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My two billionaires

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Blurb: Thinking about her father selling her, her husband having an affair behind her back, her sisters mocking her and everyone in the world using her for their own profits, she could only think that a new hell, called marriage, would not be any miserable more than her father’s house. She could trust no one in her life anymore, because she was only a weak victim, then he showed up, Erin her hero. Maribelle did not want to have that type of marriages, a contract marriage. She wanted really to love, he was there for here… Will her husband's brother really love her?? Will her husband never lover her?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The thunder continued from the afternoon of July to the evening, but no rain could come out, as if mother nature was trying to show her anger at people.

In front of the villa of the Martinez family on the west side of the city, a young lady, who was wearing her senior year’s school uniform, stood dreadly in front of the main gate, staring at her future hell.

Maribelle Robins cried uncontrollably, as if her eyes cried in place of the sky. She walked away towards her house after her father had messaged her about a marriage offer from billionaire Eric Martinez.

The echo of her footsteps seemed to chase her while walking down the dark street. Every step was nothing but a monster’s roar.

Upon entering her small villa, Maribelle gave her school bag to the family’s butler, who had told her that the master was waiting for her in the living room. Maribelle rushed to meet her father, thinking about his message when she was in class.

On seeing Maribelle, her father, the CEO of a bankrupt company, dragged her hand and made her sit on the left side of the sofa close to him. Her stepmother and stepsisters were sitting on the right side.

He handed over a file saying: “Ms. Maribelle, I have been waiting for an elegant lady like you to marry my son. Sincerely, Mark Martinez. Maribelle opened the file and saw a picture of a handsome young man in a gray suit. He was a male model and he was adored by the fair s*x for his gold hair that was coiffed to perfection. He carried a button-shaped nose, while his angular cheekbones were carved down towards a flinty jaw. He had a slight smile on his face while holding a glass of wine.

“Father, what is this?” asked Maribelle as she pointed to the file in her hands.

“Good girl, I was waiting for you to ask.” Chuckled her stepmother “You know that after two months, you will turn 18 and become an adult. So, it is the perfect time to get married."

“Father, what does she mean??”

“This is Eric Martinez." the father began. "He is the CEO of Spear company. He is 28 years old and he will be your official husband next week, on Wednesday at 8:00 pm.”

“Father!!! Are you really serious? What on this planet earth do you think you are trying to do? Are you trying to match me with an older man?"

“Maribelle, sweetheart, I was only trying to make a wise choice for you and all of the family members.”

“Your father’s company is going bankrupt.” Claimed the stepmother. “And the Martinez's have offered us a marriage offer in order to help us. They said that we must choose a girl of our three to marry his only son.”

“And you chose me, the youngest of all, to marry that guy, father? Are you selling me to a rich dude??”

"It is only that you are the fittest, dear!” claimed the father.

“The fittest?? Maria is 26 years old and Hana is 22 years old, so who is the fittest among us??”

“Little Maribelle,” called Maria, “for being the illegitimate daughter you surely talk a lot.”

“Father had no other choice.” Stated Hana. “A daughter of a prostitute is totally different from the daughter of a mistress. We are sorry for you being a prostitute’s daughter.”

“Prepare yourself, tomorrow at 9:00 pm we will meet the family.” Ordered the father. “Please, do not be late.”

The sound of their laughter echoed in the hall and she looked at her father as if she begged for his help, but he only replied with silence. She did not want to believe what was happening to her. Maybe it was merely a nightmare that would end the next day, or maybe she had only trusted that her father would find a solution soon.

“I heard you are getting yourself a wife.” Laughed Erin, Eric’s younger brother, as if it was the most fascinating idea in the world. And Eric wanted to punch that ridiculous grin off his face, but he couldn't. Not because he did not dare to, but because he did not want to give his father another opportunity to display how much of a disappointment he was, just as ever.

“Get out Erin!!” roared Eric “Get out if you do not want to die!”

Control and restraint were Eric’s special traits. He was known for tolerance, apathy, indifference and patience. However, at that time he was really angry.

“What about that girl?” asked Erin. “Rosetta?” “What about her?” mocked Eric.

“Do you still have feelings for her?”

“None of your business, Erin!”

“You know that you are banned from marrying Rosetta, so try to act mature, big bro. This girl is cute, smart and polite. I might have taken her as my wife if my father had not insisted on providing you with a wife and some children. Therefore, he only cares for you.”

“I know this, no need for your advice."

“I have never seen you this angry before.”

“Then, just get out!! Now!!”

Hearing the bedroom’s door open and shut, he jumped into the bathtub, hoping to ease his mind. It would be the last one until he would meet his bride on the next day.

He did not know a lot about her, other than her name, her birthday on 1 March 2001, her looks, and a few small facts about her included in the file. Just like the same way she had known him, an easy arranged marriage with just a little bit of information about both the groom and the bride.

However, he did not really care about all of these details and that he was older than her with a 10 years’ gap. This is because he did not love her and he already had another girl in his heart. Rosetta Williams…

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Striding out of the bathroom and as he wore only simple bathrobes, showing his barrel-like chest and a part of his muscular abs, there he saw his father, brother and his cousin, Liam, all wrapped in the finest suits and the most expensive in all tailor’s shops.

“Did you read the files I placed in your office, or were you so busy with the company’s work?” asked the father while gazing at the files at his desk.

“He perhaps stopped when he saw that her birthday was similar to Rosetta’s!” smirked Liam as Erin laughed.

“Son, do you still have feelings for Rosetta??” asked the father sadly, "Both of you are never fit!!”

“I know my father." Sighing, he said, “As a matter of fact, I read it. The information is so plain, and I don't really bother where she is studying, what she dreams about becoming, or what her favorite color is. I do not care which idol she likes the most or which type of clothes she wears. I do not rea


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