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My Ex-boyfriend's Comeback

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A story of a loving mother, who is able to endure and do everything for her beloved daughter. Sydney was left by her ex -boyfriend for the reason that he would marry someone else. As a result, she was unable to inform him that she's pregnant. Over six years, their path will meet again. But Sydney promised to herself that she would no longer affect her ex-boyfriend who hurt and cheated on her. But even so, she could not hide forever from her daughter who her father was, for the reason that little by little she was asking for her father.


"You're pregnant?" I almost jumped in shock when aunt Fely suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Auntie I'm sorry..." Trembling, I took my aunt's hand so she could hear me but even though I couldn't touch it, she tapped my hand.

"I'm telling you! That man didn't do any good to you! But you didn't listen!" I was distracted when she suddenly slapped my left cheek.

"Look, he ruined your life! You're so stubborn!"

"A-auntie please, enough..." I begged her because she wouldn't stop slapping me.

"Andrew loves me, I know he will be responsible for me and our baby," I said in courage. I trust my boyfriend, and I know he will accept it.

"Do you hear yourself? Are you kidding, Sydney? You don't know the habit of the rich! How can you be so sure that he will accept you, huh? Aren't you thinking?"

"Ouch! Auntie, that's enough!" I begged my aunt again after she pushed me hard.

"Get out of here! Get out!"

"Auntie, I will prove to you that Andrew is a good person..." I stood up to convince my aunt again that Andrew would accept me.

"All right, prove it! Make sure that man marries you. Because if he doesn't, don't expect me to bring you back here, okay?"

After auntie threw me out of the gate, I immediately rode the tricycle. I had to go to Andrew, he had to know we were going to have a baby.

When I got off the tricycle I immediately knocked on Andrew’s dorm.

Michael Andrew Claveria, the only child of the wealthy Claveria family. He's an engineering student. He is in his third year of college while I am graduating from Senior High.

We met when I was in grade eleven, he was in his second year, and we've been in a relationship for almost a year. Next month is our first anniversary, and I think, it's good news and a gift for us this baby in my womb.

"Sydney? W-what are you doing here?" His expression was nervous and shocked after he opened the door of his apartment for me.

"C-can I come in? I have something important to tell you, Andrew..." I said nervously and panting. I tried to get myself inside but with full force, he blocked his body at the door.

"Sydney wait,"

"W-why? Is there a problem?" I feel like my tears are forming again, anytime they can drip again.

"Babe, who's there?" I looked at the source of a woman's voice.

"Wait, who's that? You're with a woman here?" I force myself to squeeze the door to see who the woman is.

"Oh, hi?" I was shocked when a beautiful woman opened up to me. She had just taken a bath because her long hair was still wet. Only a white towel covered her body.

"I'm sorry..." Tears kept falling from my eyes. So, yeah. Is this my karma because I didn't follow my aunt Fly?

"Andrew why?" I fail to question.

"We're getting married." The simple and solid answer of the woman whose name—I do not know.

My whole body weakened even more as it showed the engagement ring on her finger.

I just stared at Andrew as my tears continued to flow. I can't read the emotion in his eyes, but I'm sure of only one thing, and that's true everything the woman with him here in his apartment says.

"I. Hate. You!"

I tried to slap Andrew but when I properly lifted my hand it just kept it raised, I couldn’t slap him no matter how painful it was he did to me.

"I'm sorry Sydney... You may now go." He said the last word before he finally closed the door of his apartment.

I could do nothing but cry all the pain I was feeling.

"Baby, mommy promised to take care of you and make you happy... I won't make you feel like you're missing something...even if you don't have a father to meet because he cheated on me... he didn't give me a chance to tell him about you."

I wiped the tears running down my cheek. I bravely left the place that from now on I will start to hate.

"I hate you Michael Andrew Claveria! I promise you'll regret that you cheated on me! I hate you!"

Chapter 1: Success

"Good day, Miss Claire Sydney Agustin! We would like to inform you that you passed your final interview in our company. We are hoping to see you working with us tomorrow or within this week. Congratulations and Good luck! Greetings from Paradise Island Corporation. "

I just opened my email and this is what popped up to me. I felt mixed emotions while reading that email. It was as if I was going to cry with joy, which I didn’t know.

"Oh My God! Oh My God! I got it! I got it!" Overjoyed, I couldn't stop myself from screaming while I was still jumping on top of my bed.

"Yes! Finally! Yes!" I still jumped while hugging my cellphone, where I received that email.

Finally, after six years I will be able to work for a company. I can also use the course I finished.

"Momma! Why are you so noisy in there? Gosh!" A frowning girl's face stopped me from having fun on the bed.

"O M G baby! Gosh! come to momma hurry!" I hurried off the bed to approach my daughter


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