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My Manga Boss

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Olive: The blue eyes beauty I cannot get out of my head. He has always been invisible to me but after kissing him that night when he seemed so lost, he became a constant in my life. I know he has his secrets, but I will take what I can especially since I now feel things more than just like, towards him. Cameroon: I hate interacting with people. My mother and brother have tried getting me to seek help but I refused. I hate interacting with people especially after that accident so why is it that I do not hate interacting with a very happy girl? Even after she kissed me without my consent, I never got angry and now I'm helping her win first place in a manga competition my company is in charge of

Chapter 1

Olive's POV

Why is it so cold today? Okay winter was always cold but it felt especially chilly today or maybe it was just me.

I made sure the shop was securely locked. I was not ready to get in trouble with my boss again. The last time I forgot to check if the shop was properly locked, some thieves had broken into it. That would be a tale I would never forget.

"How is it that it never crossed your mind to double check if you locked the doors properly? For Christ's sake you are no longer a small kid. My James could do better than this." He had said to me,

But the thing was that it was only the beginning. He went on and on for days. I knew I had made a mistake but still, chill with the rant okay? Who am I kidding, it's not like he could hear me anyway.

Making sure my sketchbook was secured in my backpack and also making sure the shop was securely locked, I triple checked, I walked into the streets. I closed the shop earlier in order to prepare for the next day. The thing was, I never wanted to work in a shop nor with my boss. Scratch that, I'm pretty sure no one wanted to work with my boss.

But the thing was, my family wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I was a disgrace to a long line of lawyers. Each person in my family had studied law. I was the only deviation because I wanted to be a cartoonist. And the problem was, it wasn't that easy to get into the industry nor was it something really common. Sure people knew of cartoons or animations but what about comics? It wasn't something really that common and most people thought it was child's play. My parents especially but the thing was, it wasn't child's play to me. It was everything.

The ability to give expressions in a drawing, to create dialogues on paper or to make people understand better. For example, instead of writing a description of the female lead's dress or gown in a novel, I draw it and give you the perfect idea. The perfect image I'm trying to pass on to a person. It's funny how most people don't understand how marvelous comics are.

Sure there were industries that produced but most of the famous ones were from marvel. Things related to Thor or the avengers or maybe DC. Things related to Batman and Superman. Though those were good, I wasn't really into them. I was more into manga but it wasn't something really common in my part of the world. Sure people read it but being a mangaka or cartoonist who specializes in comics like mangas were hard to come by. And most people who happened to be one, did it online. I wasn't really good with drawing with computers. So there you have it.

But even with that there was one company that caught my attention and to say they were doing well was an understatement. They were marvelous. I've read comics produced by this company and it's a deviation from anything superhero but it's still able to draw one's attention. To hold you captive in them. The genres produced by that company varied. Slice of life, action, romance, anything as long as it was good and that was why I was determined to get into this company.

They were hosting a competition. A way to get more cartoonists and open the way for them. If I could be among the top ten then maybe I could actually show my parents that pursuing my dreams wasn't something stupid. Instead it was something worthwhile. I have to make sure my work is presentable tomorrow. The first stage started tomorrow and the contestants were required to be present. I don't know, maybe they were going to do an interview of sorts? It hasn't been long since the competition started so it seemed weird that they would want to see the contestants in person.

I kept my head down trying to get the perfect image I wanted for my comic when I heard a loud crash followed by a boom. I turned and noticed people gathered. Some tried to call the ambulance.

Another car accident I thought to myself with a sigh. It is becoming more frequent these days. I moved closer to the scene since it was unavoidable. I needed to get past to get to my apartment but then I noticed something.

Not too far from me, a male who looked about my age stood frozen. I knew him. He always came into our shop although not on a regular basis and each time he did, he had his head down. He never replied when asked a question or being spoken to.

He looked lost like he didn't belong here. He quivered in fear. I frowned. Was it because of the accident that he was shaking that much? And why did he look so lost? Maybe he knew some or perhaps the people involved in the accident. I don't know why or what moved me but next thing I know, I'm moving swiftly to him.

I tried to gain his attention. You would have thought saying good evening would make him snap out of whatever trance he was in but no, he never even spared me a glance.

"Hey, look at me." I said to him again, trying to gain his attention. Yes, I know. A huge difference from the good evening I had said the first time but can you really blame me? I'm trying to do the right thing here and what if he actually knew some of the people in the car and…wait maybe one of them was his partner or maybe parents?

I turned to see the passengers of the car but they looked very young. No older than twenty and they were two males. Okay….maybe one of them was his brother or something? Who am I kidding? I have no bloody idea.

His eyes were still glued to the spot where the accident had happened and yes, he still looked lost.

"Hey." I said to him, placing my palm against his face.

I turned his head to make sure he wasn't looking at the scene. To make him look directly at me but even with that, there was nothing. No sign that he was actually seeing or listening to me.

"Look at me." I said to him,

To be sincere I had no idea what I was doing or why I was doing this. But something in me wanted to help in any way I could. I needed to take his mind off the accident. But the thing was, I was a novice at this. How do I get his mind off the accident when he was staring blankly at the spot? Even telling him to look at me did nothing to remove his eyes from the spot and he still shook visibly with fear. I had literally no experience with the real life situation I was facing right now. What should I do?

I needed to distract him. How do I do that? How do I get him to look at me and realize that…..okay, what the f*ck did I want him to realize? The only thing I had in mind was to distract him from the accident because there may be a chance that he knew someone form the accident but how the f*ck do I do that? And why was it that nobody noticed how lost he looked or how he stood unmoving in a corner?

I gave him a perusing look. He had beautiful blue eyes. It was so clear and lost at the moment but no one would deny the beauty behind them. His lips looked full and ripe for kissing.

Kissing? I thought to myself.

That could help. No stranger would want any person kissing them right? I could use that. This could be my worst idea ever but if it was going to help him in any way, then I might as well go all in right?

I leaned in and kissed him on the lips slowly. It hurt that there was no reaction because he was one fine human and I knew it would be a miracle if I ever got to kiss him on a normal day but who cares right? I was trying to help him here. Don't blame me, I did say I was a novice and this was the only thing I could think of to help distract him.

I opened my eyes and gazed into those bright blue orbs. He was staring straight at me. A look of shock across his face. Mission accomplished.

I stopped kissing him, resisting the urge to go back to those lips. They looked inviting.

"Sorry about that. I was trying to help you know." I said to him with an awkward laugh.

"That was the only way I could help. You looked so lost especially after you found your brother in the accident so I don't know. I thought of helping you because in my book, you kiss those who can't get over the shock of seeing their family members in a car accident. But no worries, it's not like it was a bad kiss or anything." said to him,

I should probably shut up now. I was embarrassed and those eyes just kept on following my every movement. I'm pretty sure he noticed the awkward roll of my shoulders. How was it that nobody gathered here noticed someone was going through something like that even with all the talking I did before that kiss.

", I'm just gonna go." I said to him pointing in the direction of my house.

I only got a nod of acknowledgement from him and moved swiftly only to find out I was going in the wrong direction.

"Sorry again." I said to him as I walked past him making sure this was the right direction to my house. Never again would I do something like that. Nope never. But d*mn he was one fine human.

Chapter 2

Olive's POV

"Okay Olive, you can do this." I said to myself as I made sure I looked presentable enough. I really don't know what it was people wore to work in manga companies but considering that I was going for something like an interview which by the way still has me a bit confused, I decided to go with a suit. A dark grey suit. I'm sure this would make me look professional. At least that's what I think.

Picking my bag which contained all my sketches, I made the sign of the cross and made my way to the company. I'm not Catholic but anything worth helping should be done at this moment hence, the sign.

E.M.T manga stood mightily. Damn. If a building was able to command respect and attention then this one was absolutely doing a good job of it. Just the exterior of the company was nice. I looked down hoping to God I wasn't overdressed and also that I wasn't late because I had not seen anybody who by the way happened to be


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