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Post-Divorce Passion: A Billionaires Remorse

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"Remember to take the birth control pill; don't try to tie me down with something as base as a pregnancy." Their marriage is nothing more than a transaction, a deal sealed not with love but with mutual benefits. She craves his wealth and influence, while he lusts after her sensual figure. In the cruel game of love, when the wrong people meet at the wrong time, their union is destined to shatter with a single, devastating blow. On the day of her remarriage, as Sophia stands at the altar ready to start anew, Mason collapses before her, his pride swallowed by the dust beneath her feet, his plea desperate and raw, "Sophia, don't marry him. Come home with me, please..."

Chapter 1 Loveless Ties

Sophia Harrison lay prostrate on her bed, much like any other day. Mason Bennett's fingers traced lightly over her sheer lace nightgown, the corner of his mouth lifting in a wry smile. "Nice figure," he teased.

Humiliation flooded Sophia, her face buried deep in the comforter to hide her flush.

Mason was indifferent to her shame. With a swift gesture, he lifted her by the waist, and she was forced to support the weight of her lower body on her knees.

This was Mason's favorite view.

Without any tenderness, he went straight to the point, their bodies colliding with the force of a tempest.

Three hours later, it halted.

Sophia lay there like a broken doll, her body imprinted with the dense marks of his teeth, her skin a canvas of bruises.

The sound of the shower running in the bathroom made her clench her fists in silent fury. "Scoundrel! Beast!" she cursed under her breath.

When Mason emerged from the bathroom, Sophia was almost dozing off. Yet the sound of his footsteps had her bolting upright, reflexively reaching for the after-pill from the bedside table. On their wedding night a year ago, Mason had warned her not to try to trap him with pregnancy.

To avoid giving Mason the impression that she sought to secure her position through a child, Sophia swallowed the pill in front of him.

Mason's expression was sour, as if the whole world was in debt to him. Luckily, Sophia had become accustomed to his mercurial moods.

When his face softened slightly, she broached a subject of gravity. "The Harrison Corporation is facing an issue with a loan, the bank needs a new guarantor, could you..."

He snorted derisively. "No wonder you were so eager today."

She hadn't gotten his consent but persisted, caressing his arm gently.

Looking down at her, a ripple of something undefinable in his gaze, he teased, "You want more?"

Sophia felt a searing pain below, yet the survival of the Harrison family hung in the balance.

She bit her lip. "I'll do it again, but you have to agree to be the guarantor for Harrison..."

Mason’s reaction was swift and cold, his last vestige of warmth gone in an instant. "Sophia, do you enjoy selling yourself for Harrison that much?"

He dressed and left, slamming the door behind him, not giving her the answer she desperately needed.

Sophia couldn't fathom his sudden turn of mood; he had been so eager just moments ago in bed. What had she said to offend him?

It dawned on her that the mistake was hers all along; she was not the cherished love of Mason's heart. Merely occupying the position of his wife was her original sin.

Mason didn’t return all night.

The next day marked their first wedding anniversary.

Sophia ventured to the mall, picking out a deep navy-blue tie for Mason – a gift. She then stopped by the supermarket, buying ingredients for his favorite dishes.

Returning to Harrison Mansion, the joy in the butler’s eyes was unmistakable.

"Madam, you're cooking personally to celebrate the anniversary? The master will definitely be pleased."

Sophia couldn't bear to disappoint him with the truth, merely offering a smile in response.

Would Mason be pleased? No, she doubted he would want to spend their anniversary with her, especially since he had married her so unwillingly.

But it wasn't just about celebration; she hoped to use this occasion to appease Mason, to coax him into a good enough mood to save Harrison Corporation.

At six in the evening, she took a photo of the feast she had prepared and sent it to Mason. [I made your favorite dishes, waiting for you to come home for dinner~] The attempt to please was palpable.

She waited, but received no response. Unsure if he had seen the message or was deliberately ignoring her, Sophia called him.

A coquettish female voice from the other end answered, "Hello, who are you looking for?"

Sophia thought she had dialed the wrong number; after all, Mason's private phone was off-limits to others.

Checking the screen, the number was correct.

"Mason?" she inquired.

"I'm sorry, Mason is in the shower right now," the voice flirted back, the implication of their activities clear.

When Sophia didn't respond, the woman added, "Is there something you need Mason for? I can pass on the message. I'm his girlfriend."

Sophia pressed her lips together. She was well aware of Mason's reputation with women and had heard about the others, but this direct confrontation with a 'mistress' was a first for her.

Fortunately, Sophia was clear about her own status. Mason had no place for her in his heart; their intimacy was merely him indulging in her body. Despite being his wife in name, she was no different from any of his mistresses in essence.

She wasn't entitled, nor did she wish, to engage in a confrontation.

Without a word, Sophia hung up.

Gazing at the table of uneaten food, she sighed. Mason most likely wouldn't return.

To the servants, she instructed, "Dispose of these dishes."

As she left the dining room, she noticed the tie she had intended as a present for Mason. Recalling the time spent choosing it at the mall made her feel foolish.

Tossing the tie into the trash, it was as if she discarded a part of herself with it.

Chapter 2 A Clash of Desires

In the hazy ambiance of the Nightshade Lounge, the private room was alive with the intoxicating blend of alcohol and dimly lit allure. As Mason returned from the restroom, his eyes narrowed on the sight of a woman with raven-black hair clutching his phone.

His voice turned ice-cold, "Who gave you the right to touch that?"

The woman, Charlotte Parker, a rising starlet in the recent celebrity skies, paled under Mason's imposing presence. With trembling hands, she apologized, "I'm so sorry, Mr. Bennett. It was a mistake—I didn't realize it was your phone."

Dismissing her with a wave, Mason requested an alcohol wipe from the waiter and meticulously cleaned his phone, as Charlotte's face flushed with embarrassment.

Ethan, an old friend who was no stranger to Mason's quirks, wrapped an arm around Charlotte's shoulders, chuckling, "Don't mind him, Charlotte. Mason's been a clean freak since we were k


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