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Secret Doors

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Billionaire Levi Everett is a well known businessman who kissed Portia Zira on a masquerade party. That one sinful passionate kiss turns into a blooming affair, An affair behind close doors where no one should know but the two of them. How will Levi Everett sacrifice everything for the woman he adores and how will Portia Zira do everything to meet the standards of Levi's world.


I feel the warm breeze of air as it hits my face.

I'm loving the salty smell of air coming from the nearby beach.

The sun is kissing my skin like it is my lover.

I look through the clouds for a while before I drive again.

"How lovely?" I questioned myself in astonishment.

I look at the photo in my locket. If mom was here surely she'll tell me stories about dad.

How she met dad one summer night and how the stars are watching them lit the fire of love.

She tells their love story as if it was just the wildest dream she had.

I drove again smiling as I remember how she will squeal like a high school student falling in love.

I dropped by at the nearest Cafe before heading to my hotel reservation.

The Cafe looks cozy with its vintage accent and a touch of bohemian vibes. The song playing was cool too. It's classic that sounds peaceful to my ear.

I ordered a caramel macchiato and sat down near the view of the beach. It's so beautiful.

I checked my phone and it was near 4 pm. I make myself comfortable in my seat and look around the shop when my eyes spotted a man weirdly holding his cup of tea.

He's holding it at the mouth part of the cup, not on its handle. He's reading a newspaper on his other hand.

His dull eyes suddenly looked at me as if I were a prey He was slicing me into pieces so I looked away.

Those eyes look so enchanting despite that deadly glare he gave me.

And man that face is perfectly sculpted to make him so handsome.

He looks so s*xy in his neat attire. How fascinating that I can smell his perfume and how manly he is by just staring at him.

He looks so neat and fine.

I blushed as my heart raises its heartbeat as I heard him talking.

The voice sounds so glorious that it makes me flinch from my seat.

It's cold that sends shivers to my spine.

It's so dignified that it makes me feel meek.

I search for my phone and look for the time.

I snatched a glance at him again and took all the courage to take my leave as his whole existence make me feel weak.

When I get on to my car I can't help myself but smile.

"Mom, is this the feeling you had when you saw dad for the first time?" I asked and look at the sky.

I looked down and saw him riding his Bugatti Divo.

This man really got his taste.

I drove away too as he takes his leave.

I drive away blushing hard straight to my hotel reservation.

Wonderstruck and wondering if you ever noticed me.

Praying that this was just the first page of the story.

Hoping you are not in love with someone else, hoping we will meet again.

You filled every empty spot of my brain with the thoughts of you.


(Ball Dance)

7 pm @ the Ballroom of Le Grande

Portia's P.O.V:

I arrived at the party exactly at 7 pm. I'm wearing a white 18th-century type of ballgown to match the vintage Victorian Motif of the party.

My hair is in an updo with pearls and gold pins. I wore a pearl and ruby necklace to match the outfit. This necklace was from my mom.

I wore a white flower pearl-studded stiletto for my footwear and a lacy bracelet for a more chic look. I am wearing a red mask to match my ruby necklace.

This party is being held every year for every visitor to the hotel. They call this matchmaking party or a 'Get to know you' party." Everyone looks so fancy when I stepped into the room.

From the maid, escort up to the visitors it looks so luxurious. I look around each corner of the place. It's very magical and majestic.

The classic instrumental music is


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