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Reject A Billionaire

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Bryce's friend Taylor took him to a brothel to get drunk after Bryce's fiancee broke up with him, and they stumbled upon Crystal, a red-haired prostitute. Bryce was attracted by the gorgeous beauty and paid to have her one night immediately.But Crystal recognized Bryce, he was her ex, who cruelly dumped her after the six-month relationship in high school.Unable to reject his offer, Crystal wore a mask to sleep with him, and she vowed to take revenge on him.What will happen when Bryce finds Crystal is his ex? Will Bryce mind her being a prostitute? What will Crystal do when Bryce courts her? Will Crystal forgive him for what he did to her 10 years ago?

Chapter 1

Bryce's POV

I pull the car to a stop when I am in the driveway. I unfasten the seat belt, step out of the car with my briefcase and a smile on my face. It is unusual of me to be home this early but I am here because my fiancee is around.

She called to inform me she is in the house and I left the office in excitement. I can't wait to see her. She has been away from New York since last month and I miss her so badly. She has the keys to my home, even though I have tried to convince her to move in before we discuss the wedding date but she is adamant and I have no idea why she doesn't like the idea.

I take long strides towards the front door and pull the door open. Conor meets me at the door with a smile.

"Welcome, boss", he bows his head in greeting, taking the briefcase from me.

"Thank you."

"Ma'am is inside, she was about to leave when I told her you just drove in", he informs me and I raise a brow.

She wants to leave? Why?

I grab the briefcase back from him and hurry upstairs. I don't want him to go into my room or interrupt anything. I came home, anticipating a bit of romance from my fiancee whom I haven't seen in one month.

Where the hell is she hurrying to, that she can't be patient enough for me to get home?

I step on the last staircase and sigh deeply, letting go of my tie and breathing heavily.

I am beginning to have a bad feeling about Ariel's call for me to come home and her sudden desire to go. I look down at my suede shoes nervously, thinking of the possible reason for the call.

After ransacking my brain for a while with no answers forthcoming, I take a step towards my room and another with a pounding heart.

I love Ariel and I don't want her to behave like the rest of the girls. My mother had always told me to be focused and when I am successful, women will come in tenfold, wanting him.

But it isn't true in my situation. I am successful, I am the youngest billionaire in New York but I have trouble keeping a woman.

When I met Ariel, it was love at first sight. We met at a party and ended up in bed. She was so sweet. I told her I loved her and we began to date. I proposed to her three months ago and I am hoping she isn't here with any bad news about our engagement.

The door opens and my sweet girl comes into view. She is a brunette with beautiful green eyes and long s*xy legs. I have always been intrigued by her, her sense of dressing, her gait and confidence, and her fearlessness. She is in a tank top and high waist short skirt, her hair is in a loose bun and she is holding a black purse.

Her lips curl into a smile as I watch her.

"Welcome home, Bryce", she speaks softly, as I pin her with an intense gaze, trying to figure out my answers before she can answer them for me.

Her lips are shining and calling to me. When I feel my hard-on, I walk close to her and take her lips. I am filled with a sense of misgiving, coupled with my arousal. I have been anticipating this since she left and here she is, I can't wait to take her.

My lips are on hers as she gasps. I bite her lower lips, earning a soft moan from her. Her moans are pulling me to the edge and I know if I don't go in, I can have her right here by the doorway.

I yank at her top, wishing it will tear into pieces, giving me the chance to touch her most sensitive area. I know the right places to touch to make her climax.

"Bryce", she pushes me away from her, panting heavily. My eyes interlock with hers and I can see it all, the answers.

Her eyes squeeze shut and she stammers. "I see you about something."

I have never seen Ariel this uncomposed and full of fear. Her dialogues are always poignant and witty.

"Let's go in", I say, trying to calm my raging beast and my heaving cheat. I wish she can let me have her for the last time before she breaks the bad news to me.

"No, let's talk here", she contradicts me.

I exhale deeply and look away. My hard-on isn't making me think well. I wish to get done with this so I can go out, to somewhere I can relieve my distress. She isn't helping me.

"I'm sorry, Bryan", she begins to fidget with her fingers, looking down and I almost laugh. She should get done with it already.

"I can't marry you."

"Why?" I ask her sharply. She is surprised that I am not shocked at her revelation. I would have been shocked if I hadn't seen it all in her eyes. But her eyes speak volumes of what she wanted to say, I saw the fear and doubt.

"I just can't. I'm sorry", she walks past me but I am quick to drag her back, fuming in anger. We face each other.

"You should have a genuine reason for doing this, what the hell is wrong with you?" I find myself shouting at her. I am angry and devastated.

I have never been this angry with Ariel. I get angry easily but in Ariel's case, I am a different person because I love her. I wonder why I have refused to read in between the lines all along with her constant travels out of New York. She always tells me it is work-related but I don't believe her, now I know my instinct was right all along.

"Do I need to have a reason to decide what I want to do with my life?" She barks at me. The aloofness is back.

"I see", I tap my feet in annoyance.

"I am not just interested in all of this, I am not ready to settle down with you. Do I need to...."

"Is that why you are here?" I ask her.

She seems taken aback that I am asking her with a calm voice. She lowers her eyes and answers. "Yeah."

"Thank you", I say and open the door to go in.

"Bryce", I hear her call but my only response is the slamming of the door in her face.

Chapter 2

Bryce's POV

I sit still in front of Tyler, trying to control my anger as I suck in my lips, gritting my teeth continuously and looking at the table in front of us. I fume again and again till I can no longer take in. I hit the table, making our drink spill.

"Bryce, calm down man", Tyler holds my shoulder and guides me back to the chair.

I need something or someone to vent my anger on. Tyler is my friend and he is the only one I can talk to that understands me.

I called him immediately after Ariel left and he asked us to meet here, in a pub. I usually go home with files that I like to work on before the next day. I have an office in my home and I stayed up late at night in the office when I have important work to finish up. I know if I try to work tonight, I will be distracted, and going to bed is a bad idea.

The stupid girl turned me on and dumped me. I won't be able to sleep at all till tomorrow and I might end up breaking things in the house. I felt


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