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Sex With My Billionaire Ex

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Note: Explicit, erotic content. Not for readers younger than 18 please. “I won’t, just want a foreplay with you Abby” He said to me cheerfully. He ran his fingers into my pants and made his way to my p*ssy which he played with. He began fingering me like I was going to run away from him. “I thought those are your fingers, why do they feel like they are your c*ck going into my *ss?” I questioned, feeling pain all over my p*ssy. “I guess it’s because you are pregnant for me, Abby” He spoke into my ears as I began breathing heavily. “Uhh… Ahhh Jack?” I hoarse emotionally as I grabbed him by his neck, pushing his lips closer to my boobs. He understood what I wanted, so he gave it to me. He took in my nipple into his warm mouth or should I say his sugar coated mouth and with so much rush, he fondled and s*ck*d on my hard nipple for so long. “That’s it Jack, over there Jack… That’s the right point, baby!” I said out, trying to maintain my voice. I was really enjoying his foreplay and wished he could go in, but he just wouldn’t make me feel the way I wanted. Enough about me, let’s switch to you” I placed my hand on his chest as I made him kneel on my bed.

Chapter 1 : Prologue




Abby’s POV.

“Where is he Cherry?” I asked looking confused. I stood at the front of the door waiting for the priest to welcome me into the hall.

I was already dressed in my white flowing gown which had expensive stones surrounding it.

My dad had his black suit on and was standing by my left hand side as he awaited the moment he was going to walk me into the church.

“Abby, I think we should go back to the room now!” Cherry suddenly suggested as she grabbed my hand and dragged me back into my room.

“Wait here a bit, I am coming ok?” she assured with a worrisome expression.

What’s wrong with Alex? I thought to myself as I stood up and walked closer to the curtains.

I peeped through it and the view of the wedding venue made me dumb.

Everyone were waiting in bathed breaths, my heart pounding like I was about having a high blood pressure.

This isn’t what I planned for, this was not what I and Alex had planned to do. The hall was becoming filled up at every minute.

The rich came in to seat down joking and chatting with themselves.

The poor families from my hometown were all seated too with their fingers crossed that they were going to see me smile so hard today.

What have I done to Myself? What have I done to deserve all these shits? I thought to myself for a while as I looked through the curtains.

“He isn’t still here yet Abby” My best friend Cherry announced looking pale as she walked into my room with her dress dirty.

“I don’t get it, what do you mean?” I asked looking at Cherry for a long period.

“That’s it Abby, he isn’t here” She stated again clearly.

Hearing her make such statement only meant one thing. One thing was for sure…….

“Alex isn’t coming!” I muttered as my flower which I held in my hand fell to the ground.

My legs were already weak at that moment, my eyes had tried to hold in the tears which had threatened to fall off long time ago.

“Come on Abby don’t do this” Cherry quickly stood up from her seat to stop me from staining my white.

“Tell me it’s not true Cherry?” I raised my head to look at her . Her eyes were already scared of what I might do to myself.

“Alex left me standing” I mumbled to myself Again as tears flowed flawlessly from my eyes down to my white long wedding gown.

I guess this is it, this is where my life starts from, this is how my life gets ruined by the one I love. I thought to myself.

As the saying goes, the one you love the most kills you better than the one you barely know.

Knowing that my wedding wasn’t going to hold anymore was already like a sharp knife cutting through my throat.

I am Abby, and this is my Story!!!.

Chapter 2: Alex's Sex Choice

Alex's Sex Choice.

Abby’s POV.

The sweet smell of the cinnamon tree close to my window penetrated into my nostrils giving me more energy to get up from my bed and do the needful.

The rays of the sun suddenly came towards my direction and had began giving me a sun burn while I was asleep.

“Fuck!! It’s another crazy Monday” I turned to the other side of my bed facing the door this time.

I hated Mondays so much . I actually disliked everyday of the week because it had a link or a connection to my ex.

Yes my ex. Sorry if I didn’t introduce myself earlier as expected. You all might be wondering who I am and why I kept on talking about my ex.

Well as you all know, I am Abby . Yes Abby, the girl who is known as the scary witch.

Every one laughs at me , they see me as a joke but the funniest part of it all was that they don’t do it in my presence.

I am known to be the girl who made her husband to disappear without a trace or a mess


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