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Divorce night, my ex-husband won’t let me go

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Two years into their marriage, her husband had never once stepped foot into their home to lay eyes on his so-called ‘homely wife.’ Instead, he remained entangled in a web of romantic scandals with minor celebrities. Su Wei had reached her breaking point and decided to release him, paving the way for their separate journeys. However, when she broached the subject of divorce… Fu Yan’an found one particular designer in his company undeniably captivating. He patiently uncovered layer by layer of her intriguing persona until one fateful day, he revealed her true identity. He was filled with regret.

She requests a divorce!

In the serene summer night of Rivertown, Su Wei sits on the couch, engrossed in her smartphone’s news feed.

“FuCorp’s enigmatic CEO, Fu Yan’an, graced an official event with the acclaimed actress Liu Yin. The two shared an intimate night at a hotel, a moment captured by a few elusive photos…”

This news immediately skyrockets to the top of the trending charts across the virtual realm. Su Wei nonchalantly adjusts her black-framed glasses and observes the photos in the article with a stoic expression.

The images, though slightly blurred, still reveal a man and a woman sharing an affectionate kiss by a window. The male protagonist, in particular, draws attention—it’s her husband, Fu Yan’an, the heir to one of Rivertown’s most influential families. A man who wields immense power over the city’s economic affairs.

It’s almost comical. They’ve been married for two years, and Fu Yan’an has never set foot in Rivertown. Even during their marriage registration, he remained absent, sending his lawyer to complete the formalities with Su Wei, exchanging their documents. She is aware that Fu Yan’an has always been reluctant about this union. He only agreed to marry her due to a favor her grandfather once did for Fu Yan’an’s wife, who then insisted he marry Su Wei to provide her with a carefree life.

Initially, she held some hopes for their marriage. However, over the past two years, Fu Yan’an has been entangled in numerous scandals with various minor celebrities…

Su Wei’s lips curl as she takes out her phone, finding Fu Yan’an’s number. This marks the first time in two years that she has dialed his number.

The call is answered promptly.

“Hello, it’s Su Wei.”

“Su Wei? Which Su Wei?”

The male voice on the other end is deep and resonant, its icy tone strangely alluring. Su Wei can’t help but chuckle, clutching her phone tightly.

It appears he doesn’t even remember his wife’s name.

“I’m the other half of your marriage certificate.”

“Is that so? What do you want?”

The man’s voice turns even colder.

Su Wei adjusts her glasses and calmly states, “Let’s get a divorce.”

A moment of silence follows on the call, and then Fu Yan’an questions, “Have you thought it through?”


“Any conditions you want to set?”

“No need! Mr. Fu, I’m not interested in your wealth. Moreover, I have no desire to share a single carrot with anyone. I’ve already prepared the divorce agreement. I’ll leave without a claim.”

Su Wei delivers her message in one breath and promptly hangs up. To them, it’s as if they are complete strangers. From this day forward, they’ll go their separate ways, leaving behind all connections!

Su Wei ascends to her apartment, taking off her black-framed glasses, revealing a strikingly beautiful face. She places the divorce agreement she prepared earlier on the coffee table and swiftly collects her meticulously packed luggage.


Soft amber lights bathe the entire executive office. The man seated in the large chair, dressed in the simplest white shirt and black trousers, fails to conceal his innate nobility. Fu Yan’an gazes at his phone’s screen, a faint, derisive smile gracing his well-formed lips.

His nominal wife has finally grown weary of her solitude and has decided to request a divorce!

A discreet knock sounds, and his assistant, Gao Fan, enters.

“Mr. Fu, it’s almost time for your appointment with Mr. Wang.”

Fu Yan’an emits a faint “yes,” rising to retrieve his coat from the back of the chair.

“Gao Fan, clear today’s trending topics. Also, ask the lawyer to proceed with the divorce certificate.”

Gao Fan: “…”

Their esteemed CEO, typically aloof from such affairs, is now making tabloid headlines regularly, all in anticipation of this day!

Su Wei hails a taxi and heads straight to the apartment she acquired. This residence is nestled in Rivertown’s bustling heart, featuring three bedrooms and two living rooms. In this coveted location, the community offers comprehensive amenities.

Having stowed her luggage, Su Wei stands before the grand floor-to-ceiling window, taking in the vibrant night view beyond. She retrieves her phone and dials her best friend.

“Warm, I’ve secured the divorce.”

“What? Wei Wei, you’ve finally done it! Come out, let’s celebrate your return to single life!”


Reuniting with my ex immediately after the divorce

Half an hour later.

The Royal Court Club.

This was Rivertown's most renowned club, a favorite haunt for the city's elite and affluent businessmen.

On the first floor, the booming music resonated, dominating the scene.

In the midst of the dance floor, people surrendered to the dazzling lights, freely expending their energy.

Su Wei, gracefully perched on high heels, ascended to the second floor. She reached out and gave a gentle pat to her friend, who was seated at a booth, enjoying her drink while observing the vibrant atmosphere.


Ye Nuannuan was her closest friend, sporting an adorable and finely sculpted visage.

"Tsk, my lovely, allow me to grace you with a smooch."

Ye Nuannuan embraced Su Wei, placing a soft kiss on her cheek. Su Wei playfully pushed her away and proceeded to pour herself a drink.

"Wei Wei, do you think your ex-husband is a tad foolish? He's left a woman


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