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My genius son is a rich heir

My genius son is a rich heir

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The story of the genius child Benardo Tama who was born from the womb of Ayunda Tama with Brian Baratawijaya. They do a one-night stand because Brian's condition is bad due to stimulant drugs given by his enemy. And as Ayunda passes by and collides with Brian, he forces himself to fulfill her wish because he can't take it anymore. Not answering Brian launched his actions, after which Brian promised to take responsibility. But Brian instead lost track of Ayunda who was swallowed by the Earth. one month later Brian felt a sympathetic pregnancy, he remembered the girl he once slept with. He also deployed his men but found no trace. 7 years later, in an audition Ayunda's son named Ben, auditioned and won. And when there is news about Ben, Johan's assistant sees it, he is amazed at Ben's melodious voice while reciting in the mosque and the boy has many achievements. Finally, Johan recruits Ben to be able to perform auditions held by Brian's tv station. Johan comes to Ben at his house to take part in the race and thanks to Ayunda's permission, Ben wins again. Early meeting Ben, Johan saw that the handsome boy looked like Brian, but he did not dare to ask. John tells Brian about Ben, Brian is curious to meet them. Brian invited Johan to bring the handsome boy and unexpectedly, he was surprised a Woman 7 years ago appeared before him. Brian didn't expect to see Ayunda again, Johan told if Ben was Ayunda's son he was sad when he found out that Ben was the son who he had been looking for. Brian did not want to lose them again, he disguised himself as their driver to start the approach. The more days Brian produce approached then, he also admitted that the man who fucked Ayunda is Brian. Ayunda's crew is shocked and afraid of losing Ben, but Brian assures them that he is fine and will not take Ben from Ayunda. Over time, the two love each other Brian finally confesses to his son Ben. Ben was equally surprised but he was able to accept the circumstances of both at that time. After holding a grand wedding, there was a temptation from a former lover. Brian is grateful to be reunited with Ayunda even though he is now a widower with one child named Axellio. Ayunda did not expect her genius son to have seven generations of rich people. Trial after trial, the presence of a third person after the birth of her beautiful baby, the woman is Serena who once rejected Brian in high school and wanted to go home but unfortunately, namely, Brian kicked her first so as not to interfere with her life. Ayunda and Brian are happy because they can stand up for everything for the trust and support of their two sons. And when he grew up, Ben was nicknamed the cold handsome.

Chapter 1 Gone

A 20-year-old woman named Ayunda Tama works in a small shop in her previous village. Ayunda was orphaned by her aunt when she was 10 years old until one day, she was not treated well. and until one day.

"Ayu, gone with an aunt to the city."

"What's wrong, sis?"

"Anyway, you have to come to get ready."

"Okay, sis."

It was already 10 in the morning, and aunty and Ayunda had already headed to Jakarta to meet someone. Ayunda did not know that she was sold by her worldly greedy aunt. Arriving in Jakarta, Ayunda looked amazed that she was taken by her aunt to a luxury hotel. Arriving at 6 pm he was at the hotel.

"Ayu, sit here."

"Auntie, where are you going, don't leave Ayu."

"Auntie down to find someone for a moment," With a sly smile.

"Okay, Auntie, don't take too long!"

Elsewhere, a businessman is having a party with his business colleagues at the same hotel.

"Good evening Mr. Brian Baratawijaya."

"Night to sir." They shake hands with each other 

"Please sit down, let's celebrate this success," they both toast.

After a few minutes Brian's body felt hot he felt something start to stiffen.

“Shit!” Brian's swear words were tricked by his colleagues, he immediately left the misleading room. Until he bumped into a scared girl looking for her aunt.


Brian swiftly held the beautiful girl's shoulder, instantly feeling more and more wanting to get something done there.

"Miss come with me, help me. I was bullied by my business colleagues,” Brian immediately pulled Ayunda to Brian's hotel room that was booked.

"Uh, sir."

They both entered the hotel room and without warning, Brian kissed Ayunda's lips. Ayunda tries to rebel but Brian's strength is greater.

"Help me, I'll replace it." Brian held Ayunda's shoulder staring intensely without waiting for Ayunda's answer

Brian pushed Ayunda's body into the basket and a heated struggle ensued without realizing it the clock was already 5 in the morning. Ayunda, who realized her mistake because of her negligence, allowed someone to snatch her chastity. He sobbed, waking Brian up.

Brian who heard the sobs woke up and turned to his side how surprised he was. for the first time robbed of holiness.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Is anyone still sick?” Brian said he was guilty of doing that to a girl he didn't know.

"Sorry sir, I have to go." while sobbing. Brian approached Ayunda.

“Hey I will be responsible for you and this is for you. This is my business card, please contact me immediately, "Brian said giving his business card and 10 million.

Brian at the hotel can only sigh roughly he will find out about the woman he has slept with.

Ayunda immediately put on her clothes and left the room with Brian's business card and money. Out of the hotel he was on his way somewhere still sobbing over what happened to him. He doesn't want to go home now because he knows his aunt doesn't like him. He chose to live in a village far from the city.

Ayunda decides to live in a remote village that is difficult for her aunt to reach. Ayunda was determined to forget what had happened to her and that night that took her chastity away. Ayunda was devastated by the man's actions.

After a 3-hour journey, Ayunda arrived at village A. She immediately got off the angkot and arranged her new life.

"Excuse me, sir. I can be a resident here."

"Who are you? and is there any specific purpose in your coming lightly," asks the local chairman of the neighborhood.

"I just want to move residents, sir. Because I have no family."

"Oh, that's fine. If you don't mind please do you have a place to live, easy."

"No sir. Maybe there is a house for rent, sir."

"Erm, I happen to have an empty house if you want, you can place it. The rent can be discussed later."

"Thank you, sir."

"Let me take you there."

Ayunda and the chairman of the neighborhood walked toward the house in question. As they walked, many people saw Ayunda not liking it. Ayunda still smiled even though people looked at her strangely. And finally, they arrived at a simple house that was enough for two people.

"Well, this is my house. Sorry if it's ugly and dirty because I rarely come here."

"It's okay sir. This is more than enough."

"This is the key to the house, sis. and I hope you feel at home here."

"Thank you sir for the help."

"Yes, ma'am I'm sorry."

Now Ayunda is determined to organize her life again. She starts shopping with the money given by Brian. he put the business card in his wallet. After a few hours of shopping for necessities he cooked and distributed them to neighbors as a sign of new residents there.

Ayunda started distributing food boxes to neighbors, some felt sorry for her life, and some made fun of her, but that's normal, according to Ayu, she accepts whatever it is.




"Excuse me, madam," Rena said, a beautiful woman visited

"Yes ma'am. Can anyone help?"

"I know Rena, a neighbor 2 houses from here. May we be friends."

"Oh yes, ma'am. Thank you for wanting to be with me."

They finally talked. Unbeknownst to them, a man was carrying a small child in the doorway.

"When will it come?" said Rena to her husband.

"Come on in, sir."

"Introducing Ayunda. Our new neighbor."


"Raka. Yes, you have to go out first, there is a need. Rara and Mama first, okay?"

"Yes sir. Be careful."

"Let's go"

"Yes, man."

Raka left them for his friend's house. Now Rara, Rena, and Ayu are getting closer and now they are making cakes together. Ayu plans to open a small shop in front of her house for income.

Evening came Ayu did not forget to worship the mosque. After he finished he returned home many mothers greeted him in friendly. until someone greets him.

"Hey. New people here, huh."

Ayunda who was still wearing a prayer hijab turned towards the voice.

"Y-yes, sis."

"Introduce me to Rio son of the local village chief."

"Yes, I'm Ayu. Ayu excuse me first."

Rio was silent for the first time. He was ignored by a beautiful girl like Ayunda. He shook his head and smiled seeing the beautiful girl leave. He is determined to get Ayu to be his lover.

Ayu's house

He is now ready to go to dreamland. So that he can wake up in the morning to get ready to shop for his shop. In the morning Ayunda was ready to go to the market to buy equipment. without realizing it was already 7 in the morning he had brought 3 men to build his small grocery store. In the afternoon the goods he bought also arrived. Ayunda smiled, hopefully, this is the beginning of her happiness.

"Sir. Please eat first."

"Oh, yes, thank you."

Ayunda's housebuilders immediately ate. Ayunda changed to the delivery man.

"This is for you. Thanks for helping."

"You're welcome."

The shirk neighbors have been talking about Ayu who is not feeling well. But suddenly the handsome young man scolded the mothers for not working.

"Please read before commenting on people's lives, ladies," Rio said.

Rio also left those who were silenced by Rio's words. Rio continued his way toward Ayu's house.

"Hey come on. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Um, sorry, nothing."

Ayu felt strange with Rio's attitude, she immediately entered the house without greeting.

Chapter 2 Ayunda's pregnancy

He has been in the village for a month, he also has neighbors such as his own family named Rena, who is 24 years old, married, and has one child named Rara.

Suddenly in Ayunda's room

"Howk.. howk."

"Oh, my head is so dizzy."



There was a knock in the living room he immediately opened it

"Hey sis Rena where is Rara."

"He's still playing Ayu, how come you're so pale."

"I don't know, Sis, I feel nauseous and I have a headache."

"What! You're right. Ok, now wait here, okay?”

A few minutes later, Rena was seen rushing to bring something, she remembered Ayunda's symptoms exactly when she was pregnant with Rara. Rena also approached Ayunda

"Yu, when did you have your period now?"

"I forgot sis, why?"

"You don't have to ask a lot of questions now, okay?"

Ayunda suddenly went li


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