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Notes of a Maid Wife

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Hasna Khairani Syafina, a 23-year-old young woman, was lost in an arranged marriage with a widower with two children. However, what she expected was very far from reality. Considered a maid in the household, her husband never treated her gently. In front of her mother, her husband appeared gentle, but in hindsight, his harsh behaviour hurt Hasna's heart. Even her husband's first child saw her as a maid. However, in the midst of this destruction, there was a glimmer of love. Reynand, the husband, began to feel the seeds of love for Hasna. However, jealousy begins to lurk when Hasna's best friend appears in their lives. Although Hasna only loves Reynand, the shadow of a third person disrupts their harmony. The problems Hasna thought were over, turned out to be continuing. A slander came from a woman who broke Reynand's trust in Hasna. In fact, the chaos intensifies when Hasna learns that her son has been r*p*d by his own best friend. Hasna's courage is tested when she has to face the trials that engulf her family. Will their lives only be coloured by an endless series of trials?

Chapter 1

Hasna woke up from sleep which showed 5:00 a.m. Her feet got up from her bed, to pray shubuh after that she had to help her mother cook and her intention was also that she wanted to find a job again. because she had been looking for a job for a long time but no one had accepted her, maybe it wasn't her fortune after breakfast her parents wanted to talk to her about an arranged marriage.

"Is mum being arranged?" Hasna couldn't believe that she was going to be matched, she was afraid that her husband was an om-om who already had a wife and children.

"Yes dear, we want to match you with your father's best friend's son" said her mother.

"But Mum, I want to work to earn money to help you pay for Dad's treatment"

"Son, if you marry him we can live a good life without having to work."

"But Mum...?" Before Hasna could speak her mother interrupted her.

"Please help mum to pay for dad's treatment"

"Yasudah I want to mum for your sake" Hasna softly she could not say anything else if it was like this.

"Thank you son" they hugged their son.

Tonight is the night of their arranged marriage, while the widower man doesn't care about his arranged marriage as long as he can still be with his children.

"Mommy" called the little boy who was behind then Hasna looked back to see a little boy calling her.

"Mommy?" Hasna thought, who was surprised to be called her mamah.

"Oh yes, this is Tante's son Reynand Aditya and this is Tante's granddaughter named Nadhifa nandra Aditya, while this one is Elsabila nandra aditya, let's Salim with your new mamah" Tante Maya introduced her son and grandchildren, to Hasna she also told her granddaughter to shake hands but Elsa refused to shake hands with her stepmother.

"I'm dhifa mum" the little boy shook hands with Hasna and introduced himself, while the first boy didn't want to shake hands with her maybe he didn't accept her as his new mamah.

"Elsa shake hands with your mommy" Tante Maya ordered.

"Until whenever I don't want to have a new mamah, my only mamah is Maira Amarissa my real mamah not her" Elsa looked sharply at Hasna she also didn't know what she did wrong to make Elsa dislike her.

"Elsa watch your language"

"Whether you want to defend her or not, I don't have a mommy like her" Elsa left them all who were still here and ran to her room.

"I'm sorry, she still hasn't accepted that her father is remarrying." Maya became embarrassed by all those who were here.

"Yes, it's okay Tante" Hasna said with a smile, she saw Reynand just silent, was he also like her son did not want to consider her.

"Reynand teach your son"

"Hmm" That's all Reynand answered because he didn't want to add more problems with his parents.

"Mommy" called the little boy who approached Hasna and then sat on her lap, Reynand wondered why dhifa was so easy to get along with him the feeling he knew dhifa least liked strangers he didn't know yet.

"Yes, dear, what's wrong" Hasna asked him, stroking his soft hair.

"Later mummy will stay with us, right?" said dhifa.

"Sure," Hasna replied with a smile.

"So how is the wedding when it's held" asked Hasna's father.

"Hmm how about in two days" replied Aditya.

"Pah is it not fast" said Reynand.

"Not fast is better than delaying it" replied om Aditya, he couldn't move if his father had spoken.

Today is Reynand and Hasna's wedding day, they are both going to be halal soon. Hasna was being made-up by her make-up artist.

"Masha Allah, you are very beautiful, son." Mamah Reynand was amazed to see her daughter-in-law more beautiful after the make-up.

"Hehe thanks Mom." Hasna said embarrassed to be praised by her in-laws.

"Surely Reynand likes to look at you."

"Is it possible that Mas Reynand will like me." Hasna muttered in disbelief that Reynand would say that.

"Oh, yes Mom. When does the Ijab Qobul start?" Hasna asked.

"Soon, dear." Reynand's mother replied.

"Brother Reynand Aditya, I marry you and I marry you to my daughter Hasna Khairani Syafina with a gold dowry weighing ten grams paid in cash," said Hasna's father with his hand tightly grasping Reynand's hand as if trusting Reynand to give Hasna completely. Meanwhile, Hasna was waiting for Ijab Qabul to be proposed to her.

"I accept and marry Hasna Adriana Agatha bint Agatha malik with the said dowry paid in cash" Reynand said Ijab Qobul with one breath along with the relief that the man felt, as if accepting Hasna to be his full responsibility.

"What about the witnesses" asked the headman

"Legitimate" All those present witnessed the procession of ijab qobul that morning, smiling happily.

"Alhamdulilah" In her room, Hasna stared at the mirror, unable to believe that today her status had changed to that of a wife.

Hasna blinked when she saw the reflection of Reynand's tall body behind her, Hasna looked around for her mother who was nowhere to be seen in her room.

Reynand was silent staring at the reflection of Hasna's face in the mirror in front of Hasna who was now his wife, Kevin stepped his feet towards Hasna who was still staring at him.

Standing tept behind Hasna staring at the two black eyeballs through the large mirror in front of them.

Hasna's heart was racing. Hasna had never been in a room with a strange man other than her father, but this was the first time Hasna was in a room with a man.

Hasna suddenly stood facing a man who was much taller than Hasna, Hasna kept a few metres distance as if she forgot that we were already halal.

"Come out, everyone is waiting." Reynand said without saying anything.

"I-yes, Mas." Hasna thought that after marriage her husband would be more romantic, but it didn't match her expectations.

After the wedding was over Hasna would be taken by her husband to live in his own house, arriving in front of his house Hasna could not believe that his house was this luxurious like a palace.

"Get out" Reynand ordered her who was already getting out of his car.

"Mas, can you please bring my suitcase?" asked Hasna, who had taken her suitcase from the trunk of her husband's car.

"Why do you have your hands, if you don't use them" Reynand quipped making Hasna bow her head, just married her husband had behaved like this especially later it was better for her to bring her own suitcase than he was getting angry Hasna dragged her suitcase to get into her house until inside dhifa shouted calling her.

"Mommy" shouted dhifa to her immediately she hugged her mother tightly until she was overwhelmed with her suitcase and also hugged her son, yes Now that they are Hasna's children she has to be patient with the attitude of her son and also her husband.

"Mommy lives in this house too, right?"


"Hoorayee now I have a mommy, I won't be teased anymore if I don't have a mommy" dhifa whispered.

Chapter 2

"I'm sorry son, it's because of me that you're being teased by your friends" Reynand's heart ached as his son was always ostracised by his friends.

"Who's teasing you?" Hasna raised her eyebrows.

"My friends, they always tease me that I didn't have a mother from childhood," said dhifa with tears in her eyes.

"Poor kid, he must not have been given any love by his mummy" murmured Hasna who was concerned to see him.

"Now you have a mummy so you can't cry anymore," Hasna wiped away the tears that flowed down dhifa's cheeks.

"Ahem" made both of them turn to her.

"I'll take you to your room" Reynand stepped towards her room.

"Honey I want to go to my room first" Dhifa nodded and Hasna followed behind her husband, right in front of her room they went inside.

"You can't touch my personal belongings" Hasna


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