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Secret of His Wife

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Ariella was the poorest student in Arkan City, useless, and nothing to be proud of, while Alexander was the lowest member of the Singsong family together with his parents. But they did not know their true Identity of Ariella. Because of Alexander's grandfather, he married a woman he did not know very well, Ariella.  As a result, his life became complicated.  Although he wanted to separate from his wife, he could not because of their name. So he did was to ignore Ariella until she will give up. But no matter what Alexander does, his wife Ariella does not give up. As many know, she is a useless woman, from a poor family, and her life has nowhere to go. But she ignored all the mockery at her, and she still did what she had to do. Ariella stayed with Alexander.  She endured all to hide his true identity. What if Alexander gradually saw what kind of woman Ariella was? What if they find out who Ariella really is? What will happen if there were challenges that tests their decision, and their feelings, and to their family? We're they going to fight it, or they were going to give up? What could happen?

Chapter 1

There were a lot of luxurious automobiles pulling into the parking lot of the AD Group building, which was one of the largest corporations in the nation.

The AD Group's new location in Arkan Metropolis, which was the largest city in the country's northern region, officially opened its doors for business today.

The attendees were dressed to impress, donning pricey and elaborate garments. They were adorned with glistening gems all over their bodies, including around their necks, on their hands, and in their ears. They have traveled from a wide variety of influential families, including those of politicians and businessmen, in order to attend the opening of AD Group in Arkan City.

During this time, Alexander and Ariella were traveling in a dark vehicle together. They were seated in the rear of the vehicle, behind Alexander's parents, who were located in the front seats. While Alexander is in the car, his mother is content to just sit and be silent.

"What's the point of my coming?" Ariella asked Alexander, her husband.

Alexander's response to Ariella's inquiry was as follows: "If I could just leave you in the house, I wouldn't have let you come with us, but Grandma said that everyone needs to attend," Alexander said in response to Ariella's question.

Ariella lowered her head and let out a long sigh. She remained silent till they were standing in front of the massive structure that housed AD Group until then.

"Keep in mind, Ariella, that you are only allowed to smile and be silent when inside the building. Just stay behind me. Do you understand?" Alexander reminded her.

In return, all she did was give a slight nod. They got out of the car at the same time and waited together in the foyer for the other members of the family to enter at the same time.

"Please, Ariella, do nothing that will bring shame onto my family. If you do, I'll be angry with you!" Amanda Singson, who was the matriarch of the Singson family, speaks with authority.

Ariella bent her head and said, "I understand," as she gave her response.

Ariella overheard Amanda remark something like, "Good and you know where you're headed, and where you fit," just before the two of them started walking into the AD Group building.

Upon entering, they all proceeded in the same direction, which was the direction of the hall that would be housing the celebration of the opening of the AD Group branch here in Arkan City.

There was some kind of passionate music playing, and you could hear it all throughout the hall. The golden decorations that were placed all around were really stunning, and one could detect the lovely fragrance of the flowers from a distance.

The guests will have their own activities to participate in. There were acquaintances who had just met, people talking about their accomplishments, and people discussing business and politics. Additionally, there were people talking about what they had accomplished.

They searched for their table, and after they discovered it, they strolled over to it, sat down, and waited for the celebration to begin.

Ariella was not doing anything other than sitting there with her head bowed. Alexander, her husband, was over there talking to his family while he stood next to his wife. She wished she could go home and shut herself away, but she was unable to do anything but remain silent.

They were required to wait for close to a half an hour before the party could officially begin. The festivities were officially kicked off by a man and a woman who took the stage.

The man who was standing on stage greeted everyone by saying, "Good evening to all of us who attended the launch of a branch of AD Group here in Arkan City."

Except for Ariella, all of the audience members who were there at the stage listened attentively to the man as he spoke.

"You are probably already aware of the fact that the AD group is one of the major firms not only in this country but also in the countries that are its neighbors. Today, Arkan City is in a fortunate position because they decided to open a branch here to better assist the local populace. They will undoubtedly supply us with services that will make us all happy, and these services will range from the clothes business to the automobile industry, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, airlines, and many more," woman speaking on stage.

"In order to officially inaugurate the AD Branch that has been established in Arkan City, I would like to invite a representative from the AD Group today. Let's applaud, Ms. Gladiola Alvarez!"

After the man mentioned a girl's name, everyone erupted in applause.

A woman made her way to the front of the stage and stood up. She was dressed in a crimson gown that was almost too small for her stunning figure. She accessorized her look with a set of diamond stud earrings and a gold necklace.

She turned around and smiled at the guests. All of the young men's gaze was directed in her direction. It is indisputable that Ms. Alvarez possessed stunning beauty, from the soft features of her face to the allure of her eyes, from her pointed nose to her full lips.

Ms. Alvarez addressed everyone in the room and thanked them for coming to the inauguration of the new AD office in Arkan City.

"Perhaps you are curious as to the reason the AD Group established a branch here. We are aware that Arkan City is not a particularly large city; however, the objective of the AD Group is to assist the locals here by creating employment opportunities, enhancing existing services, and contributing to the growth of the city. This is because one of the AD Group's goals is to make each and every person grin and be happy," explained Ms. Alvarez.

Because of what Ms. Alvarez said, everyone in the room applauded.

Some of the guests were perplexed by the fact that the AD Group was considering establishing a branch in Arkan City given the relatively modest size of the city itself.

"I would want to formally open the AD today in my capacity as a representative of the AD Group, and I do so with the expectation that the AD Group and Arkan City will have a positive working relationship. I have high hopes that the little contribution from the AD Group will be appreciated by all of us!" She finished before passing the microphone to the next person.

The applause from all of the guests signaled the beginning of the festivities.

Ariella didn't do anything other than continue to chill out in front of the Singson family table. Some of the members, including Amanda, started to stand up so that they could socialize with the other businesspeople in Arkan City.

Ariella was given the instruction to "Stay here," by Alexander.

Alexander was on the verge of rising from his seat when all of a sudden a woman entered the room.

The woman greeted Alexander with a smile and remarked, "Nice to see you here."

Both Alexander and Ariella cast their gazes in her direction. As she looked at Alexander, she couldn't help but smile. The woman was stunning, and she wore a dazzling blue gown that was covered in diamonds.


"It's a relief to know that you haven't completely forgotten about me, Alexander. How have you been? Since we both graduated from our respective colleges three years ago, this is the first time we've seen each other "said Sophia.

Alexander responded, "Here, I'm working in the company that was started by my family."

"You, how have you been doing? It seems like a lot of progress has been made, "Alexander asked her.

As Alexander had ordered her earlier, Ariella was sitting there in complete silence listening to their conversation.

Sophia turned her attention to the other person in the room. It was evident that they were in a relationship due to the fact that she had her hand on the man's arm.

"Alexander, I go through major transitions. Because of my wonderful husband, I am able to have anything I want, whether it be a material possession or a trip in a faraway country "Alexander received a response from Sophia.

"You? I've heard that you're married; may I ask who you married?" Sophia questioned him about it.

The wedding of Alexander and Ariella was a private affair. The whole Singson family as well as the major players in Arkan City's business community are the only ones who are aware of the upcoming wedding.

Ariella only smiled at Sophia's question. Because of this, Sophia was able to recognize her, which took her by surprise.

"Wait, you're Ariella Armada, aren't you? The poorest student at Arkan University!" Sophia had a question.

Both Alexander and Ariella turned their heads to look at each other.

"Are you trying to tell me, Alexander, that you wedded her?" Sophia had a question.

Because Sophia had asked the question, Alexander remained silent.

Sophia let out a gentle giggle as she realized that her hypothesis was correct.

Sophia insulted Ariella in front of Alexander, who was a little amused by the situation. "You're unlucky, Alexander, because you married Ariella, she's beautiful, but everyone knows that she's a poor girl who came from an orphanage and was educated by priests and nuns," Sophia said to Alexander.

Ariella was unable to muster a grin after hearing what Sophia had to say about her.

That is something that everyone is aware of concerning Ariella.

"Alexander, can you explain your decision to marry her? Did you get her pregnant, or did she blackmailed you?" After each of those, Sophia questioned him about it.

"When we were in college, you were the most handsome. You were Mr. Arkan University back then, and now you're going to get involved with a girl who is completely pointless?" he underestimated Ariella.

Chapter 2

"Seniora Ariella!"

The woman repeatedly shouted at Ariella.

She did not turn to look at the woman. She continued to escape her.

'She can't catch me! Maybe what she will do to me!' Ariella said to herself.

"Seniora Ariella, please stop," the woman screamed.

There were only a few people around. Some were looking at them, but they didn't even think about the people who were seeing them.

Ariella ran to escape. When she got to the parking lot, she quickly went to their car.

Soon, the woman caught up with her. The woman grabbed her arm so she stopped running.

"What do you need?" Ariella asked the woman in annoyed voice.

The woman bowed in front of Ariella as a sign of respect.

"I want to talk to you according to Senior Josue's order," the woman answered Ariella.

"I don't have time to talk to anyone in my family!" Ariella insis


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