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How will it be, out of nowhere to discover that you are not just a simple girl, who was abandoned in an orphanage as a baby but a daughter of the lineage of the most powerful vampires, who were stationed to save you. So that you would fulfill your call. Knowing that you are not only their daughter, but were you promised to the most powerful being of the same lineage to complete the last base of the hierarchical vampire pyramid? How will it be two equal beings, but in different realities, brutal and possessive, to deal with each other? Fire with fire, always causes fire! PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME! Story originally belonging to author Nirva Shirley Soares Constança. Any use of it is prohibited.

Promised to a Vampire.

Work of Nirva Shirley Soares Constança.

Hello! Welcome to the book Promised to a Vampire!

I hope you enjoy reading! ❤️

Before starting it, here are some addendums:

1) Everything possible related to vampires is present in this story and the title is not sensationalist. Therefore, prepare your heart to deal with all emotions, if you can't, stop reading and deal with it in a civilized way and without posting BAD and/or MACHIST comments. It is a book that I used all my imagination in it, it portrays things that my unanchored imagination created, it is a fiction, a book!

2) This is a story of action, mystery, fantasy, possession, so be patient with the evolution of the main character.

3) It is a story of a lot of action, impactful emotions and dark romance, with suspense, so that it acts a balance between the mystery to be unraveled and the involvement of the characters.

4) It's a book and not a movie, for now!

So the book is detailed, all the scenes, the feelings, the actions of the characters are explicitly detailed as it is supposed to be.

5) FINALLY, this story is a fiction, it's more than clear. So NONE OF THIS is related to real life, it is not an incentive for practice, let alone has to do with me, not least because nothing written on it I did, I just lived in my mind with my imagination without borders.

At all, I wrote this story like all my other stories, with all my heart and imagination, and I am happy to share everything I imagine and exteriorize between chapters with you. ❤️

My stories are all mine, created by me and no one else. So remember any similarity is pure coincidence.

And I remind you that PLAGE IS CRIME. I don't accept any adaptation of my story and if there is, report it!

I love you, good reading! ❤️





Hello, my name is Ashley. And according to what they told me, I was left as a baby here at the orphanage.

Of course, seeing other children and being a child too, I had hoped to be adopted, but that was only until I was 14. Because I noticed that people only liked to adopt babies and children until at least 5 years of age.

And I gave up believing that one day I would be adopted, seeing that no one adopted us, me and the other girls my age.

Whenever a couple was interested in me, they left the principalship already leaving, or adopted another child.

So what interests me now is to finish my studies and get out of here, as soon as I start working and have some money.

At lunchtime the director warned that a very rich and important family would come, wanting to adopt someone.

In other words, one more coupl


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