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Sex, Love and Betrayal

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How far can you go for love? Emory Meredith Grant grew up living a luxurious life and can buy everything she wants. Loved a man who was not fit and had nothing to be proud of in life. But she still wanted to be with the man she loved. It requires nothing more than to live with Hezekiah, but destiny is playful when their relationship is tested. The ship they were in sank due to a strong storm. Unfortunately, she was separated from her husband and never saw him again. It was as if heaven and earth fell upon her because of the tragedy. She woke up one day and he was no longer beside her and would never return. Despite everything, she still hopes to see him alive and would return. But what if one day he sees him alive? But the painful part is, he can no longer recognize her, and worst of all, his husband is already married to someone else. How will she win him back? Does she need to claim her real husband or does she need to play the role of a mistress? Emory Meredith Grant. A multi-billionaire businesswoman. The heiress. The wife and the mistress.

Chapter 1

CAN I help you with that, Miss? " Carding presented to me.

"I'm okay, thank you."

I ignored the weight of the hand-carry bag I was carrying while looking up at the two-story house in front of me.

"If you still need anything, just call me," he said. Patiently standing at my back.

"I'm okay, Carding," I said.

"Then I will leave first," he said goodbye.

There I turned to him holding the hat in both hands. The line marks on his forehead define how old he is. Plain shirt and black jeans pants, just simple as it is.

"Thank you, Carding." I smiled at him.

I snatched my wallet from the shoulder bag I was carrying and took a thousand.

"Here it is, your fare home and your expenses as well." I reached ten thousand pesos.

"Oh, ma'am! it's too big, then I'll take the bus home." His hand is against shame.

I glanced at the car parked in the garage. I would not have sent him so that it would not be difficult for him to get back, but it was urgent because I was worried about what I might get here.

I smiled at him, "It's nothing, it's really for you and your family. You'll call when you get to Queensland Island," I said again.

"Oh, thank you again for this." He hesitated for a moment before his lips parted, "What am I going to say to your mother when I get home?"

My lips quivered at his question and thought of a good reason. "Say, I'm just on vacation and have a prior business meeting." I smiled at him.

"Alright. I'll go again. Take care, senorita."

I just nod and looked up again at the two-story house I had rented for a month. I started to step to turn the door open.

I first rolled my eyes inside and lowered my hand-carry bag on the white tile flooring. The red carpet was on the center of the living room overlaid with the sofa set, while the flat screen TV hung at the wall beside the cool fan. The ceiling is pure white like the walls and some parts of the house. The chandelier is well hung at the front of the curved line stair case which gives elegant and simplicity to the house... I traveled along the road to the dining room, where the wooden table and a soft pair of chairs are placed on the left side of the room.

I walked towards the kitchen again. Again simplicity and elegant appear in the kitchen, very modern yet not old fashion, just right to move properly.

And the best part is the mini-bar counter on the right side of the kitchen. The flute glasses are hung at the top while the wine bottles are at the side. I decided to sit in the high chair and pulled out a brand of wine.

I opened it and immediately guessed the glass for it to smell while rotating in my hands before sneezing. I raised the bottle of wine and I found out how old it is based on its taste.

I remembered my friend said... The more it gets older the more the taste is better. But I do not agree with that. Most wine does not better with age but foremost most wines are made to be enjoyed even when you are alone. We often talk about wine and its different flavors and how you sign it based on the taste when we go out together.

So I thought of calling him. I snatched the cell phone from my pocket and dialed his number. In a few moments, he answered.

"Hey, hey, hey! Look who's calling ?!" I heard his grin on the other line. I slightly shook my head because of his arrogance.

I sipped the glass before answering. "It's not funny, Elwood," I said.

"Come on, Emory, how was your trip?" I heard his softly grinning over the phone.

"Stop pushing it Elwood," I said in a distant voice.

He used to call me by my second name which made me so embarrassed. I am not used to being called by my first name, besides he is the only one who tends to call me that which I am very annoyed with.

"Oh calm d*mn!" He mocks me and eventually I laugh vigorously.

"Shut up," I said again, I just don't want to hit him.

"Okay back to the topic, how was your trip anyway?"

"I just arrived, drinking a glass of wine and feeling the scenery of the house." My voice sounded so bored while my eyes wandered around.

"Hmm, sounds good? Do you want me to come over and accompany you?" he spoke in a low baritone voice, a very dead serious voice.

I grabbed my nape and pulled it slightly and closed my eyes. "Maybe some other time, Ellie, I need to take some rest," I utter a slow word.

"Hmm, much better," he mumbled, releasing a heave deep sigh at the phone.

"I'll call you when I fix everything here," I answered again in a tired voice.

"Alright, just take good care of yourself, lock the gate, especially the door and window." He instructed me.

"Yes, thanks Ellie." I couldn't help but smile at his instructions.

"Good girl," he quickly said.

After that, I cut the line and completely consumed the wine in the glass. I went upstairs and checked the rooms. Two doors are enough for me, after all, I am alone here.

Chapter 2

THE FIRST room had a wide space and a calmly painted wall which is a beige color with a touch of brown. The queen size bed is warm and better.

The couch and the red-carpeted floor are well sat perfectly. I put down my shoulder bag on the side table and sat on the bed.

Maybe I'll peek into a room later because my view is already fixed on the window. The fresh air coming from the seashore made me flinch. It also reminds me of someone.

Someone I couldn't forget, someone I love... but all of it can destroy me enough, but even so I prefer to be close to it, cause 'I know somewhere deep in my heart he is shouting and begging for me. I cut off my gaze out the window and started to lie down to sleep.

"Emory!" that voice kept coming back to my mind.

I looked where the voice was coming from but I could only see the pounding of the angry wave.

"Hezekiah?!" I shouted back.

But no one answered, I held on tightly to the


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