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My destiny is to become billionaire's wife

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Erica accidentally witnessed Max, her boyfriend, having s*x with Kora, her enemy. While hiding under the bed, Erica overheard the two planning to sabotage her future. In a moment of losing control, Erica rushed to scuffle with the couple. To stop Erica's madness, Max hit her so hard that she lost consciousness. When Erica woke up in the hospital, she was immediately arrested by the police for assaulting Kora. To avoid jail time, Kora and her mother forced Erica to transfer ownership of the property, which Erica was entitled to inherit upon her parents' death, to Kora. By the time Erica discovered the mother and daughter Kora's whole plot, it was too late. Erica had to accept the request in exchange for her freedom, losing everything and even being kicked out of her house. Erica is determined to take back what belongs to her and make Kora and her mother pay the price. Erica started a new life and happened to meet and save Ansel, the heir to a large corporation. How will Erica's life change now that she has become Ansel's benefactor and married him?

Chapter 1: Betrayed

Erica doesn't understand and is extremely worried. It has been over a week, and she has been unable to contact Max. At first, Erica thought that because she was busy with exams, her boyfriend did not want to bother her. However, until today, when Erica has successfully completed the exams, she still cannot contact Max. For the past few days, Max has not bothered to contact Erica. All calls and messages have been initiated by Erica. Unfortunately, Max's phone always says busy or unreachable, and Erica's messages have gone unanswered.

Erica wants to know what's happening. Why is Max suddenly missing and unreachable? Most of all, Erica misses her boyfriend terribly. A week without seeing him has made Erica very uncomfortable. Despite being busy studying and focusing on her exams, Erica still takes time to think about Max. Additionally, their anniversary is coming up, and Erica wants to organize a party with him. After much pondering, Erica decides to go to Max's apartment to meet him.

Erica wanted to surprise Max, so she used the spare key to enter his house instead of ringing the doorbell. Fortunately, Max had given her a key before so she could help him decorate his house for a party. Erica was glad she had kept the key because it allowed her to enter his house again without any trouble.

'Definitely, this was a big surprise. I bet Max will be surprised.' A smile spread across her face, as Erica pushed open the door and stepped inside.

She glanced around the house and noticed that nothing had really changed since the last time she was there. The most important thing is that Max is not at home. To be sure, Erica announced her presence.

"Max, I'm Erica."

No one answered. Maybe Max is busy with work, Erica speculated and showed patience to wait for Max to return.

'I'll prepare everything while I wait for Max to return.'

After placing two bags full of food on the table, Erica quickly got to work on preparing everything for their anniversary celebration. She couldn't help but feel excited as she imagined Max's reaction to the surprise she had planned. Erica hoped that he would be pleasantly surprised by her visit and the gift she had prepared for them to celebrate their two years together: a home-cooked meal and a cake baked by her. The meal was a special touch that Erica had added to make the occasion even more memorable.

After placing two bags full of food on the table, Erica quickly began to prepare everything for their celebration. She couldn't help but enjoy imagining Max's reaction to the surprise she had planned. Erica hopes that he will be surprised by her visit and the gift she has prepared for them to celebrate their two years together. It was a homemade meal and a cake she baked. The meal was a special highlight that Erica added to make the occasion even more memorable.

Erica enjoyed cooking, so she happily prepared the meal and cake for their celebration. After finishing the job quickly, she patiently waited for Max to return. During the wait, Erica allowed her thoughts to drift along various lines.

Erica often daydreams about a happy future with Max, including getting married and living a simple life where she cooks him breakfast every day and welcomes him home in the evening. She just wants to have a peaceful, warm family life with a smile on her face. Speaking of Max, Erica is proud of her boyfriend's many achievements. He is a handsome and successful man with a degree from a prestigious university. He comes from a wealthy family and currently works for the family company, where he is expected to inherit his parents' fortune in the future.

The two had known each other for two years when Erica was a fourth-year student and Max graduated from college a year earlier. They first met on the university's anniversary, when they were introduced by mutual friends. Erica was initially attracted to Max's polite, kind, and considerate nature, while Max secretly kept an eye on Erica. When Max finally confessed his feelings, Erica immediately accepted his confession and they became a couple. Max is Erica's first love. Their relationship was very harmonious and continues to this day, at least from Erica's point of view. However, Erica may not be fully aware of the true nature of their relationship and it is possible that she has inadvertently overlooked some important aspects of it.

Lost in a euphoric feeling, she suddenly heard the sound of the door opening. Her body reacted automatically, openly expressing her joy. Erica got up from the chair and walked towards the door, intending to open it to welcome Max, but then she stopped herself. She licked her lips with an anxious expression, waiting for him to come in, and then she would shout out:

'Max, welcome home. Are you surprised?'

At first, Erica thought she would stand near the door and shoot paper poppers to welcome Max when he walked in. Perhaps this would be a typical, boring welcome. Thinking so, to make it more surprising for Max, Erica hurriedly took the pre-prepared cake with a candle and a cake cutter and ran quickly into the bedroom. Erica decided to make Max burst with surprise when he saw her in the room, and everything was fully prepared.

The excitement in Erica dissipated, and a frown appeared on her face when she heard more than one voice.

"Let me help you carry your stuff." Max's voice rang out. "I was surprised that it rained so quickly."

"I know!" A female voice replied, "I can't believe we forgot our umbrellas."

"Our date is canceled." The other girl complained again, her voice a bit regretful.

"Let's just stay in today. I promise to make it up to you with a more special date." Max sweetly comforted the girl.

"You made a promise, remember to keep it." The girl said softly.

"Of course, I can't forget the promise I made to you, honey," Max spoke again in a comforting tone.

"It's raining now, I can't go anywhere. What do we do?" The girl sounded a reminder.

"First, why don't you take your wet dress off of you?" Max said in a spoiled tone.

"Without clothes, I would get cold," The girl said, embarrassed as she lowered her face.

"I'll keep you warm," Max playfully teased.

"How?" Asked the girl, feigning innocence.

"With my body," Max said brazenly.

"You're so naughty." The girl lightly hit Max's chest, making him laugh out loud: "How can you be so perverted?"

"It's because you're too attractive, making me crave like this." Max sweetly complimented the girl, making Erica's skin crawl. When did Max become so cheesy?

"Don't sweet-talk and seduce people with your words." The girl scolded sternly.

"Come on, let's go to the bedroom, I'll make sure to warm you up," Max still used his coaxing tone. "Let me show you how your body drives me crazy."

Pressing her ear against the door to listen, Erica's stomach tightened with anger. She instinctively clenched her fists when she heard the lewd words coming out of Max's mouth. Erica just realized that Max was cheating on her.

Turns out this was the reason for Max's disappearance. Oh, when she discovered the truth, Erica felt so heartbroken.

Chapter 2: That girl is Erica's enemy

Since when did Max become such a scoundrel? He dared to cheat on Erica behind her back. Erica thought Max was a good man, not a womanizer. But as it turns out, that's not the case, and isn't it true that most men are promiscuous? If only the person out there wasn't Max. But it could also be not true. Erica has the right to hope so, even if only for a moment.

The conversation outside suddenly stopped, creating an uncomfortable silence that made Erica feel tense.

Her heart was pounding, and she was startled by heavy footsteps approaching her room.

In a panic, Erica frantically searched for a place to hide and impulsively jumped into the large closet in the room. After entering the closet, Erica gently closed the door. The wardrobe is spacious, reflecting Max's tendency to be perfectly organized. The frosted glass door allowed Erica to see outside, but she hoped that no one could see her.

Erica's eyes widened when she saw Kora, her obnox


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