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When a man suddenly pulled her into his arms and made love to her through the night, the inexperienced lady suddenly became the mother of octuplets for the mafia boss. Manipulated, betrayed and wrongly jailed for murder, Alice must be strong to fight against the society that always takes advantage of single mothers. Must be bold enough to save her family from the hand of her desirous friend, and must be ready to accept the hands of fate which keeps pushing her toward the mafia boss. His name is Banjo, ruthless and feared. Like most mafia bosses, Banjo doesn't believe in love until he mistakenly touches her. Years later, the mafia boss needs to swallow his pride and begged his love to stay or live the rest of his life in loneliness.


The music sounded loud from the liquor section beside the lodge, and the lady dressed in a blue and white uniform nodded her head in appreciation of the song.

The musician is her favourite, and she was always pulled into euphoria beyond human reasoning whenever she hears his voice.

The Fate hotel is the most luxurious in Arkansas City, and the waitress was more than happy to be working there until unforeseen circumstances made her want to tender her resignation letter.

"Waitress here."

"Come inside, " a man's voice boomed from inside, and the lady pushed the door open and stepped into the magnificent room, and was instantly dragged into the man's strong arms.

"You must be the lady sent to satisfy my sexual desire... How pretty you look."

The tray flew off the lady's hand and shattered into the ground, and the bottle of champagne broke into pieces.

"What takes you so long?"

The lady weakly fought against the strong arms jerking her toward the king-size mattress in the middle of the room.

"Please Mr... I am a waitress-."

The rest of her speech was lost when the man pushed her into the mattress and pounced on her.

"I have already paid for your service, so I don't expect you to make it difficult for me."

She smelled the scent of alcohol before she taste it on his lips, and when he kissed her and his tongue searched furiously for her tongue, the waitress gave a loud moan and was astonished when she kissed him back. She had kissed quite a lot of times, but it wasn't like this. To her, this is not a kiss but a soul connection. And she knew she is powerless as long as this mysterious man hold her like that... Kissed her like that.

"Please, let me go," she mumbled weakly when he finally let go of her lips, and his hot breath made her melt under his hazel eyeballs.

"I can add more money for you if that is the problem... Please don't make it look like I am forcing you. I have a lot on my mind and I don't want to add this to my headache."

Without waiting for her to utter a word, the man buried his lips on her neck as his hand unzip her blue uniform.

The waitress close her eyes and seized her breath. Pinned down by the man's weight and his bewitching beauty, she shivered when he removed all her clothing, moaned softly when he smooched her two n*ppl*s, and then gasped when he plunged into her.

It was a bittersweet experience, and the blood on the white mattress the following day made her realise it wasn't a dream.

At last, she has given her virginity to a perfect stranger, and a golden wristwatch is all she earned for a night of s*x that left her in deep sleep till the following morning.

'Perhaps this we fetch me a few hundred dollars. I shouldn't lose my virginity for anything,' the waitress mumbled as she put the wristwatch into the pocket of her discarded skirt, and promptly stepped into the washroom.

After cleaning the blood off her body and scrubbing the scent of her abuser off, the waitress's real problem started as soon as she stepped into the presence of her manager who growled at her.

"Where have you been since yesterday evening?.. I have called your phone and it was switched off."

"Sorry, Sir. I had a headache and lost consciousness. I just woke up some minutes ago."

"You are nothing but a liar, Alice. The camera showed you enter room 303 by eight PM, and you slept over there... I can't believe you are that cheap!"

Since none of the waiters and waitresses like her because of her pretentious lifestyle, they all laughed at her when they heard she spends a night fornicating with a man.

"It's not what you think, Sir?"

"Don't mind what I think. Just tell me why you have to spend a night with one of our customers... You should have been a prostitute, and not come here to work as a waitress."

Alice seemed to have reached the brink of her patient when the manager keeps yelling at her. She was forced into coitus by a stranger who paid her with a worthless watch, and her manager won't even let her defend herself but appeared to be deriving a kind of pleasure from shaming her.

"Go to hell," it was muttered in a whisper, but the shock on the manager's face made the lady realise she had bitten more than she can swallow. But now, she doesn't care.

"You dare insult me?"

Constant abuse, yelling and insult from the manager and all the crazy staff seemed to have driven the timid lady insane. And her eyes showed anger when she loomed closer to the manager and yelled louder.

"Yes, manager. I said you should go to hell and rot forever."

The hall was silent when she said this, and only the chattering of her shoe sounded on the marble as she walked out of the hotel.

"I don't want to see your miserable face anywhere around this premises."

Alice doesn't give a d*mn. She has been planning to leave this job this December, and only the loss of this month's salary made a frown appear on her face.

As common with every December time in Arkansas city, the people were in a festive mood, and the street was filled with passersby, despite it still being the early time of the day.

Alice peered at the happy faces all around her and was pulled out of her reverie when a man in a mask leapt into her front and muttered, "happy Christmas in advance, Miss. I hope I am the first to wish you that."

"Yeah... I wish you the same, Sir."

She hates to be reminded that Christmas is in two days, but nobody in her condition won't.

All her hope was in the salary that ought to be paid to her tomorrow, and without being told, she realised this is one of the worst Christmas she will be celebrating in her twenty-three years of innocent existence.

Perhaps a miracle will happen.

It always does.

All her life, she and her mother had survived by the luck of some benevolent gods.


Though they are poor, Mary had always tried to give the best to her only daughter. But when she was diagnosed with migraine, the agile woman had to reduce her hard labour, and most of the responsibility shifted to Alice.

Even when her daughter paid the bill, Mary is a no-nonsense woman and this is one of the times to see her beautiful face turn horrible as she growled at her daughter.

"Why don't you come home yesterday?"

"I was sick and slept off... Sorry, mom."

A lie is easy to cover when you can convince yourself that it's the truth. And to Alice, what happened to her was not far from the truth.

She was sick from the desire to see the hazel eyes again and she slept off because of the exhaustion that comes after a very long time of lovemaking.

Because of the incomparable love of every mother, Mary fussed over her daughter when she laid down on the bed.

"You need to see our family doctor."



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