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"Dear ex-wife, I want you back!" ~~~~~~~~ Stacy, a strong and devoted wife, discovers the painful truth that her husband Nathan has been cheating on her with her best friend Rita. The betrayal strikes deep within her heart, and unable to tolerate the breach of trust, Stacy takes the brave decision to divorce Nathan, severing all ties with him. Life after the divorce proves to be a tumultuous journey for Stacy. With shattered dreams and a wounded spirit, she finds herself grappling with the challenges of starting anew. In the face of adversity, Stacy musters the courage to reinvent herself and discovers an unexpected path in the most vibrant city of dreams, Los Angeles. Drawn to the allure of the city's nightlife, Stacy finds solace and empowerment as a stripper in one of Los Angeles' premier clubs. With a newfound sense of freedom, she embraces her sensuality and unleashes her hidden talents on the stage, captivating the audience with her mesmerizing performances. The neon lights and pulsating music become her sanctuary, where she can momentarily forget the pain that still lingers in her heart. However, fate has a twisted sense of irony in store for Stacy. One fateful night, as she prepares to grace the stage with her magnetic presence, she receives an unexpected request: to strip for a VIP client. The name sends a chill down her spine, for it is none other than her ex-husband Nathaniel Hawthorne. Will Stacy find the strength to rise above the pain and confront Nathan, or will she succumb to the past and crumble under the weight of her shattered trust?


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