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Notorious Mafia King Is My Boss

Notorious Mafia King Is My Boss

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"What are you doing, Ms. Samantha?" Jack angrily said after seeing the employee chit-chatting with some random guys while the other girls are waiting for her service.  The surprised look was evident to the librarian when she sees her boss in front of them. She also stood up in her seat, and she gave a quick bow to her boss. But Jack ignored it. He walks in the direction of a librarian. "This is not an hour of flirting. I'm not paying you a lot of money only to flirt. But, if you like to seduce some guys. So, why don’t we make it intense for the men you’re flirting with? Hmm?" He smirks at his librarian, whose name is Samantha. "S-Sir…I-I'm sorry…I-I will never do…i-it…a-again…j-just please…s-spare my life." "Oh, sweetie, I'm not going to kill you. But, I'll help you to seduce a guy, you want?"The woman quickly shook her head many times because of fear. "N-no…no… si-sir please…no!" But she can't stop her boss from ripping her uniform. When Jack finished tearing off her upper and lower uniform, he even grinned demonically. "You're welcome, sweetie, don't cry. I'm just helping." Jack Krean Tomizara Miller is known as heartless and ruthless. He doesn't even care about people who beg him or asking him to forgive them for what they've done. He humiliated many employees.  So it isn't easy to get a new one on his property, even how significant the income is because they knew him as a demon. But a woman will give a try to apply as a new librarian. She's Linzi Mikaele Franzie.  What will be her fate after entering the famous library and meeting the Notorious Mafia King, Jack?

Chapter 1

(Jack And Kreiah is only 29 years old this time)


"What are you doing here?" I asked Rizhui as he entered my office, with no expression on my face.

He was also not ashamed to sit beside me on the sofa and stare at me coldly.

He thought the way he glares at me would intimidate me. Is he requesting that I should murder him this time? I'm terrified of losing him in my life and in our family.

"Can you tell me where my wife and son are? Don't lie to me, Jack."

"Oh, that woman? I thought you were divorced? Plus, I have no idea. Is she with me at her house when you're both pretending that you're hurting each other?"

"We're not hurting each other, and she's still my wife. Tsk!" He sneered at what I said, and I shrugged because I didn't know where Kreiah was either.

"Fine, my mistake as well! But, I don't know where Kreiah went. She didn't tell me. As far as I remember, it happened too. When you first got married, I didn't know when it happened. Tsk." I rolled my eyes and leaned my two feet on the table in front of me.

I also put my hands behind my head and leaned against the chair's back. As I watched Rizhui bend over, I even moved the chair slowly. His brow is cradled by two palms. He even clenched his fists and held them together, and I could tell he was thinking deeply.

This is what he always does when a serious problem is bothering his mind. I can't even read his expression on his face like… what the heck is happening with him?!

"How about the agreement? Aren't you gonna tell her about that? You know Kreiah's personality, she will freak out and kill you if you didn't tell her the truth."

"N-no…" he says, shaking his head, and I could hear the terror in his voice.

I merely sighed deeply and straightened up in my seat.

I even massaged my back, wondering whether there was any dirt on my clothes after I stood up and glanced at this man who was still bending over. He didn't even give me a glance.

'Is this what they call love, really? I'm on the verge of puking because of this! ’

"What a pathetic love…that's why I hate this sh*t."

"You'll also experience what I'm going through; not yet, but that day will come, and if it does, I'll throw those words back in your face," he said meaningfully before finally turning his head to face me.

I just smirked. "Hah!"

"If I ever lose our second fight, you should figure out a way to bring my organization back to my members."

"Lol! You're not a notorious mafia boss for nothing, Rizhui. If you die because of that sh*t, prefer your second coffin. I'll kill you in a second time…" I said, my voice mixed with threats due to the words that came out of his mouth.

I don't like what these phrases want to imply to me, and I'm sure Kreiah doesn't either. With just one punch, she put this man to sleep.

When that woman punches me or someone else, it hurts like h*ll.

"Tsk, I'm not joking."

"Then me, too," I said, and he abruptly stopped speaking. He bowed even lower now.

As for me, I was just paying close attention to how he was acting in front of me.

'What a pity man.'

"That Herbert is too deceitful when we're in a fight. I thought there's no one will help, so I agreed to what he wanted…" I noticed something strange in this man's eyes when he turned his gaze to me again.

Is he telling the truth?

"What he wants?"

"In a secret arena he owns, in that place, the two of us will fight. Only me and him. There should no one else. But, I'm stupid to accept his god*mn deal."

I'd like to put this guy on the hot seat. But he clearly didn't want to tell me. By the way, who am I in his life?

So, never mind! That's his life! Even if he dies, it's not my fault.

It was also one of his compensation for stealing my twin that I did not know when it happens or how did they meet without my knowing.

And it doesn’t fit the ‘so-called famous’ mafia to belong to the Tomizara and Miller family.

A shameful decision, but, what exactly the meaning of love is? And why would they do everything for it?


"Kreiah was right when she told me before that you were too stupid at everything." He looked at me sharply after I mumbled that words. But I just smirk and slowly walked closer in the direction of the man named Rizhui.

"Yeah I know, my fault too. I was just too confident and too high of myself that I would be able to beat everyone he put in. But, no, I failed. Hah! ”He let out another sigh.

I just shake my head after seeing him in this kind of situation.

'What a poor man? '

"Why are you doing this stuff? You should only focus on your target. The one and only, Tria girl!"

"I want to help my wife to lessen her plan. I wanted to kill that man so that we could talk about our family problems. I hate this life without my precious love ones. Especially since my wife is pregnant and left me unaware of what is happening. "

"Oh! Please! Don't say any sweet words, like ah!… h-holy! I want to puke!"I growled at this man in front of me. But he ignored my complaint.

He quickly stood up from his seat. "I'm hella out of here. You're only adding to my problem. You really can't help! Tsk!" And after he said that he walked away in my direction.

All I could do was to keep an eye on Rizhui who just scratching his head so hard. He violently opened the door and closed it as well.

I winced at the intense sound it caused.

I just shook my head and thought about sitting on this sofa as well. I put my right foot on the left side of my hips and placed my left hand on my chin.

And now I'm thinking about what is happening today?

Rizhui has a lot of problems to face and it was all serious like h*ll. Even though he's a notorious mafia boss and his opponent is very tricky. He will also lose his popularity… someday.

Not all mafias are always won. Not all celebrities, politics, or billionaires in this world have no weaknesses.

What if there's more serious incident than what's happening right now, and Rizhui couldn’t tell me about that?

What if one of his loved ones was implicated by Herbert just to get him and agree on that deal?

I already know what's bothering Rizhui's brain. Even if his mouth does not tell everything, his eyes telling the truth.

But what is it? Or the best word is … which of them is Herbert referring to? Maybe it’s Kreiah, I remember Rizhui meeting my twin who was very accommodating and modest to others.

Unsurprisingly she is the daughter of the mafia and granddaughter of the former Mafia Queen who runs the entire Mafia World. Now, it has been handed over to her because she deserves it. Not me, who only ruined our family reputations.

And then, I can't control so many organizations in Mafia World. All I had on my mind is to kill them and I knew it was right.

"Ahh! Why is it so complicated to have a love life! It's stressful! F*ck!" I sighed angrily and just leaned back on the sofa.

But I also turned my gaze to my pants pocket. My cellphone is inside of it. And I already feel that it's vibrating. Indicating that someone's calling nor text me on my phone number. So, using my left hand, I grabbed my cellphone inside of my pants pocket.

When I got the cellphone, I answered the call as well. I slowly put it to my ear and quietly listened to the other line.

I did that for a few seconds before answering the person I was talking to and we discuss what he was saying earlier.

"Yeah, I'm coming now. Wait for me before you do something stupid again. Understood?… Okay! Then I'll hang this up." I turned off the call and then got up from my seat on the sofa.

I also walked straight out of my office to do my job as a Mafia King.

'Yeah! Let me see how you feel when you watch how I kill an asshole. Prepare your coffin nigga. '

Chapter 2


"Here comes the mafia king! Are you ready?" I can't describe how I felt when I saw people approaching me. They are all members of my organization, and the others are guarding in different positions to see if there is an opponent.

This is the scene that I'm used to. Since then, most of my men in an organization have been doing it. But not in this way. They were only doing this after we had completed our mission.

So, what's the h*ll happened? And why they're doing it?

"Yeah. So, what are you doing here, Giro? You should—" I didn't finish what I was about to say when he stopped me from speaking.

Has he forgotten who I am already? Isn't he aware of the person he's interrupting?

But yeah, whatever!

"We already killed the foe inside. You're too slow, and we can't wait for you. So, we already finished the enemies inside." I raised my eyebrows at what I'


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