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My Husband Is A Billionaire Son-In-Law

My Husband Is A Billionaire Son-In-Law

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Mr. Rajendra Singh Chouhan got his darling granddaughter and the only heir of the Chouhan family, Krishika Chouhan, married to a lowly worker of his office knowing that Kritika will never be able to adjust in a middle class family. After all, what became such a compulsion due to which Rajendra Singh Chauhan had to get his granddaughter married to a lowly worker in his office. After marriage, Krishika did something to Abhay because of which he started hating her. What did Krishika do that made Abhay hate her so much? What will happen when Krishika will regret her actions? Will Abhay ever forgive her?

Chapter 1

An old man who must have been only 70 years old was signing some papers sitting at a big desk in a big luxurious room.A boy was also present in that room whose age must have been around 30 years. That old man was praising the work of that boy. "Seriously Abhay, you have really handled this project very well. You are really commendable." Mr. Rajendra Singh Chauhan, Owner of Chauhan Builders compliments Abhay Singh, a humble employee of Chauhan Builders.

"Good morning Dadu," suddenly a beautiful 25-year-old girl entered the cabin and started greeting Rajendra with a hug, but at the same moment she started looking at Abhay with angry eyes.

Before Krishika Singh Chauhan, the heiress of Chauhan Builders, could say anything to Abhay, Abhay started leaving but was stopped by Rajendra.

"Hey Abhay where are you going? Meet this, this is my princess Krishika Singh Chauhan and Krishi, this is Abhay Singh"

Before Rajendra could get Abhay and Krishika to meet, Krishika interrupted Rajendra and said, "Oh come on Dadu, you don't need to introduce a simple worker. And anyway what is the status of this two penny worker in front of me. He doesn't have that much manners,That when you meet big people, they are greeted."

"Krishi doesn't say that. You have to apologize to Abhay right now." When Rajendra started scolding his granddaughter in front of Abhay, Krishi left the place in anger as she felt insulted.

After he leaves, Rajendra starts apologizing to Abhay for Krishi's behavior.

" Abhay son, please don't mind my granddaughter's words, she actually never got mother's lap, she has never seen family, that's why she is like this."

"No problem sir, I will go" saying this, Abhay left from there.

So at the same time in the Chauhan house, all the household items were lying broken, because Krishi was very angry at this time.

The senior servant of Chauhan House quickly called Rajendra and told him about Krishi's anger.

Hearing all this, Rajendra got scared and quickly left for Chauhan house.

After some time ~~~~

"Princess please open the door. Look what Dadu has brought for you. Your favorite chocolate ice cream." Rajendra said in a loving voice so that Krishi would open the door but Krishi had already fallen asleep long ago.

When Krishi did not open the door after knocking for a while, Rajendra asked the head servant of the house to bring a duplicate key to Krishi's room.

Rajendra was quite nervous at this time. He was afraid that Krishi may have harmed himself by getting angry.

But as soon as he opened the door, he saw that Krishi was sleeping holding her big pink teddy bear tightly.

Seeing him sleeping, Rajendra breathed in his breath and went to his feet and sat next to him and started caressing his head with love.

"My child, she looks so cute while sleeping, but I am afraid that Omesh may have got angry somewhere..... No No, Omesh is not like that. He will understand my point. I should go and talk to him." Rajendra said in his mind, kissed on Krishi's temple and then left from there.

"Sir, may I put food for you?" asked Rajesh, the head servant.

"No Rajesh, I am going for some important work, will come back in a couple of hours. You take care of Krishi. And if she wakes up, get her dinner." Having said this, Rajendra came out of the Chauhan house and left in his car.

At Rathore Palace ~~~~~~

"No problem Rajendra, I understand that you have brought up your Krishi with a lot of love and have given her a life full of princesses." Omesh Singh Rathore, chairman of Rathore Industries and childhood friend of Rajendra Singh Chouhan, told him in a joking tone

"I was scared, friend, don't know what you will think about my granddaughter. But thank you for understanding my situation and helping me in my trouble. I will never forget this favor of yours till death."

On hearing such words from Rajendra's mouth, Omesh started laughing devilishly and the very next moment he would say something which made Rajendra hesitate a bit.

" Well I was thinking that why don't we both convert our friendship into a relationship. Agriculture will suit my grandson a lot. "

Rajendra also liked this proposal of Omesh, but Rajendra had already chosen someone else for his granddaughter.

"Omesh I'm sorry but...." Rajendra wanted to complete his talk but he was hesitating too much and somewhere he was afraid that Omesh might get angry and refuse to help him.

"But? But what? Are you hiding something from me?" Omesh asked in his stern voice.

"I have already arranged Krishi's relationship with someone else who deserves her." Rajendra completed his talk with great difficulty.

Omesh felt very bad after hearing this but still considering it his duty, he asked Rajendra, "Who is that person with whom you have fixed Krishi's marriage and is Krishi ready to marry that person?"

" Omesh, krishi is my granddaughter. I know her very well that she doesn't even care about elders, so I have decided to marry her with one of my office worker."

Without listening to Rajendra's full statement, Omesh asked in astonishment, "What! You are conscious of yourself, what are you going to do with that poor girl?"

" Yes, I know that whatever I am doing with Krishi, I am doing it right, by doing this she will slowly start understanding the importance of everything. Be it money or human being."

Somewhere Omesh also started getting Rajendra's words right, but still he does not want to let Krishi's marriage happen in a middle class family.

Omesh tried to explain to Rajendra one last time, but Rajendra may have lost his mind already, so he did not say much.

After chatting like this for some time and having dinner, Rajender left for Chauhan house and Omesh came to his room where his Johor Jabi was eagerly waiting for him.

" have you come?" Geetanjali Devi, wife of Omesh asked him with her cold voice.

Chapter 2

Next Morning

When Krishi woke up the next morning, she saw that her room was spotlessly clean.

She got down from the bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After bath, Krishi got ready quickly and went to the dining hall where her grandfather was waiting patiently for her.

After wishing her dadu, she gorges on her favorite breakfast which was specially prepared by her dadu for her.

His favorite breakfast is waffles and pancakes.

Krishi hurriedly started having her breakfast, seeing which Rajendra could not understand why she was doing this. Seeing Krishi having breakfast in a hurry, it was clearly visible that today she has definitely made a plan to trouble someone along with his cousin brother.

Since childhood, Krishi has taken a contract to create trouble for the outside world. Krishi has made so many records in his life that only Rajendra can guess that how many complaints come to him every day.

Rajendra got a little


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