails, so why would you need a day off?”

“Ugh fine!” I said, grabbing my glass of orange juice.

"Aww, my baby. Don’t worry, I will buy you ice cream on my way back from work, okay?” My mom said, she was smiling at me. Do you know how much I love my mother? I love her so much!

“Thanks mom!"

We ate up while talking about stuff we shouldn’t talk about, but who cares? I got up to wash the dishes while my mom went around the house, checking for locked doors and whatever.

“Irene!” She walked into the living room, locked the door behind her, and kept yelling my name.

“Yes mom!” I shouted as I walked out of the kitchen, joining her in the living room.

“I’m off to bed. Remember to pray before going to bed.” My mom kissed my forehead before leaving for her room. Her room is downstairs. She said it helps her monitor the house well, but I know she just escapes there whenever my father comes home drunk.

I walked up to my room as well. I entered my room and went straight to my bed. Normally, I would be on social media till midnight, but here I am going straight to bed at twelve to ten p.m. Tomorrow’s anxiety is enough to put me to sleep. I cozied up on my bed, letting in all the air. As the seconds passed,sleep took over my eyes until I shut them for the night.



I jerked up at the sound of my alarm clock. Damn, it’s really morning. It’s decision day!

I jumped out of bed and went straight to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth. After that, I came out and walked over to my phone.


The time showed on my phone as my phone’s screen lit up.

There it was, ‘decision day’ boldly seated on my marked calendar.

I switched on the light in my room, made my bed, and then sat back down. What should I wear? This is the most exhausting activity yet. I hope my cargo pants are clean.

I stood up and walked to my closet, opened it, and picked out my green cargo pants and black bodycon long-sleeved top. I picked out my sneakers and some gold jewelry too. Placing everything on my bed, I took off my sleeping clothes and headed for the bathroom.

I switched on the shower and immediately settled for an all-in-one shower. The water is hot, and so am I. The excitement in me cannot be contained, but what’s ev


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