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Handsome Honeydew Melon

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  • 👁 483
  • 5.5

"Fierce Miss vs. Reserved Handsome CEO: Childhood Sweethearts, Happy Frenemies, a Romance in a Noble Family. It's Seriously Overflowing with Sweetness! Fun and Sweet, a Perfect Urban Romantic Fairy Tale. Super Entertaining and Absolutely Captivating!! The male and female leads grew up together but always clashed. At the beginning, their families decided to arrange their marriage. The female lead claimed to have feelings for the male lead's cousin (fake), and out of concern for her potential harm to his cousin, the male lead pretended to like the female lead and agreed to the arranged marriage. And so, they inexplicably got married, ended up sharing a bed, and from their wedding night onwards, they argued every day, but amidst the arguing, they would unexpectedly share kisses. It wasn't until the male lead's ex-girlfriend (fake) appeared that his secret love for the female lead was revealed—he had actually liked her for many years. In the later part of the story, the male lead becomes extremely clingy to his wife, wanting to be with her at all times, both outside and at home. This is a lifelong love story, from youth to old age, with all their classmates, friends, and family witnessing their love. Both the male and female leads have incredible personalities. The female lead is intelligent, capable, lively, cheerful, loving, righteous, confident, but not arrogant. The male lead is gentle, considerate, dotes on his wife, and faithful. They are simply a perfect match made in heaven!"


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