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"Who are you?" She asked boldly, not afraid of the devil. "Someone who'll make you c*m till you scream loudly," he smirked and trapped her beneath him. It was a mission to seduce him but the unexpected happens. *** They were both searching for their long lost childhood friend, unknown to them, they had long being found. She had a secret is identity and was given a mission to find out information about him but what happens when he turned out to be the boy from her childhood memories? Who was he? Who was she? ****Steamy book, you've been warned***

Chapter 1 Odd hobby

He was too beautiful. His aura oozed of sexiness, beauty, seductiveness and masculinity. Women drooled as they sized him up. Coupled with his aura of sexiness and wealth, every woman died to get into his pants but it was as if he had closed himself to the outside world. He was the CEO of Brown's empire. He always had on a blank expression but that didn't make women lust after him less. The workers in his empire and even the public considered him to be a calm, gentle and simple minded young man who hates interacting with women. No one saw the mask behind his gentle facade. The ones who had seen his real self were 6ft under the ground. The kind of the underworld!. No one knew about his other secret. His friends knew Sebastian was once a cheerful young man but after the incident that happened few years back, he changed.

"Would you keep drooling there and won't get back to work?", He halted in his steps as he stared at the women drooling over him in the reception office. Not that he couldn't avoid their stares by taking his private elevator, he just chose to reign in the attention he was getting and did I forget to add, Sebastian was a great narcissist.

Immediately they heard his mellow yet seductive voice, they all scurried away. Sebastian smirked devilishly as he stared at their figures. Only his close friends could know of his thoughts.

The guards who stood behind him shivered in fright the moment they saw him smirk. Seeing him smirk, they knew he was up to no good.

Sebastian paid no heed to his guards as he whistled while walking towards the public elevator. A few women workers who passed by him giggled to themselves when he responded to their greetings with a charming smile.

"Hey... , is the lady there?", He asked the guards standing behind him in the elevator. No one dared to ride the elevator along with him apart from his bodyguards.

"Yes boss..she has been waiting for more than two hours. I was told she arrived earlier than scheduled", a bodyguard who was more closer to Sebastian answered.

"Those women are just too hungry for me", he laughed aloud and the bodyguards found it hard to hold their laughter. They were very much aware of how their boss loved praising himself.

Minutes later, they arrived at the top most floor and Sebastian was already drenched in sweat. He lazily popped open the first two buttons of his white shirt, making his collarbones shown to the outside world. The light that shone to his chest didn't make it worse but instead added to his sexiness.

"You...get me a cold drink", Sebastian ordered his personal secretary who was quietly sitting in his office not far away from Sebastians'.

"Right away boss", the young man who looked like a nerd called out and scurried out of his office.

"Tell him to meet me in my office", Sebastian turned to his bodyguards and ordered them. In their hearts, they prayed for the poor secretary who was about to witness what he had never seen in his entire life on Earth.

Chapter 2 Pitiful secretary

Pete, Sebastian's secretary, bounced happily towards his boss's office while holding a bottle of cold mineral water whose cap had been unscrewed. The bodyguards who saw this shook their head and pitied the petite figure.

Meanwhile, Sebastian walked into his office, which was unsurprisingly dark. He whistled and didn't bother locking the door.

“Chloe… you're very well aware I hate playing your stupid games, so be a good girl and get out of wherever you are”, Sebastian spoke calmly as he stared at the figure in the dark. As soon as he said this, the room was immediately lit and sitting on his office table was a voluptuous lady clothed in a black thong, which was a contrast to her fair skin. The thong did nothing in covering her nakedness. The clinking of metals woke Sebastian from his reverie and he caught sight of the pink cuffs dangling on her hand.

“Well, well, well, I see you're well-prepared for me”, Sebastian smirked with his hands in h


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