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Secret Billionaire

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Peter was a teenager fighting to have a good future with her sister. Although his source of income didn't pay well, he tried but a birthday party broke everything he had worked for. He was annoyed but luck was still following him. In the city was a famous family headed by Johnson. He encountered him when he was alleged of rapid Brenda. Though it was a force. His life suddenly changes in a flash of a second. His father had a secret of who he was. He came to realize it later. After a long conversation with Johnson and his counterparts, a miracle happened and an old dirty chain refurbished his life. The fight has just began.

Chapter 1: Betrayal

The glow of lights from the house was the only thing that Peter needed to know that his sister, Leah, was in the house. However, she had told him she wouldn't, and Peter didn't understand her lie. They have been living together since the death of their foster mother. They were not related at all.

Peter opened the door. Leah and her other friends were pretending to be reading together. What a pretense! Peter was sad and angry. He called Leah's name several times, but she was arrogant enough to pretend not to hear.

Peter rushed to her; he grabbed her hand, and Leah did the same too, turning her head to Peter with a smile on her face. But seeing the sadness in her brother's eyes, her sweet smile vanished.

"Why are you here?" Leah asked politely.

"I think we had an agreement that you wouldn't invite your friends to study, so what are you doing?" "Why did you lie to me?" Peter said angrily.

"I had to invite them for our coming exams. They have decided to help me. And anyway, you have no money to pay for a tutor for me!" Leah responded mockingly.

Peter was dumb, he had been saving for five months to get her a good tutor for her worse grades. Working as a hawker was tireless and stressful work, and Peter had to go sometimes to satisfy her sister's huge budget.

Peter dropped her hand and looked around the tiny apartment. The house was the only inheritance that was left behind by their parents, along with a small plot of land. But he couldn't recognize the color of the room again. The floor's concrete had turned into potholes, and the white walls were creamy.

Leah’s friends saw Peter alighting the car, but they didn't care about him at all; they were aware that Peter was only a hawker who ran across the streets to plead and negotiate with a buyer to buy his cheap goods. They were just showing mercy to his sister by lending her a favor.

"Look at this poor boy!" "Who invited him anyway?" a hissing voice said, and Peter turned and gazed at the intruder.

"Is he your brother? The same hawker that almost died yesterday?" A teenage girl with fluffy hair and a wooly face looked at Peter. "He doesn't look like your brother; are you blood siblings?" She asked curiously.

Although Peter paid for all her expenses in school and met her basic needs after struggling in college as well,

Peter had nothing to say about them. Like, how can her sister defend him after all he's done for her? Leah was a celebrant, and she was old enough to look forward to her costly life.

Peter decided to let the matter go away. He had always been insulted by his customers in the past, especially the first time he started his work. Though he was familiar with college life, the insults were too huge for him to bear. It was something Peter got used to since he woke up in an orphanage in the middle of nowhere.

"See who is coming?" Perry shouted happily, and Peter turned to the window to see for himself.

"Is that Dan?" Perry continued.

Hearing Dan's name, Leah squeaked happily and rushed to the door. Peter was surprised. What made Leah excited about Dan's departure?

Peter peered at the door; a tall, skinny man came in. "OMG!" Peter said emotionally.

"Leah , who is he?" He asked angrily. Every girl in the room focused on Dan's outfit.

Leah felt nervous since her brother was there, but she was full of Dan's love.

"Who the f*ck is Dan to you?" Peter barked.

"Well, Leah started asking for Dan's financial help and did it to save her school fees.

But Peter wondered how the two got attached to the extent of Dan visiting her at night.

Peter hectically walked forward and gave her a check to accomplish her dreams.

"Leah , happy school days,” he said with a sweet smile, ignoring Dan and other strangers in their house.

Leah remained stiff for some moments before turning to Dan and looking at him.

"You told me he was your brother, but he seems to care about you by extending the excuse of dropping out of school for your academic qualifications,” Dan complained. He looked disgusted.

Peter was shocked and pretended he didn't hear anything at all. He looked Leah in the face, ignoring Dan's words. They could be in love anyway.

Peter stretched out his hand and said, “I got your remainder."

Leah eyed the check for some time, took it from his hands, tore it into pieces, and threw it in Peter's face. She was trying to mock him.

"Are you deaf?" I told you I don't want your petty money! She said.

Peter stood stiff for a moment. He couldn't imagine that someone could order her sister to disown her brother. Life was full of sarcasm.

"D*mn Leah! Why did you tear the check and throw it away? "He could have hustled and saved up all his savings to meet your needs,” Perry hinted.

"I know, but I don't want his help," Leah accepted.

"I just pitied him, and I'm fed up with that." "I want someone to take care of my needs,” she continued.

Perry murmured, "The only thing he is good at is f*ck*ng girls in this house with his big-headed muscles and stealing their money."

Leah looked over at Peter and looked away.

Peter went still; he had no words in his mouth to say. He never expected Leah to see him naked. He was working hard for her future. His only worry was for Leah to have a better life. He did everything to survive, but his undercover job had been blown away.

"I pity you but I will help you get a decent job,” Dan said.

Peter was just staring at him.

"If you can lick my shoe, I will not only offer you a stable job but also add you the same f*ck*ng allowances to enjoy yourself,” he said.

Perry giggled. "Accept the offer,it will help you in your dropped education and earn much for your future.” She teased him and smiled.

Chapter 2:Who is she?

Peter looked at her sister. She was the woman to whom he had given his entire life and heart forever; he was in tears, and he felt he would not find happiness.

He stared at Dan, at his angry, smirking smile. He had everything under him, and Leah as well. But it was not long before Leah would leave him.

“Leah, are you serious?” Peter asked. “Yes, Peter.      I am breaking tires with you, brother. I need to be alone and free from poverty. "Here's Dan, my future husband,” she said mockingly, and Perry barked with laughter.

Peter didn’t know what was making her happy. If he had to avenge, he would start with Perry on his list. And the saddest of all was ugly.

Peter swallowed back his bitter tears, but he couldn’t cry for a lost soul.

“You are very pathetic,” Dan said.

“If you can lick his dickens, he may give you a job." "You will earn thirty times as much." "How much?"...  "10000 euros per month,” Leah taunted.


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