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Noble Family

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"Fierce Miss vs. Reserved Handsome CEO: Childhood Sweethearts, Happy Frenemies, a Romance in a Noble Family. It's Seriously Overflowing with Sweetness! Fun and Sweet, a Perfect Urban Romantic Fairy Tale. Super Entertaining and Absolutely Captivating!! The male and female leads grew up together but always clashed. At the beginning, their families decided to arrange their marriage. The female lead claimed to have feelings for the male lead's cousin (fake), and out of concern for her potential harm to his cousin, the male lead pretended to like the female lead and agreed to the arranged marriage. And so, they inexplicably got married, ended up sharing a bed, and from their wedding night onwards, they argued every day, but amidst the arguing, they would unexpectedly share kisses. It wasn't until the male lead's ex-girlfriend (fake) appeared that his secret love for the female lead was revealed—he had actually liked her for many years. In the later part of the story, the male lead becomes extremely clingy to his wife, wanting to be with her at all times, both outside and at home. This is a lifelong love story, from youth to old age, with all their classmates, friends, and family witnessing their love. Both the male and female leads have incredible personalities. The female lead is intelligent, capable, lively, cheerful, loving, righteous, confident, but not arrogant. The male lead is gentle, considerate, dotes on his wife, and faithful. They are simply a perfect match made in heaven!"

Chapter 1

Cervine Smith, bored to death, decides to marry Donald Brown.

Even though they have always been at odds with each other and constantly bicker upon meeting, it doesn't matter. Marriage isn't necessarily for happiness; it's just a way to pass the time.

Sure enough, from their wedding night, the two of them are constantly quarreling and causing chaos.

At a party, they unexpectedly come face to face, with half of the banquet hall between them, both turning away from each other.

Whispering voices around them say, "Donald and Cervine don't get along."

"Cervine has never shown Donald a friendly face since they got married."

A guy nearby overhears this and his mind starts to wander. After a few rounds of drinks, he moves closer to Cervine, offering gentle words of comfort and engaging in soft conversation, expressing subtly, "Men aren't good creatures, but if it were me, I would surely be more obedient than Donald and not make you angry."

Someone hands a cigarette to Donald, and he casually puts it in his mouth, his gaze shifting to the other side. Suddenly, he stands up, kicks his chair aside, and walks towards Cervine, taking a seat next to her. "I'm not dead yet!"

Cervine disdainfully tosses away his cigarette, saying, "Smoking will kill you early. If you keep smoking, don't bother coming home at night. Die outside instead."

Donald returns, with the hand that gave him the cigarette still hanging in the air. He waves it off, saying, "I quit. My wife is afraid I'll die early and won't have anyone to joke around with."

Seeing the perplexed faces around him, he considerately explains, "She loves me."

The people nearby: "...speechless."

During the peak years of the Smith family, Cervine was like a mobile weather vane. No matter what she did, it would be talked about and scrutinized by others.

Being misunderstood was a common occurrence, and she couldn't be bothered to refute it. The only thing she couldn't tolerate was when people claimed that her opposition to Donald was because she secretly had a crush on him.

It was a joke, a complete humiliation. Who would like someone who would snap at them after just three sentences?

Besides, their genes were clearly incompatible.

For example, Cervine loved spicy food, while Donald couldn't handle even a hint of spice. Cervine enjoyed seafood, but Donald was allergic to most of it. The Cervine family was in the car business, and Cervine had been a fan of gasoline-powered vehicles since she was young, while Donald was even allergic to the smell of gasoline...

"If we were together, on our wedding night, I would have to jump into the sea with him and just die," she had said.

Donald's response to that was, "If one day I can't take it anymore, I'll marry her. It might be a more thorough way to die than suicide."

It had been ten years since they said those words.

In the VIP room of the Eeverglow Club, their names came up again unexpectedly during the gathering tonight.

After spending two years in Chicago, Cervine finally made a high-profile return to Los Angeles.

As the heiress of the Smith family, she still attracted a lot of attention. Every move she made was under scrutiny, and people couldn't stop talking about her.

She recently changed her daily ride to a red-eyed Hellcat.

It was much more low-key than her previous supercars, but it had a wilder vibe.

The Dodge Challenger's upgraded high-performance version, an American muscle car with a 6.2-liter engine and mechanical supercharging, could only be described as fierce.

"If you can judge someone's personality from their car, then you can tell that she's not someone who plays it safe."

"But if I married her, wouldn't I have access to all the cars in her garage? I'm starting to get tempted."

"Oh please, if you drive her car, the car is what you're driving at that moment, but she's gone in the blink of an eye."

She had at least twenty supercars parked in her garage, most of them limited editions.

The first Lamborghini Aventador SVJ in Los Angeles was her choice, and she had it wrapped in pink film, making it incredibly eye-catching.

About seven or eight cars in her garage were wrapped in pink film, to the point that when she was around, seeing a pink supercar on the streets of Los Angeles felt like seeing the name "Smith" written all over it.

It was said that the pink Aventador was bought by her brother, Eric Smith, to cheer her up after she had gone through some grievances, and it became her most frequently driven vehicle.

With her tough yet sweet personality, no one could resist her charm except her older brother, Eric Smith.

Her romantic history could be described as lacking, to say the least.

During her school days, she received a lot of praise from her classmates. Although the compliments were mostly exaggerated, there was no need for anyone to fake their words when it came to her face. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that she was as beautiful as a goddess.

Perhaps it was because the Smith family had been obsessed with appearances since her grandfather's generation, and in Cervine's generation, she hit the genetic jackpot. From her face to her figure, there was hardly anything to criticize, even if you examined her with a magnifying glass.

But from childhood to adulthood, while others had passionate love affairs, she didn't even have a single pursuer. Everyone who saw her would avoid her like the plague.

The only rumored love interest she had would have preferred if she had a tattoo that said, "Stay away from me."

Donald even mocked her as a neurotic girl. Thankfully, the family had means, and various security measures were in place with someone always watching over her, or else she would be someone who could die at any moment outside.

She started racing at the age of eighteen and had a few accidents and crashes, which earned her numerous scoldings from her father.

But just look at her face and her demeanor. She wasn't really a rebellious type.

But it is said that when she got to college, it completely flipped, and she had an outrageous number of suitors.

To the point that during the last two years of her studying in New York, Eric Smith was practically there with her the whole time.

At that time, people were joking that it was such a pity she had no interest in romance; otherwise, she would have had quite a long list of relationships.

In the circle of Los Angeles, it's estimated that no one dares to marry into the Smith family. Looking at Cervine's face, which appears fragile and incapable of taking care of herself, anyone who has a little bit of insight would know that she is domineering, lacking in empathy, and incredibly spoiled.

In the entirety of Los Angeles, it's Smith to the south and Brown to the north, and Smith is synonymous with the Cervine family.

In families like theirs, they detest showing off, but she is someone who doesn't know the meaning of being low-key.

The reason behind it all is simply that she's been spoiled and has an abundance of confidence.

Cervine grew up in Italy with her grandfather and only returned to the country when she was ten. During that time, her mother and Donald's mother had a good relationship and arranged for the children to be in the same class.

Cervine wasn't good at English and often mixed up sentence structures. She was very nervous during her first time going on stage for self-introduction.

No one dared to laugh, except for Donald, who couldn't hold it in.

Not only did he not hold it in, but he also started imitating her way of speaking. That's how the feud began, and it lasted for over a decade.

However, due to strict government policies, the Smith family's business has been difficult in recent years, and everyone speculates that Cervine's good days are coming to an end.

After spending two years in Chicago, she returned and hadn't been back for even half a month when her several supercars were put up for sale by the elder Smith.

People are all speculating whether the Smiths are really facing a decline.

At the card table in the private room, Frank Miller put down his cards and called over a nearby server to hand him a towel to wipe his hands. He asked, "Why hasn't young Brown arrived yet?"

Kevin Wilson responded, "Now we have to call him Donald; he's busy!"

"He's so busy that he doesn't even have time for dating."

Frank Miller smirked, "He's not busy and he's not into dating."

Kevin Wilson slapped his own mouth, "Our Donald is pure and innocent! Look at my sorry mouth."

Frank Miller glanced down at his phone and happened to see someone's tweet. Cervine had been feeling down for half a month, but it seemed like she finally went out. She was driving her pink Lamborghini Aventador for dinner when a Maybach 62s crashed straight into the back of her car.

[Encounter on 3rd Street: Cervine Smith's vehicle collided before even coming to a stop]

The Aventador had scissor doors and a large rear wing, naturally attracting attention. The photo captured the moment when Cervine, with her long legs stepping out of the car, was halfway through removing her sunglasses. Her side profile looked undeniably glamorous, but the image of the rear of her car and the damaged wing was quite tragic.

"Wow," Frank Miller gasped, "a real-life tragedy."

Crashing into that d*mn car is more severe than crashing into Cervine Smith herself.

People around them gathered to take a look, unable to help but raise their eyebrows. "Isn't that Donald Brown's car?"

They were referring to the Maybach behind the accident.

Since the license plate wasn't visible, they hadn't paid attention to it earlier. But when Frank Miller took a closer look, he noticed that the car window was partially open, and he could see the driver.

He couldn't help but laugh, "Well, well, well! Looks like fate has brought them together! Our Donald won't have a single thread of his pants left after being extorted."

"Cervine might forgive any accidental passerby, but she'll never let Donald off the hook."

Just when things had calmed down, they became lively again in no time.

"Cervine might even think that Donald intentionally crashed into her."

"You're too conservative. She might call the police and accuse Donald of attempted murder."

Everyone couldn't help but laugh, but after the laughter died down, they continued playing the next round of cards.

No one dared to mention the decline of the Smith family because there have been recent rumors about the Smith and Brown families possibly forming a union.

They were all speculating whether it would be Eric Smith marrying a daughter from the Brown family or Cervine Smith marrying a son from the Brown family.

The Smith family only has one son and one daughter, while the Brown family has plenty of candidates.

Except for Cervine and Donald, anyone else could be a possibility.

Although it sounds unbelievable, some people have actually witnessed frequent interactions between the elders of both families. The Smiths and Browns don't have much overlap, except for Cervine's mother and Donald's mother, who are close friends and often meet.

Donald has always disapproved of Cervine's wild and extravagant behavior as a crazy girl from a wealthy family. He probably wouldn't be happy no matter who Cervine gets involved with from the Brown family.

But if they really form a union with the Browns, then they would be half Browns, and Donald might even smile and greet them. At the very least, they would be family.

As a result, everyone had a lot to say but kept their mouths shut.

They spent the day chatting cautiously.

Otherwise, if the union actually happened and the news reached Donald Brown's ears, it wouldn't be pleasant to hear.

"Donald doesn't even know what kind of girl he likes. Do you think my sister has a chance? I want to be Donald's brother-in-law. It sounds pretty cool," Peter Davis suddenly exclaimed.

"Your sister is still young. Do you have the qualifications to be her brother? Forget about it. Donald is probably asexual. He hasn't had any women around him for years. Who was his last girlfriend?"

"Forgot about her. She went to study art in England. She was the only one who appeared in Donald's Twitter photos. Let's not discuss it. She might have been a fleeting infatuation. I remember Cervine even commented, 'Beauty and the Beast,' which infuriated Donald, and he blocked her right away. It was hilarious."

They were originally trying to change the topic, but the conversation circled back to Cervine again.

The door opened, and everyone thought it was Donald who had arrived. They turned their heads to look, but it was someone else. He walked in while glancing at the group chat, where they were discussing Cervine's car accident. He suddenly blurted out.

"Why are these two always involved in something together? They might as well be together. It's fate or something."

Those two never got along since they were kids. Later, Donald went to study at Harvard, and Cervine went to the University of Pennsylvania for business studies, finally giving them some peace. But after Donald graduated, he pursued a master's degree and only returned six months ago.

Cervine, on the other hand, returned to her home country right after graduation. She was tired of staying in Los Angeles and moved halfway across the country to settle in Chicago. She stayed there for over two years, and there were rumors that she had a boyfriend. When the news reached them, some people even said that the men in Chicago were bold and talented.

Everyone thought she was planning to settle there, but unexpectedly, she returned half a month ago. She shipped over a dozen cars to Los Angeles, and that's when everyone knew for sure that she was truly coming back.

That's just how she is, wherever her cars are, that's where she'll be.

Her boyfriend probably didn't make the cut, otherwise, why would they suddenly start talking about a marriage alliance?

Well, people like them don't have many choices when it comes to autonomous marriage. They can have fun together, but marriage involves too many considerations.

After a moment of silence, the people around burst into laughter, as if they had opened up a new line of thought.

Kevin Wilson chimed in, "Hey, I think it could work. Three hundred fights a day, that's a pretty lively way to live."

Although he said that out loud, the underlying message was: Are they crazy? Besides fighting every day, there's probably nothing else they do together.

Frank Miller almost spit out his drink, "Just spare Ji Er! He can't handle commuting with a 6.2L V8 muscle car without slowing down in the corners on the racetrack. If he gets together with Donald, this strong-willed woman, it would be like a comet colliding with the Earth."

The group of people chattered away, enjoying their idle conversation, not taking it seriously.

Before long, they changed the topic and forgot all about it.

When Donald finally arrived, Frank Miller teased him, asking if he had gotten into a fight with Cervine.

Donald sat down beside him, took off his glasses, and let out a sigh, "Cervine asked me if I had a grudge against her. I said maybe. Then she started crying."

He took a deep breath, still unable to accept that scene.

"It's unbelievable."

Frank Miller was stunned for a moment, then burst into laughter, clutching his chest, "And then what happened?"

It's no wonder he laughed. He used to be in the same class as these two and had witnessed countless fights between them. Their clash was a natural born rivalry, like two needles poking at each other. They never backed down, and the idea of shedding tears was something he found remarkable.

He scooted closer to Donald and sat down, "Has Cervine finally realized that she's a pitiable beauty and decided to take on a fragile persona? Are you really softening up for her?"

Donald pinched his brow, "She extorted two million from me, and I was the one who brought it up voluntarily." The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, but it was so infuriating that he couldn't help but laugh. "Unbelievable."

"Are you two really not fighting anymore?"

"Nah, I was completely dumbfounded by her crying. I wrote her a check, and she even mocked me, saying that at such a young age, why am I driving a Maybach, pretending to be something I'm not, and that she thought I was going to call me 'uncle' when I got out of the car."

Donald rubbed his forehead and gritted his teeth, "I might really have some grudge with her from a past life."

Frank Miller burst into laughter, nearly doubling over.

Maybach is jokingly referred to as a boss's car or a vehicle for the wealthy. If you don't have a certain age and a chauffeur to accompany it, it's hard to maintain the right aura.

Chapter 2

This car won't cost much for insurance or repairs. Cervine extorted two million from Donald, but she doesn't seem happy at all.

And she even cried in front of him, completely losing face.

"You had me confused with your crying," Aurora Rodriguez said, seeing her shed tears for the first time.

Cervine made a gesture to stop, feeling dejected. "I've been playing games too much lately, that's why tears flow against the wind."

Of course, it was true that she was trying to provoke Donald with his arrogant attitude, acting like he was the coolest person in the world and not caring about a little kid like her.

"I give up on you."

Cervine and Aurora Rodriguez made plans to have dinner together. The newly opened French restaurant didn't taste that great. Even the steak was made so poorly. Cervine poked at a piece of grilled mushroom but hesitated to eat it.

Aurora Rodriguez noticed her lack of ent


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