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Nice To Meet You Again

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Sonya is a simple brilliant who wants nothing more than to find out the truth about her mother's death and her father leaving them, she stays with her cousin, Simon who helps her a lot. Going to country X to celebrate her birthday made her come in contact with Maxwell, a very rich billionaire who just appointed as the company new CEO. The two meet die to a runny circumstances and Sonya end up saving his life and left to her country For Maxwell, it was love at first sight so after four years when she came back for her master's programs, Maxwell swear not to let her go

Get your own man

Sonya just graduated from high school and she was over the moon with happiness, she woke up the next morning like a princess who slept in. Her aunt has left for where she doesn't know so she is free to relax for a while without having to answer to her name hundred times in a day. She woke up at exactly ten and yawn loudly, its been long since she slept that late in years, She took her phone from her desk and downloaded some information about the school she is working to apply to in country X, a country after hers. After a little while of browsing she dropped her phone and entered the bathroom to ease herself and wash up buy not long after she entered, she heard her aunt's voice. "Sonya! come down this minute" Sonya's aunt, miss Pat shouted from the living room. "Am coming, am in the toilet" Sonya is quite surprised that her aunt is back so quickly and calling her name like she is committed a crime as always. She quickly finished her business in the toilet and hurried downstairs to meet her abandoning her plan to bath. Getting to the room she saw her aunt's boyfriend and her cousin also in the living room and sighed, everyone turned their attention to her as she enters. "Good morning aunt what is it?" she asked knowing that whatever reason it is, is not going to be something good, Her cousin try to inform her about the situation but she didn't get what he was trying to say. "You idiot!" her aunt moved closer to her to hit her but she was quick to dodge her. "Aunt please calm down what's the issue?" Pat threw a note at her instead. "Jow are you going to explain this?" Sonya pick up the note and opened it to read the content, it was the note she gave to her aunt’s boyfriend to help her process her admission to country X. Sonya stood there lost of words on how to explain to her aunt that she doesn't have any ill intention towards her boyfriend "I clearly told you that after you graduate from high school you should find a man to take care of you and pay your debts but you are still thinking about going to the university and an international school at that. Are you kidding me?" her aunt yelled angrily, Sonya stare at her aunt's boyfriend who was sitting down quietly and watching her misery. If looks could kill Sonya would've killed him ten times over "You said you will help me” Sonya finally said " I said i would help but i didn't say i wont tell your aunt about it and besides you are not ready to pay the price for it so i don’t see any reason to" Mr Joe said smirking at her. “You even made a deal with my man, If you want to seduce someone get your own man!" She angrily without care "That is how your stupid mother also gave birth to you, by seducing someone else husband, prostitute" her aunt said angrily. "Mom, that's a bit too much" Simon cut in to stop his mother. "What? I can't even say that much after taking care of her for all this years and letting her live in my house, should I also be respectful to her" she snapped at Simon and he kept quiet. "I don't care about anything, All I know is that after your final exams you are getting married. That's the only use of your face" she said facing Sonya. “Am not getting married to anyone!" Sonya shouted at her and ran upstairs. she lie down on her bed and buried her head in her pillow, how can her aunt bring up her mother every time like that? Simon knocked on her door and entered not waiting for her response “Hey, are you crying?” he asked. “Hey to you too” Sonya answered sarcastically. “You know i cant say anything down there especially when her boyfriend is there” “Yeah right, so you decided to just sit down there to watch the show" Sonya said annoyed with him, although her aunt is a b*tch and doesn't care but Simon is the best cousin she could ever wish to and he has always helped and support her in everything “No its not like that and you know it but do you really want to study at country X?” Simon asked. “Yes of course, why else do you think i would ask for that man's help if i don’t. That stupid man” Sonya added "I just think your ambition is too high, you have not succeeded in convincing her to let you further to the university not to talk about studying outside the country” “That's exactly why i want to study outside the country so i can get away from her forever” sonya stressed, she is tired of having to bear her aunt's stupid attitudes “Yeah, i get it. So what are you going to do now since you plan has been exposed” “I will suspend the plan to study outside the country for now and focus on furthering my education here” “You can come to my school then” “Are you kidding me? I need to go to a school she wont easily have any access to me at all” she restored. “Okay then do as you please but don’t forget our appointment later today and also she left with her boyfriend already, you can come downstairs” Simon told her and left the room. Sonya lay down again after her cousin left and ruminated about her past, her life was better before when she was living with her parent until that unfortunate day. [flashback] “Mom when is dad coming back home” Sonya said to her mom immediately she entered the house. “I have told you several time to always greet first whenever you come back from school” her mom scold her. “Good day mom” she said reluctantly. “Welcome how is school today?” her mom answered taking her bag from her. “Fine, so when is dad coming back?” she asked again impatiently. “Fine he should be back today or tomorrow okay, now go to your room and take off your clothes and come back for lunch” her mom said with a smile. "Yes!" she exclaimed happily and ran upstairs, after a while they both sat down to eat when they heard a knock on the door. “Yes, who is it?” her mom said and stood up to open the door, a woman entered dressed like a model and had an expensive bag with her, she looked at her mom with scorn and disgust in her eyes before speaking up “So you are May” the strange woman said. “Yes and who are you?” May replied. “Am the wife of the man you seduced” she said looking at her with anger now, she pushed May out of the way and looked around the house “What do you mean by that?” May asked puzzled by her words and attitude, she sat down elegantly instead and dip her hand inside her bag to bring out a picture and showed it to May. “Sonya” she called. “Go upstairs and do your homework" she instructed and Sonya ran up immediately... Some weeks after that, Sonya found out that the woman who came was her father's other wife and she has been married to her father long before her mother met her dad and she came to warn and inform them that her dad is no longer coming back so they should stay away from her dad and since that day she never saw her dad again that is when things started falling apart for them, first she was withdrawn from her school to another school and she started living with her aunt. Then the day she was to graduate from grade school, her aunt came to her school and took her home in the middle of the ceremony and then she discovered her mom was died and is been buried that day. [end of flashback] Everything happened so suddenly and she does not have a clear memory of what happened except that. Since then Sonya has been trying to find out what caused her mom's sudden death and had a lot of questions but nobody wants to explain to her either. Her father also has not contact her since then and she has always been on the look out for any information regarding her dad. Recently, she found out that her father and his family lives in country x and that has been her reason for trying to apply there. She thought about what to do next then she slept off.

Take over the CEO's position

**** {IN COUNTRY X} Maxwell Hart, the only son of Hart and the heir to the Hart group of company just finished his masters program and is planning to go back home soon He has a younger sister and lot of girl running after him, He finished from the most prestigious school and just arrive back to the country when he had the news of his father’s accident. Both his mom and sister were not around so Immediately he arrived at the airport, he made his way straight to the hospital. Maxwell entered the hospital room where his father was admitted looking so anxious and tensed, he met with Drake who is already at the hospital and learn from him that both of their dad were involved in the accident. "You are here sir" the doctor in charge greeted him. Maxwell acknowledge his greetings and move closer to his father's side. He seems to be in a really bad shape and also in a coma. "Doctor, how is he? What is his present condition? He asked with a panicking voice. "The surge


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