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My Ex Husband Wants Me

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"Dear ex-wife, I want you back!" ~~~~~~~~ Stacy, a strong and devoted wife, discovers the painful truth that her husband Nathan has been cheating on her with her best friend Rita. The betrayal strikes deep within her heart, and unable to tolerate the breach of trust, Stacy takes the brave decision to divorce Nathan, severing all ties with him. Life after the divorce proves to be a tumultuous journey for Stacy. With shattered dreams and a wounded spirit, she finds herself grappling with the challenges of starting anew. In the face of adversity, Stacy musters the courage to reinvent herself and discovers an unexpected path in the most vibrant city of dreams, Los Angeles. Drawn to the allure of the city's nightlife, Stacy finds solace and empowerment as a stripper in one of Los Angeles' premier clubs. With a newfound sense of freedom, she embraces her sensuality and unleashes her hidden talents on the stage, captivating the audience with her mesmerizing performances. The neon lights and pulsating music become her sanctuary, where she can momentarily forget the pain that still lingers in her heart. However, fate has a twisted sense of irony in store for Stacy. One fateful night, as she prepares to grace the stage with her magnetic presence, she receives an unexpected request: to strip for a VIP client. The name sends a chill down her spine, for it is none other than her ex-husband Nathaniel Hawthorne. Will Stacy find the strength to rise above the pain and confront Nathan, or will she succumb to the past and crumble under the weight of her shattered trust?

Chapter 1 - Emotional Breakdown

The night was dark, and outside, thunder clapped and lightning flashed. It has been raining all day.Stacy Keach was curled on the bed, she had herself wrapped in a quilt. Despite that, she still couldn't help but to tremble.The weather was cold and it was taking a great toll on her. She had just finished having her night shower, which made it easier for the cold to penetrate into her system.Creak. The door of the bedroom suddenly flung open. Then, Stacy heard the sound of leather shoes against the tiled floor.The familiar cologne filled the whole room, invading her nostrils. Then, a relieved smile escaped her lips. Her husband was in the room.The next thing Stacy knew was him pulling the quilt off her. She felt his presence beside her and she immediately snuggled closer to him."Cold?" His deep alluring voice echoed around the room."Hmm" Stacy moaned in satisfaction, feeling the warmth emitting from his body. If there was something she loved about her husband, then that'd be the way she felt safe whenever she's in his arms.The next thing Stacy felt was his lips on her neck, sending jolts of currents into her system. Even though they had been married for years, Stacy knew he still had a lot of effects on her. He was sucking her neck deeply, while gripping her waist tightly with his hand which was around her."Nathan..." She moaned in ecstasy as his hands glided the way up to her thighs. He slid her panties to the side as his finger caressed her wetness."Should I make you warm, honey?" He whispered against her ears as he pummeled his finger faster inside her. "Yes, please" Stacy moaned, bucking her hips against his finger. He got on top and yanked the quilt off her body completely.Stacy and Nathan had been married for two years and they had been doing fine. Seeing the expression on Nathan's face, Stacy nodded and she felt his lips on hers as he entered her.That was how Nathaniel had been. He was the loving and dutiful husband, a faithful one whom she's so proud of.Stacy's body trembled in pleasure as Nathan pumped himself inside her. His thrusts were slow and swift, he was so hot and hard inside her.Stacy could as well admit that her husband was indeed skilled in bed. He had perfectly memorized her sensitive body in the space of two years when they had been married, and he wouldn't hesitate to drive her insane with pleasure.Stacy parted her moist lips and let out an unrestrained groan of pleasure. Hearing his wife moan, Nathan was more aroused, he almost couldn't stop himself.After going on several rounds and different styles, they climaxed and Stacy fell asleep in his arms immediately."I love you," she heard him whisper to her. She smiled in satisfaction before pressing her sticky body into his.•••As the first ray of sunshine shone in through the gauze curtain, Stacy opened her eyes. It was time to start a new day.Like what she had been doing every morning since she got married to Nathan, she ironed the clothes Nathan was to wear and then went downstairs to prepare breakfast.It was a cup of coffee, scrambled eggs and toast bread to match. After that, she went upstairs. Nathan had already woken up, he was just in his shorts which were hung low around his waist.Thinking of the sizzling passion they shared the night before, Stacy blushed."Breakfast is ready, honey," Stacy announced excitedly. Nathan walked to her and then raised her chin so she could stare at him. Then, he sealed his lips with hers."I'm afraid I won't stay long for breakfast, baby. I need to be somewhere" he muttered."Where?" Even though Stacy was trying to hide the disappointment in her voice, it was fruitless."Somewhere" He replied coolly. Stacy sighed, assuring herself it was nothing."Okay," she said reluctantly. Nathan flashed a smile at her before walking to the bathroom. Stacy dropped the clothes he was wearing for that day and vacated the room.Nathan left the house that morning, not eating any of the meals Stacy prepared for him. "It was urgent" those were his words.Stacy sat at the dining chair, her heart heavy with sadness. The morning sunlight filtered through the curtains, casting a bittersweet glow on the uneaten breakfast in front of her. It was a routine, an unspoken promise between Stacy and Nathan, that he would never leave for work without enjoying the meal she prepared for him. But that day, he had departed without even touching the food.She tried to convince herself that it was just an oversight, that Nathan must have been in a hurry or preoccupied with something urgent. Perhaps there was a critical meeting he couldn't afford to miss. Stacy didn't want to jump to conclusions or let her mind wander to dark places. She pushed away the nagging feeling in her gut, choosing to believe in her husband's love and devotion.As the hours ticked by, Stacy's heart continued to ache, a dull throb echoing through her entire being. She found herself lost in a sea of thoughts and unanswered questions. What had caused this sudden change in Nathan's behavior? Was there something she had done wrong? Doubt and worry gnawed at her, but she fought to maintain a sense of composure.Throughout the day, Stacy went about her usual routine, attempting to distract herself from the pain that lingered in her heart. She tidied the house, ran errands, and engaged in various activities to occupy her mind. But no matter how hard she tried, her thoughts always circle back to Nathan's distant demeanor that morning.In the depths of her loneliness, Stacy sought solace within herself. She reminded herself of the countless moments of happiness they had shared, the love they had built over the years. She clung to those memories, refusing to let doubt and despair overtake her completely. She chose to have faith in the foundation of their relationship, hoping that this was just a passing storm.Evening arrived, and as the sun began its descent, Stacy prepared a warm, comforting dinner. She set the table with care, placing each plate and utensil precisely, a gesture of love she had always cherished. With every passing minute, anticipation mingled with trepidation in her heart. She yearned for Nathan's return, hoping to find the reassurance she desperately sought.When the front door finally creaked open, Stacy's heart skipped a beat. She turned her gaze toward the entrance, trying to mask her vulnerability with a smile. Nathan walked in, his face reflecting a cold and distant look, she hadn't seen before. As their eyes met, a mixture of relief and concern washed over her."You must be tired" Stacy walked closer to Nathan and helped him with his jacket, and his suitcase."I cooked dinner, I know you might be hungry, because of how busy you were throughout today" Stacy said and held his hand."I am not hungry Stacy, I already ate dinner before coming home. All I need right now is rest" he slowly took his hand from hers, and walked upstairs leaving Stacy in a state of daze and shock."What just happened?" She asked herself. She is still finding it hard to believe that Nathan could do such a thing to her. He had never left her food untouched or refused to eat it, so right there, Stacy's heart broke into millions of pieces.' Is this how her husband is slowly drifting apart from her?".

Chapter 2 - Betrayal

Stacy sighed as she recounted the events of that morning to her best friend, Rita. They were sitting on the cozy couch in Rita's living room, sipping cups of hot tea. Stacy had sought solace and understanding in Rita's company, hoping to find some clarity amidst the confusion that clouded her mind."Nathan is slowly drifting apart from me, Rita," Stacy began, her voice laced with frustration and sadness. "He's always cold, distant. He doesn't touch my food or show any interest in our physical connection. If I feel the slightest bit of desire at night, he dismisses me, saying he's too tired to have sex with me. This is not the husband I married anymore."Rita listened intently, her eyes filled with concern. She knew how deeply Stacy loved Nathan and how much they had once shared. Seeing her friend in such pain was making her excited, finally Nathan was going to be finally hers, she couldn't wait for them to divorce,


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