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Bella is a high-profile assassin who gets hired by Shadrack Taylor to kill his Nephew Lucas Taylor so he could be able to take back their family documents which his older brother, Lucas's father left in Lucas's possession. She disguises herself as a maid to accomplish the mission which required making Lucas's death natural with the plan of adding thallium, a slow-acting poisonous drug daily in his morning tea to avoid suspicions of murder. But what happens when Bella ends up falling for Lucas amidst carrying out the mission and decides to stop when it was already too late as Lucas was already on the verge of death? Will he die, and leave Bella guilty for the rest of her life or will he survive it, and get to forgive Bella when he finds out about it? What also happens when Bella finds out Shadrack was responsible for the death of her parents years back which left no other choice for her than turning out to be an Assassin to survive?

Chapter 1

"Da da," a year-old girl called with a smile as she looked at the handsome man carrying her in his arms.

"My Angel," he whispered and kissed her forehead, she laughed lightly and grabbed his tie. The handsome man chuckled and tried to remove her hand while humming a soft rhyme to her hearing.

A beautiful woman walked towards them with a nanny following her closely.

"My princess," She called and carried the one-year-old girl from the handsome man and kissed her cheeks before handing her to the nanny standing beside her.

"Please make sure you take good care of Bella, we will be coming back in the evening," the beautiful woman said.

"Yes ma'am!" the nanny replied.

"Inform us if any emergency arises," the woman added and started walking away towards the garage with the handsome man following her, they got into their car and the driver drove off to the main road towards the bridge.

"I'm no longer comfortable leaving Bella with the nanny," the beautiful woman said, voicing her worries.

"Not all nannies are the same honey, you don't have to judge them based on what happened with your Aunt," the handsome replied and took the beautiful woman's hand. He caressed and kissed it softly.

"It took me years to have Bella, I'm just worried. Next time whenever we are going on an abroad trip, we would be going with her," the beautiful woman replied.

"Alright, honey! I will always be here to support you," the handsome man said and kissed the woman's lips lightly. She rested her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes but never got to open them again as a car at a high speed rammed into their car with full force which pushed their car off the bridge into the river.

The cops later came to rescue them but it was already too late, they had all drowned in the river.



A petite lady dressed in a thick lather coat climbed into a room through the window, she heard voices and footsteps approaching the room and hid behind a closet, the door was pushed open and a middle-aged man showed up with a prostitute, looking all loved up.

The middle-aged man pushed the prostitute onto the bed and climbed over her which made the lady burst into laughter. In no time, he was already inside her, satisfying himself.

The petite lady hiding behind the closet came out of her hiding place and stood in the middle of the room watching keenly at the ongoing scene as she twirled the gun and pen knife she came with. The prostitute got to notice her first and screamed out loud, the man stopped and turned to look at the petite lady.

"Who are you?" he asked as pulled out. The lady underneath him grabbed the sheets and covered herself up, shaking vigorously.

"I'm here to kill you, someone sent me," the petite lady replied with a cold voice. The middle-aged man didn't say anything in return and started crawling backward, heading towards his bedpost, but as he grabbed the gun hidden in under his pillow to shoot, a dagger was thrown at him which sank into his skull. He fell over on the floor, struggling to breathe. The petite lady walked towards him and shot him thrice in the chest which made him cold.

She looked at the shaking prostitute under the bed sheets.

"I'm not here to kill you, but I will because I'm in a foul mood," the petite lady said and pointed her gun at the prostitute, ready to shoot. She sighed and dropped it down.

"You may leave," She said and started walking towards the window to climb out but just as she brought her leg forward, she turned towards the lady, and released loads of bullets all over her body which made blood splash all over the bed.

"I'm sorry, but you have had a glimpse of how I look, even if not it ain't facially," she whispered under her breath and jumped down.

She quickly hurried out of the house towards the car waiting for her.

"Done," she said to a hefty man waiting inside the car.

"Let's go then," he replied with a slight smile before the car drove off at a high speed.

After an hour's drive, the petite lady got to her house and got dropped off. It was almost midnight and everywhere was very calm. She unlocked her door and pushed it open before going inside. She didn't bother to turn on the lights and walked towards the kitchen, she pulled off her leather mask and gloves, opened the fridge, and took out a can of beer, she drank all its contents before trashing it out.

"Today was hectic, unlike other days, she had to deal with lots of guards guarding the man's house which left her soaked with blood. She pulled off the long coat, reviewing a blood-stained shirt, she dropped the weapons she went to the mission with which were now bloody on the kitchen table and slumped on the chair available in the kitchen.

Her phone started buzzing, indicating an incoming call, she checked the caller ID, it was her boss. She sighed before picking up the call.

"It is done," she announced.

"Good! The client will transfer the money to your account soon... Mr. Shadrack has been wanting to talk to you also," a deep cold voice replied.

"Put him on the phone," She replied nonchalantly and grabbed a pack of cigarettes lying on the kitchen table. She brought out a stick and lit it, she drew in some smokes and puffed them out. Her phone buzzed again and she picked it up.

"Did you apply for the post of domestic staff as I told you?" Mr. Shadrack asked.

"Yes Sir, I will go for the interview tomorrow," She replied.

"Put in all your best to get inside so you can be able to work according to the plan. I will be waiting for your feedback tomorrow," Mr. Shadrack said.

"Okay Sir but I will need a picture of your nephew Lucas to easily identify him," she replied.

"I will send it through the mail," Mr. Shadrack replied and ended the call.

Bella sighed out loud and took another can of beer. Her phone buzzed again which notified her that the picture had been sent, she grabbed her phone to open the picture but felt pressed instantly. She put the phone in the back pocket of the pants she was wearing and rushed towards the bathroom.

As she pulled off her pants to pee, her phone fell into the water closet, she hissed with anger, and made to reach for it but immediately heard her front door creaking quietly. She quickly wore her pants and grabbed a mopping stick from the bathroom.

She started sneaking quietly to the living room. Everywhere was dark, only the rays of the moon from the windows gave little light to the living room. She found a woman's shadow walking towards her and she raised the mopping stick to attack, just then the lights were turned on by the woman, and she came to stand face-to-face with her.

It was her neighbor Mrs. Barbs, she heaved a sigh of relief and dropped the mopping stick.

"You scared me, Mrs. Barbs," she said with a slightly raised brow but didn't get any response as Mrs. Barbs continued mopping at her with horror.

"Bella, why... why are you soaked in blood?" She stuttered in a shaky voice. Bella looked at herself and gasped, she was still looking bloody with the soaked bloody shirt and hadn't washed up yet.

"I helped... yes I helped a woman who got knocked down on the highway by a moving truck, that's why I'm looking bloody," Bella lied with the first words that came to her mind.

"Oh!" Seriously?" Mrs. Barbs asked after a long silence and smiled lightly.

"That's so good of you, you were looking all bloody like some Assassin who kills people brutally in cold blood, like the one we have been searching for who has been killing notable men in the society and it creeped me out," Mrs. Barbs replied and started heading towards the kitchen.

"Please go wash off, I'm feeling nauseated... the stench of blood is so strong," Mrs. Barbs added.

"Alright! How's the investigation in the office going?" I hope you get to catch the culprit this time and get promoted just as you have always wished," Bella replied and started pulling off the shirt.

"Yes, I'm walking towards that. All my colleagues at work have been promoted already. I need to act very seriously with my job these days, I know it ain't easy to be a cop but I choose to, so I have to keep to it," Mrs. Barbs said and walked into the kitchen, she opened the fridge and took out a beer.

"I'm sorry for barging in Bella, I thought someone broke into your house as you informed me this morning you are traveling and wouldn't be coming back until two days after," Mrs. Barbs said and walked towards the kitchen table. She sat down and crossed her legs.

"I finished my task quickly with the production company and came back. It was already late, that's why I didn't inform you," Bella replied and started walking toward the bathroom to take a shower. Mrs. Barb's attention got attracted to the long coat Bella kept on the kitchen table.

"Your coat is fine, where did you get it?" Mrs. Barbs said and grabbed the coat.

"Oh No!" Bella screamed inwardly and started rushing towards the kitchen but it was already too late, Mrs. Barbs sat looking transfixed as the bloody weapons

Chapter 2

"Oh the weapons?" Bella replied, and combed her hair nervously. She looked at Mrs Barbs before looking away.

"I found them inside the bag of the woman I saved at the roadside and brought it home. I was going to tell you about it," Bella replied, praying hard for it to sound convincing to Mrs Barbs.

"I need to speak to the woman you saved, where can I find her?" Mrs Barbs asked.

"She is dead, she died some minutes later after she was admitted in the hospital," Bella lied.

"I thought you said she is receiving treatment?" Mrs Barbs asked, finding Bella suspicious.

"It was a mistake, I'm sorry," Bella replied.

"I wasn't really thinking when I said that," Bella added with a sheepish smile. Mrs Barbs looked at her before looking away.

"Alright! I will dispose of the weapons then, before it incriminates you," Mrs Barbs said and started leaving.



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