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The story of the genius child Benardo Tama who was born from the womb of Ayunda Tama with Brian Baratawijaya. They do a one-night stand because Brian's condition is bad due to stimulant drugs given by his enemy. And as Ayunda passes by and collides with Brian, he forces himself to fulfill her wish because he can't take it anymore. Not answering Brian launched his actions, after which Brian promised to take responsibility. But Brian instead lost track of Ayunda who was swallowed by the Earth. one month later Brian felt a sympathetic pregnancy, he remembered the girl he once slept with. He also deployed his men but found no trace. 7 years later, in an audition Ayunda's son named Ben, auditioned and won. And when there is news about Ben, Johan's assistant sees it, he is amazed at Ben's melodious voice while reciting in the mosque and the boy has many achievements. Finally, Johan recruits Ben to be able to perform auditions held by Brian's tv station. Johan comes to Ben at his house to take part in the race and thanks to Ayunda's permission, Ben wins again. Early meeting Ben, Johan saw that the handsome boy looked like Brian, but he did not dare to ask. John tells Brian about Ben, Brian is curious to meet them. Brian invited Johan to bring the handsome boy and unexpectedly, he was surprised a Woman 7 years ago appeared before him. Brian didn't expect to see Ayunda again, Johan told if Ben was Ayunda's son he was sad when he found out that Ben was the son who he had been looking for. Brian did not want to lose them again, he disguised himself as their driver to start the approach. The more days Brian produce approached then, he also admitted that the man who f*ck*d Ayunda is Brian. Ayunda's crew is shocked and afraid of losing Ben, but Brian assures them that he is fine and will not take Ben from Ayunda. Over time, the two love each other Brian finally confesses to his son Ben. Ben was equally surprised but he was able to accept the circumstances of both at that time. After holding a grand wedding, there was a temptation from a former lover. Brian is grateful to be reunited with Ayunda even though he is now a widower with one child named Axellio. Ayunda did not expect her genius son to have seven generations of rich people. Trial after trial, the presence of a third person after the birth of her beautiful baby, the woman is Serena who once rejected Brian in high school and wanted to go home but unfortunately, namely, Brian kicked her first so as not to interfere with her life. Ayunda and Brian are happy because they can stand up for everything for the trust and support of their two sons. And when he grew up, Ben was nicknamed the cold handsome.


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