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Obsessed With my Husband's Stepbrother

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Rated 18+!! Steamy mature contents contained here!!! Leilani Waters, a really beautiful independent lady, with the perfect body that can make any man sin willingly, won the heart of one of the most famous billionaires in the city, Neil. He loved her so much with his entire heart and could kill for her. Their lives went on smoothly until he walked in through the front door…Adonis Ace Giles, Neil’s stepbrother, a s*x god, whose mouthwatering features will make any woman kill to get a taste of him and yet doesn’t believe in love. Leilani found herself drooling over Adonis, and when the heat between them became unbearable, they had s*x… and from that day, everything changed for Leilani. What happens when Leilani is caught between marrying Neil and confessing her feelings to Adonis? ***Excerpt*** “F*ck me, Adonis.” I gasped against his shoulder, helplessly pressed into him as he rocked my body slowly with his slow, hard grinding. He yanked his hand off my *ss forcefully, and the thong snapped. The sound and the smack of it against my skin made me shudder, almost c*mm*ng. He pulled the black thong away from me, the small fabric slick with my juices, and stuffed it in my open mouth. I groaned, hearing the tortured sound of my own groan muffled by my panties slick with my own wet. And I moaned again. “So many f*ck*ng things I wanna do to your body, Leilani.” He growled, “I’m gonna f*ck you so hard.” He said, gazing sinfully into my eyes as he said those maddening words and slid his erect c*ck out of his grey sweatpants. My vagina clenched, spilling more moisture. Then he parted my legs even wider and plunged his c*ck into my vagina. Deep. Wet. Hard.

If S*x Was A Person


Hot mouths.

Wandering hands.

Deep, wet kisses.

Massive male hands. Oh, those hands. They made me feel sensations that felt illegal. But nothing feels more illegal than writhing beneath a male body three times bigger than yours. Three times warmer. Three times wilder. Three times hornier. Moaning beneath that ripped body and skilled hands were heaven and sin… Pure sin.

It was pure, carnal sin. I prayed for forgiveness, alright. But if you ask me…I’d do it all over again.


“Are you really gonna keep me waiting, baby?” I called out, eyebrows raised in mild frustration. Leave it to Neil to keep his fiancée waiting after she put so much effort into a romantic tub bath and wine.

“I’ll be right with you, babe, I promise.” Neil’s voice called back, distracted by a phone call. Probably.

Huffing, I turned around to stare at my reflection in the mirror behind me. My long dark hair cascaded down my shoulders and back, baby hairs framing my face in soft curls. My brown eyes gleamed with satisfaction as I took in my tempting appearance in the barely-there adult lingerie I had on.

Neil would lose his mind to lust when he steps in here. As soon as he gets off that f*ck*ng call.

One minute.

Five minutes.

Ten minutes.

What the f*ck? I leaned off where I was perched and walked towards the bathroom door, ready to snatch that phone from his hand and throw it into the fish tank. But as I reached the doorway, Neil was just a few steps away, shirtless, with his blonde hair sticking all over the place in that delicious way that made girls blush.

I was not in the mood to blush.

He gave me a boyish smile that lit up his face. Then froze. His blue eyes slowly traveled down my body as if he was seeing me for the first time. My lips quirked. His eyes lingered on my hips, moved up to my almost-naked breasts, and stayed there.

“D*mn.” He breathed.

I folded my arms, the movement pushing my breasts together and forward some more, like an offering to a s*x god. He inhaled sharply and a smile of womanly knowledge curved my lips.

“Wanna come to the tub, baby?” I whispered.

His eyes snapped back to meet mine, swirling with lust. “If anyone’s gonna come right now, babe, it’s you.”

He advanced towards me, and I could see the very obvious strain of his sweats around the crotch area. I took two steps back in the doorway, giggling. He caught me in his arms and landed a smack on my *ss.

“Easy tiger.” I purred, smiling while snaking my arms around his neck.

“F*ck, Leila, you should have warned me…” His head dug into my neck, trying to inhale more of my scent. “F*ck!”

He smacked me again and squeezed, earning a gasp of delight from me. “Neil…”

He hummed in response, dragging his hands up my body. My eyes met his before his gaze flicked down to my lips.

“Let’s get in the tub, baby,” I whispered, raking one hand through his hair, dragging the other down his arm. His eyes were still fixated on my lips, biting his own lip in hunger. Then, he leaned in to claim my mouth, stopping midway when the shrill cry of his phone pierced through the lust-filled air.


“Ignore it,” I piqued, grabbing him back to me but he hesitated for a moment and then softly pulled back, dragging a hand through his hair.

“Sorry, babe. I gotta take it.”

My mouth dropped open. He flashed me an apologetic smile and walked towards the screaming phone, picking it from the king-sized bed, and moved further away towards a huge window, like always. Neil always did this, taking f*ck*ng business calls in the middle of a steamy moment. There was a time I was really p*ss*d that he had to get on a call with some business bastards when he had promised to give me a full body massage. So, I slid under the table and teased his c*ck to mess the call-up.

It worked.

A smile appeared on my face at the memory. I heard Neil suddenly laugh and I turned in his direction to see him running a hand through his hair again. It was a habit. I found it so adorable. Sighing, I walked over to him, wrapping my hands around his arm.

“That’s amazing, bro,” He mused, eyes glinting like he was laughing at a private joke. Bro? It was not a business call. I shook my head in disapproval. He left me to talk to a bro? Well, let’s see how long this call would last. Leaning further into him, I pressed his arm tighter against my chest and placed a small wet, teasing, lingering kiss on it. I felt him tense.

“Yeah?” He said to the person on the line, glancing down at me distractedly. I held his gaze, my mouth still on his arm, and his arm…well, it was squished against my breasts. His eyes slid down to stare at my breasts for a moment.

“How long will it last for?” He asked, his eyes moving back up to meet mine. I placed another kiss on his arm, still holding his gaze…then softly bit into his arm. I felt him shiver slightly and the hand holding his phone twitched and the call was suddenly on speaker.

“Neil? You still there?” A male voice asked.

I blinked. Then my eyes slowly moved to the phone, my interest suddenly piqued. That was not just a male voice. It was deep, so deep, and masculine that I found my cheeks heating.

“Neil?” The deep, magnetic masculine voice cursed, “F*ck, there’s a woman there, right?”


“Your fiancée?”

Neil snapped out of it and looked away from me, giving me a soft glare as he did so. I would have smiled if my interest wasn’t so zeroed in on that voice from the phone.

“Uh, yeah. So-”

“You can just end the call if you can’t wait, Neil.” The voice interrupted dryly, with a teasing undertone to it.

“Cut it the f*ck out. You said the contract lasts for fifteen weeks?”

“Sixteen. You’d know if you were listening.” Whoever was on the other side sounded like he enjoyed teasing Neil. That was not what grabbed my attention though. It was the way he spoke, the husky edge to his deep voice. The relaxed way he enunciated his words like he did not give a f*ck about anything. And like there was a dirty promise hidden somewhere in his words. It was s*xy.

God, what the hell am I thinking?

“You can come stay at my place, it’s big enough and pretty close to your contract site. It’s perfect.” I heard Neil say.

Wait. What?

“I already made a reservation in a hotel near there.”

“You can cancel it. Saves you a lot of money, you know.”

I shot Neil an incredulous look. That was the wrong thing to say. Men are very sensitive when it comes to their financial capabilities. Neil always wants to pay for everything. He has the money, of course, he’s loaded. But sometimes I think he just wants to prove a point. I think it’s just a male thing. And I have a feeling this person on the phone -his step-brother, I think- would be much worse than Neil.

As if to prove me right, his deep voice said flatly, “I can pay for my sh*t, Neil.”

“I know, I know-”

“I’m not interested in charity, bruh.”

“Shut up for once-”

“Don’t f*ck*ng tell me to shut up.” The voice said flatly. He seemed to love interrupting Neil.

“I can, and I will. I’m older than you so shut the f*ck up and just listen.” Neil said in an oddly patient tone. Like the tone of a teacher dealing with uncooperative kids.

It almost made me smile. Almost. Because my breath was hanging in my throat, waiting eagerly for the response of the s*xy voice from the phone.

A low chuckle reached my ears. “I’m listening.”

“To be honest, I need your help on a new project I’m working on. There’s a lot of smart ideas in that brain of yours and I need a few.” Neil started. “It’ll be easier to work together if we’re in the same building, you know?”

“What makes you think I’d help you? You’ve got f*ck*ng workers. That’s their f*ck*ng job.”

“I’m not asking you to help me. You owe me one, remember?”

There was silence for a moment.

“I’ll think about it.” His voice went deeper, “Tell your fiancée I said hi.”

The line went dead.

For some reason, hearing him talk about me made my pulse fly all of a sudden. We barely knew each other. I mean, I only knew Neil had a step-brother, but he was always never around the few times I met Neil’s family at some of their events and dinners so we never met. Neil once mentioned that things were kind of tense in the family, but he didn’t give any details. And that was about it, Neil does not really talk about him. Hell, I don’t even remember his name.

Some Adam-something or other.

“What do you think?” Neil's voice broke my train of thought. He was facing me fully, arms crossed in front of his naked chest, blue eyes trying to read my expression. His hair was messy in that way I liked, complementing his handsome face perfectly.

“You could have told me first,” I said softly.

“I’m sorry, babe. He just told me about it now, and the idea came to me so fast, I had to tell him.” He gently pulled me into his arms, “I really do need his help though. He can be a pain in the *ss sometimes, but he’s pretty smart.”

I was quiet for a moment, then looked up at him. He towered over my head and shoulders, so I had to crane my neck to meet his gaze standing so close to him. And whispered. “You won’t be able to f*ck me just anywhere now, baby.” Something passed his eyes and I smirked, “Learn to behave, Neil.”

He chuckled. “It’s a big house.”

I smiled as he shifted my hair away from my silky shoulders and cupped my face in his large palm. He gazed at me with desire. Affection. Love.

“Speaking of f*ck*ng, let’s get back to business, Leila.” With that, he covered my mouth with his, squeezing me closer and closer, so close that it felt like he was trying to absorb me into his body.

He loved me.

I knew that.

Only, that love would burn him. Soon.


“I’m pretty busy right now, Brooke, just sort out the deliveries and forward the profiles of the new models to me, okay?” I smiled at my business manager through the Tab screen perched on the kitchen island.

A kettle started to whistle and I almost didn’t hear her respond and end the call. I owned a line of adult lingerie and bikinis and Brooke was my paranoid business manager who was always worried that our competitors would leave us in the dust or something. I take my business seriously of course, but Brooke wants me to model my lingerie and bikinis professionally. Like one of my bikini models.

I really do not mind, as I model some exclusive lingerie and bikinis sometimes, it is my clothing line, after all. But Neil, for some reason, did not like the idea, so I kept it to a minimum and left most of the modeling to the girls and focused on the financial aspects of my business, and my love life.

I pulled the chicken drumsticks out of the microwave oven and Chase, Neil's huge German shepherd dog padded into the kitchen, wagging its tail as if trying to coax me into tossing a drumstick at it.

I laughed and the doorbell rang. Pausing, I peered at the kitchen doorway, trying to remember if I had ordered something.

“Stay here, okay?” I said to Chase, smoothing out my wavy ponytail as I walked out of the kitchen.

Sara, the nearly invisible housekeeper that comes over thrice a week to clean up, could have ordered some groceries and it could have been delayed unnecessarily. It had happened before. And it’s one of her days off today.

I heard Chase whine from the kitchen as I crossed the huge living room, probably disappointed at me for not giving him a treat. I idly wondered if he posed a threat to the vulnerable chicken drumsticks alone with him in that kitchen.

Reaching the door, I opened it and stepped out, squinting at the bright glare of sunlight. And that was when I saw him.


God’s only archangel of sin.

If s*x was a person, he was standing right in front of me. My eyes widened, drinking in the appearance of the stranger. He was massive. Tall. I mean tall. Broad-shouldered. Toned. Even though his flimsy shirt, and his ripped abs were on full display. His strong-looking legs fit for a stallion were in jet-black pants that I could tell were expensive as f*ck. But not as expensive as his shoes.

I felt my throat dry.

His skin was tan. The type of beautiful tan that came with the genes. He was staring straight at me, accessing, unbothered, and s*xy as sin.

“You must be Leilani,” He arched a dark eyebrow, face impassive. His voice. That voice was familiar. Unmistakable. The deep, magnetic voice with a husky and naughty edge to it. The way he said my name hit me like a punch to my s*x hormones.

It’s him.

Neil's step-brother.

At that moment, I realized, that the threat was not behind me in the kitchen, but it was right in front of me. Massive, confident, and undeniably masculine.

Adonis Was Trouble


What are you doing tonight, handsome?

A small smirk appeared on my face as I read the flirty text on the screen of my phone, followed by a picture of a naked woman curled in a position that pushed her nipples out and spread her ass cheeks on the bed. Tina. I guess that’s what she said she’s called in her previous texts. I’m not sure. The lengths women go to get my phone number are beyond me.

With a flick of my thumb, I sent the picture away from the screen to stay with the other countless nudes in some goddamn part of the phone. I looked through the tinted glass of my car to scan the area as I drove past. Neil must have good enough taste to get a house in a residential area as pretty as this. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this is surprisingly better.

Not like I really give a fuck.

I only plan on spending a few weeks, helping his dumb-ass work on his shit and I’m out of there. I need my fucking privacy.

After a cou


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