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She's my medicine

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Paulina and Pablo were two children from Mexico who loved each other very much, but because of fate Paulina and her family had to leave for the United States, when Paulina was 8 years old and Pablo was 10. From that moment they lost communication and although they did not see each other anymore, each one as he was growing up could not forget about the other. 15 years later, Pablo becomes the Mexican billionaire who rules Europe and Paulina becomes a very famous neurosurgeon. Both change in their way of being, the sweet boy Pablo becomes a cold and distrustful boss of everything due to the multiple betrayals faced and Paulina becomes a demanding, perfectionist and competitive girl who makes her a target of rage but at the same time admiration in the hospital where she works. After these 15 years Pablo and Paulina meet in an unexpected way, in which Paulina has to have an emergency operation, due to an attempt made on Pablo's life What will that reunion be like? Will they continue to be the same after this reunion or will they reconsider and become the children they were? Will there be a love between them? Will they be able to accept themselves as they are?

Chapter 1: Reunion

"Doctor Garcia, Doctor Garcia—" an intern was shouting— "There's an emergency, you're needed in an emergency—" he was saying as he ran towards me.

Here we are with another crazy day, in which emergencies are numerous, especially today there was a shooting at a concert and there are many injured people who need bullets removed in risky places.

But here we go, with my 23 hours straight shift, looking for more jobs to prolong the life of my patients.

I run to the emergency room checking the patient's severity and immediately send him to prepare for surgery, getting ready together with my team for the operation.

~ Hours later ~

I leave the operating room satisfied because the operation was a success but tired physically and mentally because of how hard this shift has been.

- Hello beautiful - says my attractive fellow surgeon coming out of the operating room that was next to mine — You look very tired, beautiful, but tired.

- If you say so Jack, but the truth is, I've never seen a person with dark circles due to lack of sleep, being so beautiful.

- In my eyes you look beautiful however you look.

I rolled my eyes, I can't deny that he's hot Jack, but it's always been clear in my mind that a romance at work is the worst.

I mean wey, everything is perfect while they are well, but if they are fighting, because of fate or your bad luck you will find it everywhere increasing the discomfort, not to mention that if you see him flirting with someone - being me so jealous - capable and it didn't work well during the rest of the shift.

So no, we'd better be in different jobs so we'll have our own space. But what do they think? Already 23 years old and nothing of a relationship would be. No, as far as I can see I'll be left alone and old with a dozen cats howling in unison.

- Earth calling Paulina, Paulina answer

- Huh? - Jack rolls his eyes — Were you telling me?

- I was telling you if you're free to go out tomorrow. And I know you'll be on a day off tomorrow so come up with another excuse.

No sh*t, these are the disadvantages of working in the same place and in the same department.

- Sure, why not? - i got up to leave the operating room -.

- Really?! said Jack excitedly.

- Of course! What do you think about the next life? he said mockingly.

- Hey!

- I'm sorry - she said without stopping walking — I'm allergic to two-legged dogs.

- Ouch that hurt - Jack complains

I left the operating room laughing, I knew how bad I was but, hey come on, he's the great Jack, the cute kid of the department, I mean of the surgeons department, rather of the hospital and that's how good his fame is, in short he is the mu-je-ri-ego. So ruled out.

~~~~Minutes later ~~~~~~

I'm finishing changing to finally go to my apartment (home) to rest when my phone vibrates, at first I didn't want to answer but I'm a doctor and even though my shift ended more than 5 hours ago, if there was an emergency I had to take care of it.

He started the call.

Hello - I answered without looking at who was calling-.

Hello, Paulina? Are you still in the hospital? - asks the director of the hospital -.

Where else? - I thought - If I haven't been able to go home to rest with such an emergency.

- Yes director, I'm still in the hospital, already about to go to rest.

- I'm sorry Paulina but your break is going to have to take a little longer, I need you at the main entrance of the hospital. Since a VIP client is coming who needs your services.

There is a God, I hate attending VIPs, they think they are the best thing in the world, like the high quality and impossible to copy garment, looking at others over their shoulder and treating us as if we were their servants and not as their doctors. But well, I couldn't refuse, it was the director of the hospital who was calling me, almost no one —cof sarcasm—.

- Yes, sir. I'll go down to the entrance.

It took only 5 minutes for me to be at the entrance waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

- 25-year-old patient - the paramedic reports - With head trauma, unconscious state, without any kind of open wound, stable vital signs.

Listen carefully to the paramedic as he checked the patient.

I turned to the nurses

- It is a moderate head trauma without open wounds, I need to have the quick studies done to know which part is affected and how much.

They nodded and went to do what I told them.

Soon after

- Yes - I said looking at the results of the tests performed — You have a wound in the pericranium so prepare the operating room and notify my team - I told the nurse-.

After a few hours

I had already finished my surgery and left the patient in the VIP area where about 10 scary bodyguards were lying at his door.

God, who the hell is he? - I thought — He must be very rich to have so many people here.

Anyway, I could finally go to rest after having left the VIP patient in his room without any problems.

I went down to the underground parking lot for my red convertible, heading home, which I needed so badly


But what Paulina did not know was that the one she had operated on was nothing more and nothing less than Pablo Evans, the tycoon who in his youth was a sweet, attentive and detailed guy with her but now everything was different.

Now there was nothing left of the boy I remembered, or maybe there was.

Narrated by Paulina

I'm relaxing in my tub enjoying my day off from work.

Today I will definitely stay in this bubble bath until my fingers look like raisins - I thought-.

Everything was going according to plan, until the alarm starts going off informing me that someone is calling me.

- D*mn — I say annoyed — can't I enjoy a day off without calls?

But I have to answer, if it's an emergency and he ignored it I'll have problems.

Started the call

- Hello? - I replied irritably to the caller.

- Do-c-to-ra- says one of my interns stuttering - We have an emergency for you and it is essential that you are here for it to be solved.

- Please, I'm not the only neurologist in our department, call Jack, he'll surely be able to handle the emergency so…

"No, no, no—" he said interrupting me. "They demand your presence."

I took a deep breath and resigned myself to going.

An hour later.

Already in the hospital.

- I hope it's really an emergency because otherwise - I say approaching the intern who dared to interrupt my "rest day".

I saw how he started to turn pale, that's definitely not a good sign.

- Ha-room 510 VIP - he said without looking at my face.

- Isn't that the VIP who operated yesterday?

He just nodded

- Did you have any side effects or anything during my absence?


- Then why the hell are you calling me on my day off?! — shout.

He just covered his head anticipating a blow, which I will certainly give him.

"Dr. Garcia—" says Jack.

My hand is left in the air, I knew that what he did deserved a beating only the bell saved him.

"Tell me, Doctor Padinson—" I replied, looking at Jack.

Jack grimaced, he knew that he only told her his last name if she was angry and the truth was and right now who wouldn't be angry if he was called on the day of his rest by a who knows what *ssh*l*?

- They're waiting for her in room 510.

I took a deep breath and headed to my blissful room.

He knocked on the door and entered after a pass.

- I definitely can't believe in the service of this filthy hospital - says my patient a little upset.

- Is something wrong? Do you feel bad somewhere? - I worry that it's really an emergency.

- Of course something is happening to me, otherwise he won't call you, how can it be possible that in this pigsty called hospital the internet is so slow?! — cry—.

This can't be, I closed my eyes looking for some ounce of patience inside me and not strangle him right now. I called me, a neurologist to tell me that the Internet doesn't work for him, he's too miserable.

Take a deep breath and articulate

- Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the internet, but for those inconveniences it is not necessary to call me, but the nurse or other hospital staff.

- Well, what do you think? I wanted to call you, why? Do you have something better to do, that you can't fix my internet connection?

Yes, rest, but thanks to his d*mn capricious attitude I couldn't do it — I thought— Too bad I can't tell you to your face because of the position you undoubtedly have.

I took a deep breath and said

- Sir - look at your tablet - Paul.

- Mr. Evans.

- Okay Mr. Evans, my duties are not to fix the internet, if you have any headache or discomfort from the operation received there if you can call me, for the time being I will submit your complaint to the technical service of the hospital, if nothing else, I retire.

"Dr. Paulina," Jack says as he enters the room I was about to leave.

- Dr. Garcia - I corrected him.

Jack knew I was asking him to call me by my last name when I was furious with him. And no wonder, his mocking face showed that he knew what this patient was calling me for.

- Wait a minute - said the patient — Is your name Paulina García León?


- How old are you and where are you from?

— Why are you asking me that?

Don't tell me he's a bullying patient — appall me.

- You're 23 years old and you're Mexican, aren't you?

I did not respond

- Your mom's name is María León and your dad's name is Flavio García?

I turned pale.

He's definitely a stalker

Don't tell me that your accident and calling me on the day of my break was all planned? If so, boy does his stalker level have no limits — I thought—

Jack was just holding his laughter, is that before Pablo, patients came who were super intense, they knew my personal data from the information given in the interviews to which I was invited as neurologist of the year, and for them I was a celebrity that they had to harass when I was in the hospital, that was literally a martyrdom, martyrdom that Jack enjoyed.

- Yes, that's my parents' name.

Chapter 2: Memory

~~~18 years ago~~~

Pablo Narrates

We were playing near the pond when suddenly Paulina comes up to me

- Potato - he says with tears in his eyes coming closer to me.

- What's wrong with my medicine? - I ask letting see the little fish in the pond.

- U-n sa-apo! - said Paulina crying.

I knew how scared Paulina was of toads and even though I was only a 7-year-old boy and Paulina was 5, I acted like those gentlemen and princes in the stories they told Paulina, or at least I tried to be.

- Come my medicine - I say grabbing her by the hand - Nothing will happen to you if you are with me, my medicine.

- Really? —question.

- Of course I do, my medicine, I'm here to protect you so don't cry anymore, okay?

Paulina nodded

The little blonde girl was starting to wipe her little eyes with the sleeve of her dress. But I stopped her cleaning it myself, to later give her a kiss on the forehead and grab her by the hand to


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