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Obsessed With Rose, My Mom's Choice

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Mrs. Sarah Owen, chose Rose, a well-behaved girl, as her son’s wife. Although, she did not seek George's opinion, but she was aware that he would love the unassuming Rose. Nevertheless, Rose accepted Sarah's proposal because she believed that she would be comfortable with her as a mother-in-law. Besides, she had no doubt that her son would be as nice as she was. Previously, George and Rose were platonic friends before she met Sarah. Then, he proposed to her, but she turned his proposal down because she had given Sarah her word. Unknown to her that George was Mrs. Owens’ son. Nevertheless, after several persuasions and resistance, George gave up on her and decided to hook up with another lady, Sophia, which his mother rejected and insisted that he must accept her choice. George made his mother to understand that he was not and would never be interested in any woman that she had arranged for him. Later, Mrs. Owens brought Rose home. George discovered that they were talking of the same girl, and he was amazed. Meanwhile, Sarah had erroneously concluded that George would not accept Rose, and she sent for Regan, her nephew and George's cousin, to marry Rose. Likewise, Benson Owens, George's cousin, who had been living with them, had decided to marry Rose, since George was not interested. Now, Sarah insisted that George should hand off Rose, but her husband was on George's side. Nevertheless, Rose mistook Regan for Mrs. Owens' son and fell in love with him at first sight. Presently, the four had enough nuts to crack, and the couple was not finding it funny.

Chapter 1 The Union

“I wish I had an alternative,” the twenty-one-year-old miserable Rose lamented, and scanned the goods in her scanty country store. Her eyes were wet at once, as they often do each time she thought of her late mother, and her compulsory summer internship which would warrant her to lock her shop for that period.

“How would I sustain myself if I…?”

“Hey! Do you have any flour that is lower in calories?” A shopper, who was in his twenties, requested, and interrupted her thoughts. The repulsive voice jolted her out of her reverie, and she repressed her tears of helplessness, before she gave the shopper a smile. Then, she inquired, “Do you mean unripe plantago flour?”

“Whatever. Do you have it?” The domineering son of the Group Managing Director of the Blue Sea Oil and Gas Group, demanded cursorily. Meanwhile, he did not miss the opportunity to admire the beautiful, but poorly dressed damsel in front of him.

“Unfortunately, I don't have any,” Rose pacified. Before she could complete her sentence, he was out of her store, and walked into his bucket of bolts, and drove away.

“What an arrogant man,” she mombled. The scanty store was operated by her mother until she passed on two months ago, and the management of the store rested naturally on her. Now, she looked away from the annoying car of the rude buyer, and hissed, “So what, if he is handsome.” Then she walked back to her seat, and faced her books. Likewise, she flipped through the pages to start her assignment. Suddenly, another shopper, Mrs. Sarah Owens, a beautiful woman about fort five years, who looked calm like her late mother, walked in, and called out, “Hello, young lady.”

Now, Rose looked up, and saw a woman who reminded her of her mother, and was startled.

“Good day, ma'am. How may I help you?” she greeted, with a broad smile. Now, she was off her seat, and walked to the door to meet the client. Without responding to her greetings, the desperate Mrs. Owens requested, “I need two bags of unripe plantago flour.” Likewise, she ran her eyes through the mini shop. Now, Rose was despondent, and informed, “I'm sorry, ma'am. I don't have it, and I don't sell it, either.”

At that point, the disappointed buyer gave her a dirty look as though it was an offense not to have what she wanted.

“Why don't you have it?” She asked angrily. Now, Rose was touched, and she asked further, “If I may ask, are you diabetic or something?” Before now, Sarah prepared her stuff by herself, but her mother's impromptu visit caught her unawares, and she resorted to searching for it in a suburb.

“Answer me, and stop asking questions. Do you have it?” She yelled and vented her disappointment, and her mother's ailment, to her. Now, Rose was frightened because she could not believe that her simple question could trigger such a reaction from the educated and a calm looking woman.

“Ah em no madam, but I can …,” she stammered. Nevertheless, Sarah ignored her, and walked away in dejection. “Have a nice day, ma'am,” she waved at the frustrated woman, who was already far away from her.

“Why is everyone looking for unripe plantago flour today, and what did I do wrong to warrant her anger?” Rose asked herself. Then, she walked back to her seat to continue with her school work, but to her chagrin, she could not concentrate.

“She looks like mom,” she told herself, and stared at the door. “She must be desperately in need of it,” she envisaged, and reminisced about the days when her mother experienced a blood sugar spikes. She would crave any diet that would lower it.

“If only I am aware of how to contact her, I would prepare some for her,” she declared with regrets. Her mother suffered, and died of blood sugar related disease, and she was conversant with how to prepare her meal, which was mostly unripe plantago.

“All the same, I will prepare a quick one tonight and keep for her in case she checks back,” she resolved, and picked up her pen and book. After a few minutes, other buyers walked in, and she attended to them. Meanwhile, she was accustomed to the disturbances that she encountered from buyers during her studies, but she would always scale through.

At the Residential Area of the Blue Sea Oil and Gas Group

Mrs. Sarah Owens was the wife of the Group Managing Director, Mr. Evans Owens, and the proprietress of the Brainfields Academy. She returned to the Residential Area very dissatisfied. She had searched for her stuff in the RA's mall, but could not get one.

“Mama would make do with what I have,” she resolved after her driver parked, and she walked into her house.

“Good evening, Mrs. Owens,” the janitor greeted.

“Good evening,” she replied without interest, and walked into the kitchen.

“Good evening, Mrs. Owens,” the chef greeted.

“Thank you. I can't find my mother's food. Go ahead and prepare dinner for everyone,” she informed her chef.

“I got it, Mrs. Owens,” the chef responded, and thereafter, she walked to her bedroom. Likewise, she sat on the bed, and pulled her shoes. Then, she heaved, “Oh! What a day,” and rested her back on the bed. Now, she stared at the ornate ceiling, and pondered over all her activities for the day, and the thought of Rose gave her concern.

“Poor girl. I must have been hard on her,” she pointed out in regret. Now, she could picture the scene at the shop, and the frightened look on her face.

“Oh! Despite my yelling, she was still calm, and cheerful. I will visit her tomorrow, and apologize for my outburst,” she decided, and rested on. Subsequently, her husband walked in, and met her exhausted, and looking worried, then he inquired, “What's up, my dear?”

She tried to get up from the bed to give him a hug, but he stopped her, “You are exhausted,” he indicated, and laid beside her. Likewise, she gave him a faint smile, and greeted, “Welcome back, hubby. How was your day?” At that moment, her husband gave her a searching look, before he responded, “Thank you. My day was fine. And yours?”

“Fine. Have you seen my mother?” Sarah asked. Instantly, her husband's face beamed. Then, he sat up from the bed, and requested, “When did she come?”

“I can't say the time, but I met her at home when I returned from school.”

“Wow! Mother-in-law and her impromptu visits,” he exclaimed.

“You got it. I have looked for her food around, and found none.”

“Oh! No. You must have been stressed up. Did you check the suburbs?”

“Yes. I did, but it was fruitless, too. I will check again tomorrow.”

“It's all right. Cheer up.”

“Thank you. What about George and Benson? Did you come with them?”

“Nope. George went to work with his bucket of bolts, and would not return with me.”

“You are correct.”

Nevertheless, her husband's presence gave her some boost, and she cheered up. She helped him to pull off his shoes, and afterward, they rested before the dinner. However, he was happy to see his mother-in-law when they walked to the guest room to welcome her.

“Welcome, mother-in-law,” Evans greeted.

“Thank you, son. I can see that you are good,” his mother-in-law responded.

“Yes. I'm fine.”

“That's good.”

Chapter 2 The Union 1

At the Dinner Table

The couple was at the dining table when George, their successor, and Benson Owens, Evans' nephew, joined them.

“Good evening, mom and dad,” they greeted one after the other.

“Good evening, George and Benson,” the couple responded simultaneously. Now they were seated, and George looked at his grandmother, who was sitting opposite him. Then George spoke, “Welcome once again, grandma. Unfortunately, I could not get your stuff. I searched for it in the suburbs, but was not lucky.”

“Did you search for it too?” His mother asked at once.

“Yes, mom. I got back from work earlier and met her, and I decided to drive around and get her food.”

“That is thoughtful of you, George, I did the same thing, but my search was fruitless.”

“It's okay. I will make do with what I have. Thank you for your efforts,” grandma responded. Thereafter, they had their dinner silently.

The Next day.

Just as Mrs. Owens was think


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