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Scorned By Him: My Love Cycle

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“I was gonna tell you, Alexa, I just couldn't do it. I thought that I had everything under control, I'm sorry Alexa, you're still my wife, right?” Alexandria Jacobi (AJ), a ranch owner falls in love with a charming, attractive, and wealthy man, Harry Hopkins. They travel over to his family's for Thanksgiving, and it comes as a shock as she gets married on the spot. Not just that, she's married to a man with many secrets, and she's forced to deal with his estranged family and him too. Harry has secrets that include past women in his life but sues yet to find out. Coming to terms with a woman she meets as her twin (and his first wife), as their third party. What would Alex do for love when the truth and dark family secret comes to light? Forgiving his several lies, would she forgive this one?

Chapter 1 The Party

The party!

Past 7pm,

Alex woke up to a text sent to her by her best pal, Zara Coleman. It reads:

*Don't forget, party starts by 8 bih!*

Alex read the text and flung her phone to the other side of her luxury bed.

"Sh*t Zara, sh*t!" She soliloquize as she struggled to lift herself up, she yawned stretching her arms above her head. She dropped down from the bed lazily walking to the bathroom in a red satin top and short while her blonde hair was scruffy. Just as every mornings.

Hours earlier, she had been working on the computer for a project that had a deadline in barely two weeks as a medical student that she was.

She undressed then slid into the shower to have a quick bath. Minutes later, she returned to the bedroom with a white towel tied around her chest, while she was wiping off her skin her phone rang continuously.

"Zara, Can you at least let me breathe some air though?" Alex began retorting, she didn't have to be told whom it was.

"Don't be crazy AJ, Come pick me up at my house alright. You know that grand entry thing right? I'll be waiting." Zara snapped

"You're ridiculous Zee, don't you have a guy or something? Spare me all this crap. I'm off!"

"Whatever just come pick me up alright, bye honey. Love you so very..." Zara blabbed as Alex hung up abruptly, her friend was trying to coo her into a gesture she wasn't prepared for. Right after she oiled her skin, she headed to her closet. There were different varieties of outfits she could randomly pick but she stood confused and hopeless at the same time

"What am I gonna wear?!" Was the only thing she had repeatedly said. She squinched then assured herself of being decisive, she wanted to look gorgeous at the same time not too extra. One party dress caught her fancy, it was pitch in color, it bizarrely exposed her back with two slim straps across like an X, while frontals was a V neck that had a deep sl*t and a single strap in a straight line below her collarbone. It was a long sleeved mini body con that barely touched knee, it was like the distance between A to Z.


She blurted out, picking a shoe wouldn't be a problem. She got dressed with a matching heel, she curled her blonde into a wavy style and got a smoky makeover done.

"What's next?" She asked herself, she remembered that she needed a shoulder cute white purse. She tucked some cash, a spray, powder and gloss, a pen and a sticky note (just in case she meets a guy she finds attractive, sometimes sucks to be lonely she'd tell herself most times) and lastly her cell phone. She grabbed her car key from the table and stormed out of her bedroom slamming the door behind her.

She headed to her sick Father's room. He was reading 'The Pets Cemetery' by Stephen King, he brought down his glass to rest on the bridge of his nose

"Alexandria?" He called out in a weary tone as she embraced swiftly, she sat next to him on the bed.

"Er..." She tried to find the right words to explain to him but he interrupted placing his index across her lips.

"Go on, have fun!"

"Ok father, but if you need anything; you should let me know. I'd speak to Juanita as well. Meanwhile, see some oldies or read as much as you want. I love you, father!"

"I love you too darling, have fun and be careful!" He embraced her again.

She hopped into her exotic Lamborghini driving to Zara's.

Alexandria Jacobi (AJ) is a young, smart, intelligent and sensitive woman who's taste for a beautiful and quiet life was at its peak. Being the daughter to a famous ranch owner, nothing was going to be more satisfying than having a dream man with kids living a normal life on the ranch. She's had a couple of men with no actual respect for her, they'd come through with good intentions but turn away in the end like nothing else mattered in their love affair. Her father's wish was to see the man of her dreams and possibly meet his grandchildren if he surpasses the speculated period of time to live.

On a quest to find her true love leaves her no option than to strife for a lover, she wouldn't want her father to die an unhappy man since he had a few times to live.

Zara Coleman (who is 25 years, an orphan who owns a beauty salon as well as a fashion stylist) was standing in front of her apartment dressed in a turquoise blue sequin mini gown that was sleeveless and strapless, her dark curly hair matched her outfit as well as her black heels. She held tightly unto a black clutch purse. Zara stood patiently and waved as soon as she sighted Alex. She hopped into into the car and they exchanged swift kisses on the cheeks.

"Seriously Zara, you should really get a car. I can't always pick you up and drop you off like a chauffer, I've got schedules too!" Alex complained while she drove but Zara shrugged, Alex says that almost all the time. It was more of a lullaby than an honest reminder.

"Soon enough, once i get my car; you wouldn't have to worry about picking or dropping me off." Zara said hoping Alex would feel better. "So what have you got for tonight?" Zara sang, she dipped her hand into Alex's bag, she was disappointed at once when she peeped through it. A slight frown settled on her face. "Really? Alex really?"

"What? Don't ask..." Alex said in guilt, she knew what she was referring to.

"Sometimes you amaze me!" Zara was displeased and continued "No condoms, no latex, no cocaine, no molly, no candy, no 'juana, no nothing? Geez Alex, this is the 21st century. Hello sisturrr?" Zara cautioned like a mother to a daughter.

"What the hell Zara, we are not getting high tonight besides its Carrie's birthday and not a strip party." Alex replied defensively

"I don't care...we don't care alright, i knew that you wouldn't take any of them but don't worry girl, I got us covered." Zara's mood brightened

"Im not smoking or drinking or sniffing or kissing or sexing tonight, mind you." Alex snapped defiantly as Zara laughed mockingly

"What makes a good party without any of those things mentioned?" Zara scoffed "I mean, we do this all the time. Parties are not the same if we don't do all these...almost all." Zara added confidently

"Well, that's what you think!" Alex snapped

"We both think. As for me, I'm gonna get myself some good high and some good D!" Zara swayed while Alex laughed.

"F- you Zara, don't be a pervert!" Alex teased

"Crazy, why do you think I'm going for Carrie's party though? I want to have good fun. Seriously Alex, get off that serious lifestyle. There's no honest guy out there, they all want fun. Nothing serious!" Zara said

"Whatever Zara, I just want a good time out!"

"You know, I've been thinking lately; what changed you? You used to like a good D..." Zara began

"Used to. Not anymore!" Alex protested

"May I remind you that perverts pretend!" Zara teased while Alex struggled to focus on the highway.

They walked into the party hall in style, there was music and lots of guest gorgeously and handsomely dressed, from the party lights to the pop music playing and the crowd dancing and prancing, young girls swaying their arms from left to right while guys made sure to keep a partner on the dancefloor.

"This is the best party ever AJ, tell me the last time you had such fun aside from tending to animals? Research here, project there?!" Zara teased listing

"Don't forget, every party you attend is the best party ever. Do you ever have a bad party?" Alex asked as they sat by the counter, Alex hollered at the bartender who's attention seemed divided. He approached with a funky smile

"Two margaritas please!"

"D*mn you Alex!" Zara pouted and turned to the bartender "Bacardi, please!" Then she turned to Alex

"What the hell Zara, I've got choices, don't pick on my behalf. I'm not a ghost!" Alex said

"What do you do when your best friend is indecisive at a party? You take the f*ck*n lead!" Zara said as she swayed her arms in accordance to the music

"Whatever! I'm not in the mood!" Alex said focusing on her cell phone. "I'd really like to own a jaguar real soon..."

"Excuse you bih, its party time not animals' time so please, can we not talk about animals right now?" Zara countered teasingly but truthfully

"You s*ck!"

"Like s*ck..." Zara stated sarcastically

"D*mn you!" Alex said as they laughed.

15 minutes wasted to drinking and chattering between Alex and Zara, they discussed partly about their private and s*x lives and Alex seemed to be losing so much interest in any possible relationship. She promised to be more careful since her last relationship was an atomic blast.

Several months earlier,

The last hottie guy she dated who was a banker was promising at first but then he screwed with a bar girl once then twice then thrice and then severally, Alex though that she could always forgive him, but then the spark between them crushed, the day turned to night and never turned to say. She broke up.

"You know Zara, men are scum; there's never a real *ss guy out there." Alex concluded

"I said that severally so all you got to do is have fun whenever and however you please. That's my M.O if you ask me." Zara and she took a shot.

Carrie approached with a fine tall black guy beside her, holding her by the waist

"Girls! I've been looking around I really thought that y'all didn't make it!" Carrie began as they exchanged hugs and friendly kisses.

"How could we? Its a party...your party Carrie, c'mon." Zara explained

"You look fire," Alex complimented as Carrie blushed over her vintage dinner dress "and who's this hot guy? We haven't met him before!" Alex teased but she really meant

"You didn't know? He's Kendall, my fiance. I actually wanted to announce my wedding later on but I think y'all should be the first." Carrie said as she looked at kendall who was maintaining a steady smile, he had a great slim body and an arm tattoo that a girl would love. "Kendall and I are getting married next weekend and my bachelorette party comes up in a few days but then I'll keep y'all posted."

"Wow girl. You already hit the jackpot!" Alex said

"Congratulations girl," they hugged and she turned to Kendall "and to you too!"

"Thanks ladies, i hope to see you both." He said, his voice was pretty good for a big guy like himself

"Thanks. Meanwhile, y'all should have super fun while Kendall and I have some privacy..." Carrie said as they all laughed and afterwards, Kendall dropped a kiss on her lips squeezing her butt slightly. She blushed as they both walked away. Alex and Zara sat instantly turned to each other like they long waited for them to leave.

"Did you see that? That guy is a baddie!" Zara said tilting her face close to Alex's with a doubtful look on her face.

"What's so bad about that Zee, he's trying to place a boundary besides she blushed over it." Alex defended

"You think so?" Zara rolled her eyes turning away "I don't think that they'd last any longer, he looks like a big FLIRT!" Zara added

"So what if he is? You're not different though and Carrie too." Alex shrugged as her body moved according to the new song playing, she liked it

"Don't act like a saint AJ, do you remember when you screwed in the car at the shopping mall's parking space, at the beach, in the restroom, in the woods...Girl, you're a bigger flirt..." Zara pointed out confidently

"And you, didn't you screw in the pool, in your father's truck, in the class, at the balcony? Didn't you?" Alex pointed out too. They both turned away in guilt looking sideways, they leaked their secrets in public. They had no idea a few people were listening to their awkward conversation. Two guys approached in a casual outfit as well as sport shoes. They were tall, sinfully handsome, one was blonde while the other had black hair, they seemed well to do and s*xy.

"Did someone just leak their juicy secret? You might wanna share some with me!" The blonde man spoke to Alex from behind while the other took his partner, Zara.

"Its none of your business." Alex answered harshly without looking but he sat next to her regardless

"Its no longer private since the whole crowd heard it!" He said

"They did?" Alex asked as she turned around. He was right, the little crowd had begun to leave, others nodded nodded negatively. She turned to him. "You can take your *ss with you If you want!" She added sternly, he smirked as he requested Bacardi like the girls, like her. He took a shot and turned to her again

"That's why I'm here. If I didn't want to hear you out then i wouldn't be here!" He bragged and she took offense by his statement, she felt like he was doing her a favor speaking to her.

"Did you take a look at yourself before coming to me? You really look a mess. I wasn't seeking someone to talk to, i was comfortable before your *ss showed up!" She turned away, she was p*ss*d.

"Easy girl, just playing around. I thought that I should say hi after all." He added

"Keep it to yourself." She turned away then turned to him like she forgot something. "You know, you guys think you can just storm in on any girl you like and then tell her nonsense, well you met the wrong girl 'cause I literally don't care." She turned away angrily as he smiled instead. That wasn't the reaction she expected, she wanted him gone. She didn't want a man around her just yet. She peeped at Zara, she seemed to be having a good time, she was laughing at a joke he cracked.

"You look stunning!" The blonde guy complimented

"I know." She snapped

"Who ever hurt in the the past or earlier shouldn't be my cross to bear, 'cause i don't mind. I'm only a nice guy who wants to have a cool chat with a stunning girl like you." He said

"I'm not interested." She snapped. He was disappointed at her rudeness towards him.

"I'm Harry Hopkins. Here's my card, we could talk once you stop hating on men!" He kept the card next to her as she took up and tore it in front of him, she threw it to his face.

"I'm..not..interested!" She turned away

"Great!" He snapped as he walked angrily, she was unapologetic. She ordered another glass of Bacardi, she seemed to like Zara's choice. She was focused on her phone, seeing the darnedest things pets do, it was the only thing that made her happy at the moment. After five minutes, Zara and her new friend turned to her.

"AJ, where's the guy!" She asked underneath her breath so that he wouldn't hear them talk.

"Not interested!" Alex snapped

"Er! Zara, I think I should find my friend right now. He's not good handling disappointments." He said to Zara as she affirmed. They hugged swiftly as Alex displayed her irritation.

"Yuk!" She cringed

"Call me as soon as you get home, ok?" he said

"Of course Larry, take care!" Zara said as he scurried away. Zara turned to her with a questionable look.

"Don't look at me that way Zee..."

"That was mean. I know that i could be mean but that was super meaner." Zara said

"I was irked. He was unbearable, acting up like a god over me...telling me crazy stuff..."

"Like what?" Zara asked sternly. She knew that her friend had a flimsy excuse to give.

"He was so nosey. He was so interested about our secret that you leaked." Alex fired

"Goddammit it Alex, goddammit! You leaked mine too. We both screwed up but you don't have to treat him that way, he shouldn't be sorry for your past relationship!" Zara cautioned

"If you want him you can actually take him! Just stop preaching!"

"You're a piece of work, that's why no guy wants to be with you!" Zara added as she walked away briskly

"Yes go on! I'm proud of it that way!" Alex screamed from behind.

She was devastated immediately, she regretted her actions towards Zara not Harry.

She took her purse as she ran out of the club immediately. She ran to the parking space space to find her friend.

Zara was leaning on her Alex's car hopelessly. Alex ran to Zara and stopped not knowing what to say to her.

"I'm mad at you but i still need a...need a ride back home. I have no cash on me and...I just think that we..." She began in slight embarrassment

"...were childish. I was overreacting as well and I shouldn't have acted that way." Alex concluded. They hugged tightly, they've been friends since highschool so a little argument couldn't ruin their years of friendship over a stranger.

"Promise me that you would never leak our secret." Alex inquired

"And you too!" Zara said, they smiled shyly as they hopped into the car and died away. The party that anticipated to try out new things turned into a blast.

"Come to think of it," Zara began while she adjusted her hair "I think he's cute!"

"Oh yeah, really really cute. He's got your hair color and wits." Alex added ignorantly

"You don't have to remind me, he's really adorable but I'm talking about Harry, your blonde guy!"

Chapter 2 Deciding or Not

Deciding or not!


"Oh Uhm...I uh..I really think he's cute!" Alex snapped, it was hard to admit to herself.

"Well," Zara tucked her hand into her purse and brought out a small card. "Larry gave KO this to me, we watched you tear Harry's card into shreds." Zara teased as they both smiled

"Y'all saw that? Right! That was a blast." Alex added.

"You might wanna check that guy out again, catch some fun bih!" Zara urged

"I'll check him out just like you're suggesting!" Alex said as she pulled over at Zara's apartment. Zara struggled of out the car since she was a little tipsy from the drinks from earlier. She jammed the door.

"Thanks for the ride!" Zara said walking away, Alex was about to move as Zara turned to her abruptly like she has forgotten something.

"Not again Zara, I won't be home by 8." Alex snapped


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