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Revenge of Love

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Bella was forced to marry William, to pay off her father's debt. The cruel man who tortured her in a hell-like household, for the sake of revenge.Bella was forced to marry William, to pay off her father's debt. A cruel man who tortures her in a hellish household, in revenge for the death of his first wife. However, Bella must survive for the integrity of her household, and uncover the truth, about who killed William's wife.

Chapter 1 Matchmaking

The living room, which was filled with simple furniture, was very quiet. Although four adults were sitting around the table with hardened and pitiable facial lines at the same time.

A couple who were looking at one of their daughters with pleading eyes, and a young woman who returned their gaze haughtily, while the other girl could only look down.

"Father, please think again. Your daughter is not an asset to the future of your bakery, and I cannot accept this ridiculous arranged marriage!" exclaimed Linda in a stern voice. Her brown hair swayed as her head shook faster and faster.

Her clear eyes blinked for a few moments, looking at her parents with an expression that was no less pitiful.

"How about if Bella marries William instead? She's used to children and Clara is also one of her students at school. There should be no problem for her to adapt to him, right, Bella?" asked Linda as she touched the shoulder of the young woman beside her in an encouraging voice.

The woman called Bella raised her face, looking at her twin sister with an incredulous look. What crazy idea did Linda have again? Why did she have to be the victim of that woman's selfishness?

"Don't ask for something I can't give anymore, Belly. I've sacrificed too much for you, please don't ask for more!" Bella grimaced, showing off her dimples as her lips pulled slightly to the side. Making her face, which looked slightly fuller than Linda's, even more charming.

In Bella's heart, her twin sister was childish and selfish. Every wish of hers had to be fulfilled, and what she didn't like, she would never let get close. Always sacrificing herself, she has always been a shield.

In the past, when their mother asked one of her twin daughters to become a teacher, Linda was very good at refusing with sweet words. Asking her parents to leave that aspiration to Bella, who happens to already have her aspirations as a writer. However, she foolishly agreed.

The woman with a proportional body and always dressed in s*xy clothes refused to grant their mother's wish and continued to pursue her goal of becoming a professional model, which until now, has not shown any results. Her name is not recognized by many in their hometown, let alone the world.

"Sir William wants you, Linda, not Bella!"

Harry's voice trembled, holding back the anger that had reached its peak. Disappointed in the child who was expected to help, turned out to be only selfish.

Bella was once again stunned. In her entire life, this was the first time she had seen Harry's anger. The old man's burly body trembled and his jawline hardened even more. Fading the remaining youthful good looks that were still mapped on the face. Despite the rosy lips that had never been touched by a cigarette, tanned skin, and hands full of muscles, were still his father's trademarks despite his age.

The atmosphere returned to silence. No one dared to make a sound, even to sigh, they seemed so reluctant. Only the ticking of the clock's hands could be heard, making the four of them realize that the air around them was getting stuffy.

"I don't want to get married yet, Father! How can I get married if my dreams of becoming a famous model haven't come true?"

Linda's loud voice asked Harry a challenging question. Forgetting that in the room, there was a tender-hearted, ailing old lady who was saddened by their disagreement.

Mary pressed her left breast as she took a deep breath, shaking off the sudden tightness. With difficulty, she patted Harry's shoulder, with a weak shake of her head. As if signaling her husband to stop arguing. However, Harry was not one to give in easily. He flinched, ignored Mary's request, and stared angrily at Linda. The two old couples seemed to have forgotten that their combined hard and soft natures were passed down to Linda and Bella.

If Bella was a gentle and firm woman, Linda was quite the opposite. That woman was very loud, and was too frank with her moods, without the slightest intention of covering them up. Letting others easily know what she thought and wanted.

"Father doesn't care about your wishes! All this time, you've been too free with all those ridiculous dreams that only make you a dreamer girl," Harry retorted hoarsely.

"Seven years of living in your dreams of fame, but never once did they come true. Using Bella as a shield every time we needed your help. But this time is enough! Don't sacrifice this family again for your selfishness, but for once, learn to sacrifice for us," he continued as he reached for a glass filled with mineral water and handed it to Mary who was struggling to breathe.

Linda was silent. Harry's words were an ultimatum that she desperately wanted to refute. However, she did not have enough courage to refuse her father's orders. The only way was to approach Bella again. Asking for sincerity from her to be willing to sacrifice herself to be a substitute. Linda was confident that Bella would comply, as her twin sister had a heart as soft as cotton, which was easily touched by someone's plea.

"I'll think about it," Linda finally said.

Linda got up from her seat and went into the bedroom feeling disappointed. Harry had gone too far! As a father, he had never been financially happy for them. He had lived a simple life, though never deprived, since childhood, and as an adult, he wanted to change that. Become a model so she could enjoy the glamorous life she had always dreamed of.

Wasn't her father tired of relying on their small bakery for decades? A bakery is now threatened with bankruptcy and eventually demands her freedom as a woman by marrying a wealthy widower, just to get the money. Had it not been for her mother's deteriorating condition, there was no way Linda would have even considered her father's request.

Chapter 2 You're the One Who Married Him

In the living room, Harry stared at Linda's back as she passed by the room with a desperate look. Her breathing sounded heavy as if she could no longer bear the burden of life. He slowly helped Mary to get up from the chair, then turned to Bella.

"Please help me advise, Linda. Persuade her to marry Mr William!" pleaded Harry in a soft voice to which Bella could only reply with a nod of her head.

The old man took his wife back to the room, leaving Bella pensive in the living room. Staring at the remaining water in the glass with a thousand raging thoughts. Should she take Linda's place in Harry's marriage? If she refused, then what would happen to her father's beloved bakery which was on the verge of bankruptcy? What about her mother's illness, which is getting worse by the day?

Bella sighed softly. Slowly rising from the chair, she forced her legs, and her dense body to work together with her brain, to step into Linda's room


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