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One Night Stand With My Boss

One Night Stand With My Boss

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Arion Buckley was constantly urged by his father, Abraham Buckley, to get married soon. However, his feelings for his first love have not disappeared, even though she is already happy with her husband. He is still afraid to start a relationship with another woman, even though he already has everything. Until a shocking incident happened to him and his another best friend, Olivia Baldwin. His best friend and his new secretary in the office. They sleep together and this is caused by his cousin setting them up. And then what happened between them? Did that incident finally change his friendship with Olivia?

Chapter 1

A man with a shirt and a suit on his body, stepped into a skyscraper that was like his second home.

His handsome face and well-built and muscular body attracted the attention of everyone around him, but instead of praising and admiring him, people only dared to stare at him for a few seconds. After that they lowered their eyes and greeted like that man was a King.

That man is Arion Buckley, the young CEO of Sky Company. Because of his shrewdness at leading the company, Arion was quickly able to reach the position of CEO in his grandfather's hereditary company.

But behind it all, Arion is a tough person and also gets emotional quickly, because of that he is nicknamed the Prince as well as the Devil by all of his employees.

All of his employees think that Arion's handsome face looks useless, if Arion is very scary and also rude. But of course, no one dared to openly say all that in front of Arion.

There wasn't even a strong secretary working with Arion, because of that he had to open job vacancies as a secretary repeatedly. The secretaries are only able to survive a relatively short time, or 1 to 2 months.

Last time, his secretary was fired by Arion in front of all the other employees during a meeting. This incident occurred when, Arion was busy listening to a product presentation from the marketing team, and suddenly his cell phone rang.

Arion was about to turn off his cellphone until he realized that his client's name appeared on his cellphone screen, confused, Arion immediately signaled the marketing team to stop the presentation, then picked up the phone.

"Hello?" greeted Arion in a friendly manner, a face that other employees rarely see.

"Hello, Mr. Arion? I've been waiting for you an hour ago, but you haven't come yet. Don't we have a meeting today? I don't have much time."

Arion immediately looked at his secretary who had been lowering his head, he just remembered that today is Arion's schedule for a meeting with his client.

"Sorry sir, I forgot—"

"Wait a minute, I'll be there in 5 minutes." Arion interrupted and spoke to his client. After the connection was cut off, Arion's face turned very scary.

Several employees had already stepped back, and lowered their gazes. Arion turned into a demon. But soon, Arion's laughter could be heard echoing in the meeting room. No, it wasn't a pleasant laugh, it was a really scary laugh.

"Idiot, I almost lost a client because of your reckless behavior! You will be held responsible if something bad happens to my company? Shit, go away!" Arion snapped, pounding the table in front of him. His eyes were barking, like he was ready to kill those around him.

His secretary looked very scared, his body seemed to be shaking, even now he was shedding tears because he couldn't stand being yelled at and called like that every day by Arion. How could he focus on work if Arion was this rough?

Arion grabbed his secretary's shirt collar roughly, even though his secretary was a woman. But regardless of gender, Arion doesn't care.

"Don't let me see your face again roaming my company," Arion hissed, he released his grip on his secretary's shirt collar and walked out of the room. His secretary's body immediately fell to the floor, he sobbed and swore he would never see Arion again.

Because of that incident, Arion didn't have a secretary until now. However, without a secretary, the work is not well organized. He took his office phone and called someone to ask something.

"Hello, have job vacancies for secretaries been spread on social media?" asked Arion, the employee who received the call with a frantic rush to find data from the applicants.

"Yes sir! Today's interview happened to be held," said the employee, Arion seemed to nod his head in understanding. Finally the work will be back organized.

"Since I don't happen to have a meeting, let me join the interview." After saying that Arion hung up the phone, not listening to the answers from his employees anymore. Now that the man could breathe a sigh of relief, Arion pulled on his tie and tried to loosen it.

Not even 5 minutes, a knock woke Arion up, who had been busy with his own thoughts.

"Come in," shouted Arion, and not long after the employee who had previously spoken to Arion on the phone stepped into his room with steps that could be considered cautious.

"The interview room is ready sir, several applicants have also arrived." Arion nodded his head, then waved his hand telling the employee to leave.

Arion got up from his seat, walked out of his room and headed to the room where the interview was held. He wanted his secretary to last longer, to be careful and thorough, so that his work would not be as messy as now.

After several applicants entered, Arion felt that none of them were suitable. Arion can predict that they will only last 2 months, maybe even 1 month.

"Sorry sir I am late." Arion heard the last suitor's conversation outside the room, and he hated people who wasted their time for trivial reasons.

When the last suitor entered his room, Andrew just looked down reluctantly at this suitor's face and would immediately reject him.

Never mind skills or how long it would last, Arion had hated him from the start.

"Introduce yourself," said the employee sitting beside him, the girl in front of them seemed to nod her head nervously while occasionally stealing glances at Arion. But Arion still refused to see it.

"I'm Olivia Baldwin..." Olivia continued her self-introduction professionally, while Arion, who heard her, immediately looked up at Olivia with wide eyes in shock.

"Oliv," he called in surprise, Olivia who heard him only smiled faintly then continued his introduction. The employee sitting next to Arion looked surprised by Arion's change in attitude. Arion's attitude immediately changed 180 degrees.

Arion grabbed the CV that his employee had been holding and read it. His eyes widened again and stared at Olivia in horror.

"Oliv, why are you here!" Arion shouted again, interrupting Olivia's activities. The girl took a deep breath and looked at Arion with an annoyed expression on her face.

"Excuse me, Mr. Arion, I'm in the middle of an interview. Could you please shut up and listen to my introduction?" Hearing that Arion could not hide his laughter, he looked away and tried to hold back his laughter.

The employees were of course very surprised, Arion, his boss who was known to be flat, cold, and expressionless, suddenly smiled and chuckled when he met the applicant in front of him.

"Okay, Olivia. If you pass, we will contact you immediately. Thank you," said the Arion employee, Olivia seemed to smile and then said goodbye politely.

Arion who saw Olivia walking out of the room immediately followed the girl's steps.

"You left Mr. James company?" asked Arion while walking hand in hand with Olivia. The girl looked at Arion and nodded her head slowly.

"Yes, I can't stand it anymore. Mr. James is very flirtatious, even though he already has a wife and also 3 children!" Olivia explained, shuddering in horror.

Arion who heard it laughed again. For him, Olivia is like a friend as well as an easy target to be bullied.

"You've had lunch?" asked Arion who was answered by shaking his head by Olivia, the girl immediately flashed a big smile while hanging on Arion's arm.

"Treat me! Last night I was very nervous because I was going to have an interview at your company, I didn't have time to eat breakfast either." Olivia complained while changing her face to sad. Arion looked at his watch and nodded slowly.

"Yes, but in the cafeteria. I can't leave the office because there's a meeting soon, I'm very dizzy because no one arranges my schedule," Arion explained, of course Olivia agreed.

When else would he be able to eat in the canteen at Arion's company. He said the food at this company was very good, according to some of his co-workers at his former company.

The two of them had now walked hand in hand towards the cafeteria, Olivia was still holding Arion's arm until she realized that she had become the center of attention.

The girl immediately released her grip on Arion's arm and immediately brought a plate to carry some of the food provided.

"Why?" asked Arion surprised by Olivia's attitude that looked uncomfortable.

"Your employees keep looking at me, I'm afraid they think bad things about us." Olivia whispered to Arion, afraid that the people there would hear it.

"Tsk, you're exaggerating! It's normal, my image is already bad here," Arion said in a fairly loud voice, Olivia, who heard Arion's answer, couldn't hold back her irritation.

"Keep your tone down! I'm embarrassed to be stared at by many people," Olivia protested while hitting her best friend's head.

Now that they were sitting facing each other, no one dared to look at the two of them anymore because Arion had secretly cast a sharp glare at anyone who was staring at him and Olivia.

While Olivia was still enjoying her food, the girl suddenly gave Arion a thumbs up.

"It's delicious, Rion! The food in your company is the best!" she screamed, Arion who saw it just chuckled softly.

"It's great for your new secretary, she can eat delicious food like this every day," Olivia continued, now shaking her head. Amazed by the taste of food in this company canteen.

"You're also apply to be my new secretary, right?" Arion asked in surprise, while Olivia just shrugged her shoulders didn't know.

"I'm not sure about going in, there are a lot of great ones when I asked earlier, they also have a lot of experience. Eh, but you're the one who interviewed them! Why do I have to explain it again." Olivia looked like she was talking to herself, seeing that an idea popped into Arion's brain.

Why didn't he just make Olivia his secretary? apart from the fact that the girl is his best friend, one of the reasons is because Arion is sure that Olivia will last longer than the previous secretary.

"Rion, what are you thinking about? I'll eat your food if you not eat your food," protested Olvia, she was surprised by Arion who suddenly became silent like a statue.

Arion immediately pulled his plate, afraid that his food would be taken by Olivia. Because, Olivia really likes to eat and she can eat almost 5 plates at a time.

"No! Don't eat mine," Arion exclaimed, Olivia who heard him immediately glared happily and nodded hard.

Even though her cheeks were puffy from the food, the girl had already gotten up to add more food. Of course, seeing him, Arion couldn't help but laugh. Olivia has been very adorable since she was little, even though she's also annoying at times.

Chapter 2

"Is it okay if I use your car to go home?" Arion just nodded slowly and handed Olivia her car keys.

"It's okay, Oliv. I'll take it to your house later," Arion replied, his hand stretched out to lightly shove the girl.

For some reason Arion was always happy to see Olivia's annoyed face. Olivia grunted in annoyance, then walked away leaving Arion towards the parking lot.

"Be careful!" Arion screamed while waving his hand at Olivia, and Olivia who saw him immediately nodded hard and returned Arion's wave while smiling broadly.

"Who?" A man suddenly appeared beside him, Arion turned and found the director of his company and his cousin from his father. Eleandro Buckley, the eldest of his father's younger siblings.

"My friend," Arion answered briefly, now he has turned his back and walked towards the room where the meeting was held. Eleandro, who saw him leave, immediately followe


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