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Reject A Billionaire
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Bryce's friend Taylor took him to a brothel to get drunk after Bryce's fiancee broke up with him, and they stumbled upon Crystal, a red-haired prostitute. Bryce was attracted by the gorgeous beauty and paid to have her one night immediately.But Crystal recognized Bryce, he was her ex, who cruelly dumped her after the six-month relationship in high school.Unable to reject his offer, Crystal wore a mask to sleep with him, and she vowed to take revenge on him.What will happen when Bryce finds Crystal is his ex? Will Bryce mind her being a prostitute? What will Crystal do when Bryce courts her? Will Crystal forgive him for what he did to her 10 years ago?

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Life after high school was supposed to be the most exciting experience, full of adventure for Daisy. That was what she presumed it would be. Instead, it was a world of new, strange, and unimaginable experiences.Daisy was a naive, inexperienced, and ambitious young lady who wanted to prove a point of her sexuality to herself and her friend. Proof of her sexuality bonded her with a young guy from another continent. She became a mother at the age of 17, without knowing where to find the father of her baby.

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Salamat was a victim of circumstance and was traumatized as a result of her past. She was willing to give life a chance but something seems to be missing.The past came tumbling before her when she was already healing and could barely remember the pain. She became stigmatized and couldn't help but give in to despair.Will she be able to overcome these troubles someday? Or will it affect her mental state and disrupt her matrimonial prospect? Will Habib's betrayal break her or make her stronger?


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