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Screaming Desires Series 1: Secretly Marked

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Sushmita Erin Garcellano just turned twenty-one years old. She is the youngest daughter of Antonio Garcellano, the owner of Garcellano Group of Companies but she had the biggest secret ever- she's not a virgin anymore after a hot encounter with a handsome stranger in El Nido Palawan four years ago. In order to save their company from bankruptcy, her father set her up with a business tycoon named Rodney Xiu, the second son of the Xiu Group of Companies. They said that this bachelor is not a normal person and has a devil inside of him that makes people leave him and turn their backs on him because of his ugly appearance and an arrogant attitude. A total monster to everyone. Will Sushmita handle it if the one who secretly marked her four years ago in El Nido on her eighteenth birthday is the one whom she's fated to be with? Rodney Xiu has everything he had, a successful business, and a fancy life but there's something missing– the girl of his dreams whom he met in El Nido, Palawan, four years ago, but life had other plans for him when his mother died in a fire accident that caused his life to turned in 180 degrees. Half of his face was burned in the unforgiving fire but the ugly scars entered his system and ran through his heart that turned him cold and dark but still, that one hot night encounter became memorable to him and even if he was already promised to a prominent girl, he can't forget that first love. Will he ever learn to love Sushmita if the girl he can't forget and the girl his father wants him to marry are the same?

Chapter 1

El Nido, Palawan 2019

I watch the sunset as it slowly kisses the calm sea. It was a peaceful afternoon when my older sister Deborah called me, "Sushmita what are you doing here? It's your birthday. We should be celebrating the whole day. Why are you all alone?" I stared blankly at her as she walked closer to me. 

"I don't mind being alone. Look at the view, it's so beautiful, right?" She sat down beside me. She looked at the view and smiled and said, "Well, you're right, it's quite relaxing, let's take a picture." she said as she opened the lid of her DSLR Camera. We struck a pose and smiled as soon as we saw the countdown on the timer and looked at the pictures. We began laughing at ourselves as we saw the pictures on the camera. 

"Come on now," she said and grabbed my hand to pull me back into the Villa where my family held a birthday party for me. It's my eighteenth birthday and I decided to celebrate it on the beautiful beach of El Nido Palawan. 

"But I don't wanna go back there." I said and to her shock–she let go of my hand and said, "Why? Aren't you happy with your birthday party?" I just nodded at her and said, "I am happy, I just don't feel like partying tonight." She immediately turned her back on me to grab two drinks and give the other drink to me. "Alright, just one drink and I'll set you free." She promised so I took the drink and drank it without hesitation but I almost puked as it had a bitter taste. 

"What kind of drink is this? yuck!" I complained and she just laughed at me and replied, "It's a martini, little sis. Welcome to the club! You're now a lady, you should act like one and enjoy it." 

I shook my head and immediately walked around to find a way out of the Villa. I roamed around and I saw my cousins and friends enjoying the night and greeted me with a happy birthday. I'm just smiling at them while finding an exit because the Villa is spacious. I started to get dizzy from the dancing party lights and loud music coming from the big stereo so I ran off the fire exit and luckily, it was open and I was on the sea shores again. It's starting to get colder as the wind brushes my long curly bronze hair. 

I'm just wearing a black two piece and a red sarong so I shivered as the cold wind passed through me. "I should go back to my hotel room and sleep." I said to myself. 

I can smell cigarettes as I head back to the hotel, I wonder where that came from. It's getting stronger as I walk. It's dark but thanks to the light bulbs on the sidewalks, I still can see the coconut trees. 

"Hey babe, going home already?" said the man holding a canned beer as he and his friends walked closer to me. They cornered me so that I couldn't escape. 

"What the f*ck do you want?" I said to him as I stared at them dead in the eye. 

"Yeah, what the f*ck do you want, dude?" said the other guy to his friend while laughing. 

"Oh, I like the girl, feisty!" said the other men. They were four so I'm really scared but I just continued walking. 

"Nice face and nice curves." said the fourth man in their group and immediately grabbed my hand. I got alarmed and said, "Don't touch me!" I tried to pull my hand from him but he's just so strong. 

"Just get it done, man!" said the first man who approached me. 

"I said don't f*ck*ng touch me!" I shouted and was immediately shocked when someone said, "Hey!" and punched the man towards me, the guy immediately let go of my hand. 

The three of them got p*ss*d and immediately punched the guy who was protecting me now. We we're outnumbered so I decided to take his hand and run away. 

"Come on!" I said to him as I grabbed him with my two hands because he's too big and buff and obviously gorgeous and s*xy.

As soon as we're far away from them, I let go of his hand. 

"Where the hell are you taking me?" He said and I looked at him. He was really good looking. 

"I'm sorry, I just don't want you to get in trouble because of me and thank you for saving my life." I sincerely said to him. 

"I'm sorry, but I will not accept that, if you want to thank me then, take a walk with me." He chuckled as he said that. 

"What?" I slowly smiled at him, he smiled at me too. His eyes are glowing as we walked through the shore. 

"That's a very unique request." I added.

"You shouldn't wander here all alone at night wearing only that. You're a tourist here?" He asked.

"Yeah, I am. You see, I turned eighteen just now." I said to him and he slowly smiled. 

"What?" I asked. 

"So you're not a minor anymore, come on. I'll show you something." He said as he grabbed my hand. 

I don't know why I'm with him and I don't have the strength to refuse his offer. 

"Here we are." He said as he showed me the big beautiful tree house. It's full of fairy lights. 

"Come on." He said as he instructed me to climb the stairs and when we reached inside, I couldn't control how amazed I was. The place is so cozy and there's a big LED TV inside along with a sofa bed. There is a small center table and there's too many pillows so that you can sit or lay down comfortably.

"It's beautiful here." I said to him and he just chuckled. 

"Yeah, this is my place. You don't really know who I am, do you?" He said and I just exhaled and shook my head. 

"It was nice meeting you, I'm Rod by the way." He said and raised his right hand to shake hands. I immediately grabbed it and said, "Erin." and he slowly smiled at me and replied, "nice name." 

"Are you staying here more often?" How can you afford to have one of these here? It looks so expensive." I asked as I opened the small window to have some air. 

"I own this place, Erin." He said as I turned around to see his face and he was one inch away from me and I can't resist him. 

"I don't believe you." I smiled as I said that to him. He was so gorgeous and I can't help but stare at his broad shoulders and nice body. 

"Do you want to touch it?" He said because I was staring at him so close and I don't even know why. 

"Uhm, no. I'm sorry I- I better go." I said as I reached the door to open but his hands were fast and slowly closed the door again and he even locked it. 

"Temptation is really obvious when you try to avoid it. You're blushing Ms. Erin and it's so mesmerising." He said sarcastically as he cornered me on the door and grabbed my pulse. 

"Come on, touch it." He ordered me as he slowly scanned my fingers to his broad chest. 

"Can you feel it? My heart is beating faster and I can't help it, Erin. Do you trust me?" He sincerely said. I don't know but there's something in him that makes me crave for more and I hate myself now. 

"What if I say, I trust you. What would you do?" I answered him and he slowly touched my right cheek.

"Then it's enough to commit a sin." He then said and pushed me against the wall to kiss me torridly. That was my first kiss ever and I felt dizzy, it's suffocating for lacking of air but I like the way he pressed his lips on mine, he even put his tongue inside of my mouth and I can't help it, the temptation is really overwhelming and made me crave for more so I put my hand on his shoulders but he suddenly stopped and pulled his lips away from me. 

"I'm sorry." He desperately said as we both caught our breaths "Hey, don't stop." I said as he turned his back from me. "I'm not really like this, I'm sorry. It's just you're so beautiful Erin. I can't control myself. I won't be able to stop" He added 

"Then don't stop." I said to him as I reached his hand to pull him closer to me again. 

"Are you sure you wanted this?" He asked me but I just replied to him and said, “Just kiss me.”

He immediately obeyed my order and kissed me gently. As I was drowning in so much pleasure- I slowly took off my sarong and let it fall on the ground. He was very aggressive and grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He pushed me again for the second time against the wall and examined every inch of my body. 

"Be mine, Erin." He said as he slowly took off my swimsuit. 

"Ahh, I want you inside me, Rod." I replied and kissed him now as if I was like a pro but I just had my very first kiss tonight and obviously, my very first s*x. 

He obeyed my orders again and suddenly we were both naked and lying on the sofa bed. It was getting warmer and warmer. He slowly put his manhood on my erotic bassin and It hurts like hell but I like the way he put it in. 

"D*mn. You're so tight baby" He said, he was covered in sweat now because he had to be careful not to hurt me more but it's burning inside me. 

"Ouch, it hurts Rod." I said as If I was gonna cry because I feel like something is tearing inside of me. 

"You're still a virgin, that's why. Don't worry, I'll be more gentle." He said as he held my hand and gave it a kiss but I didn't expect that he would put my fingers on his mouth. I can feel the warmth of his breath and the pleasure rise higher than expected. He slowly began to move inside me and I moaned. 

"Yes, moan for me baby." He said as he caressed my n*ppl*s and played with it and suddenly, his lips were on it, sucking it wildly. 

"Faster, please." I ordered and he obeyed it again. It's getting faster and faster and I feel that I am close.

"Rod, I'm near." I said but he didn't pay any attention, he just bangs faster and faster and replied, "Me too, oh d*mn, you're making me crazy Erin." 

He was getting faster and faster now and as soon as we reached the climax, he immediately let me go. 

"Where is your hotel room? I'll take you back safely." 

He felt guilty as he saw the stains of blood on the white sheets of the sofa bed. 

"Are you alright?" I asked. 

"No. I never felt this way before Erin. What did you do to me?" he said "It's on me now, you are mine from now on, Erin." He added. 

"Then make me yours, over and over again." I said and he just chuckled and said, “That's my girl.”

"Great. Just. Great Sushmita, you just turned eighteen and you lost your virginity to a beautiful stranger." I said to myself as I stared at Rod. 

Chapter 2

May  2022

"Maybe there's another way, Dad." Brent said to the board meeting. He was so tense because of the company's decreasing sales. He was my eldest brother and the current CEO of the Garcellano Group of Companies. 

"What way Brent? Show us, tell us what to do." Daddy said. 

I wasn't paying attention to the meeting but this meeting is all because of me having an arranged marriage to someone whom I don't even know personally.

"Come on. Sushmita is too young to get married, Dad," Deborah said, taking Brent's side. 

"Sushmita darling, what do you think about marriage?" Daddy asked while reaching my hand. He softly pressed it. 

"I don't actually know, Dad." I said to him as I shook my head. 

"See. She doesn't want it Dad, no one wants it." Brent agreed to me. 

"Oh, I want that. Just look at the bigger picture. We were in the middle of a higher debt and our sales are decreasing. If Sushmita accepts the


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