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Miranda Lambert kisses a mysterious man one night in a club after playing truth and dare with her friends. The following day, she's embroidered in a scandal with the man. He turns to be the country's most handsome and famous model, Justin Reign. To save the beauty from his angry fans, Justin brings the lady back to the house. Will the two eventually fall in love? What will Justin do when he realizes that money, power and his good looks can't move the lady he has come to love? What will he do to conquer the iceberg and emotionless Goddess by the name Miranda?

Chapter 1: Truth or dare

" Come on Miranda it's your turn now,is it truth or dare." Ava shouted in the loudest of her voice.

The group of four besties were having the night of their life.

Miranda Lambert, CEO of the Lambert group. Ava Adams, The country's top model with the highest fan base. Lucia Mendez, the country's sought after designer and Stacy Carl's,the CEO of Hope group of hospitals and a world wide famous surgeon.

" Dare!" Miranda made the choice she would regret in less than 12 hours.

How could they ask her such a question? they were supposed to be her friends afterall.

Dating Carlos? Even she wanted to date him but the guy blatantly rejected her advances saying she's more masculine than him.

That had been a huge blow to her ego.

Yes,she admits that she dresses like a man but that didn't mean she's a man.

" Kiss the closest man wearing red." Lucia gave the verdict with a smirk on her face.

Their friend was already 26 years old yet she has never kissed anyone.

The two friends erupted into laughter seeing Miranda getting roasted by Lucia. It's her bad luck for choosing dare over truth to Lucia's question.

" I can't do that!" Miranda protested but she knew there's no way Lucia will let her off.

" A deal is a deal Miranda. what? are you chickening out because you are preserving your first kiss to Carlos? Does he know that? I think I'll call him and break the good news to him" Lucia said tauntingly.

" Okay, okay..I'll do it." How could Miranda allow Lucia to call that hateful Man,he might embarass her till she looses the last thread of dignity she has left.

Turning to look at the crowd across the bar, Miranda spotted a man two seats away clad in a red t-shirt and black jeans. He was handsome or atleast that's what she saw.

' it's just a kiss.' Miranda chatted in her mind to gather all the courage she needed for that one action.

Jumping off the seat, she walked confidently towards the man while her friends cheered her up.

She patted his back and just as he turned to look at her,she pulled him to herself and crashed her lips to his.

The man in question stilled in place as if he was glued. Justin felt something cold and soft smash to his lips. It wasn't a peck but the kiss wasn't deep either. He could feel her sweet taste of grapes spread through his mouth but before he could pull her to himself and deepen the kiss,she had already backed out and ran away of the club as if she was burning.

The three friends seeing Miranda run off after kissing the man took that as their cue to leave.

They picked up their clutches and Lucia placed a wad of cash at the table before they followed Miranda out still giggling.

Justin who was stupidified by their actions came back to his senses.

He was out here to have afew drinks with his friends after pleading with his Manager and now he could not let a scandal appear on the tabloids tomorrow.

He was afterall a top movie star and a model. If a picture of him kissing a woman circulated in the entertainment platforms, then only god knows what will happen to the woman in question.

Picking his phone,he made a call.

" secure any picture that could have been taken tonight otherwise you will have alot of explaining to do tomorrow." he instructed.

His manager, June was sleeping when the call came through.

" What did you do this time?" She asked.

" Who? me? I didn't do anything!" Justin defended himself.

" If you didn't do anything, why do you need me to secure whatever pictures were taken?" June asked back.

Other Managers get to atleast rest at night, but she on the other hand works 24/7

" I don't know what happened,a lady just approached me and before I knew it,she kissed me." Justin explained, trying to come clean before his manager misunderstands him again.

" A lady you say? Is she one of your many flings?" June questioned.

" I swear June,I don't have anything to do with her. I don't even know her." Justin continued.

" That's what you tell me everytime." June said uninterested.

" Believe me,am telling the truth this time."

" Okay, I'll see what I can do about that but I won't promise you anything." said June before dropping the phone.

"Shit,she didn't believe me. But I am innocent this time." Justin said pouting gaining a pat from his friend.

" Do you want me to look into the identity of that woman." Ronald offered his help to his friend.

They two have been friends since childhood. While Justin chose to pursue his career in acting, Ronald inherited his father's position as a Mafia Lord.

" You can do that for me?" Justin eagerly asked.

" Ofcourse I can,I'll owe you one for that favour." Ronald replied. He was a businessman afterall and doesn't do anything for free.

" I knew it but I think it's okay,get me all details about that woman before morning." Justin replied.

" And by any you mean?" Ronald asked cocking a brow at his friend who could be considered as his brother.

" All details,her name, where she lives, where she works, is she married or does she have a boyfriend? if Yes then who's the partner, What she likes eating,her favourite song.... just get everything on her." Justin replied.

" Sure, consider it done." Ronald replied.

" I think we should call it a night." Justin said preparing to walk out of the club.

" What's the hurry? let's have two more shots." Ronald tried to persuade him but Justin was adamant to leave.

" I have an early shoot tomorrow so I should go and rest." He explained. Truth is he was far from resting tonight. Not with his emotions going haywire and a certain part of his body going in attention.

He cursed softly when he felt his manhood bulging. He couldn't control it after that kiss he shared with that Mysterious woman.

Justin was not new to women throwing themselves to him,but something about that woman felt different. She had an aura of secrecy and mystery sorrounding her.

Chapter 2: Do you regret it?

The three girls walked in a fast pace trying to catch up with Miranda who was for some reason huge strides towards the parking lot if the club without looking back nor slowing to wait for them.

Today being a Friday,the four girls had decided to take time out of their busy schedules and have a girl's day out. Miranda had suggested they book a private room at a hotel and hang out there but the rest didn't agree with her idea.

" Who goes to have fun in a hotel Mira, we aren't going for a business meeting you know!" That was Lucia's reply to her suggestions.

" I wanna blow off some steam and get to treat my eyes with some sexy bodies and where else can I do that except for a club?" Came Ava's reply joining Lucia to reject Miranda's absurd suggestion.

" I wanna loosen up to some good music and alittle dance so there's no way am going to an hotel,it's not like am going on a dinner date with my boyfrie


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