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My Crippled Husband Who Loves Me Dearly

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Being a Cinderella, I was forced to marry a rich man who was crippled. But I was shocked when I met him. He made me realize that I deserved nothing but him. Now I don't care about his health situation. All I want is him by my side. That's all, I felt when I fall in love with him slowly, desperately and hopelessly. Until on the honeymoon, I finally found out, my husband who loves me dearly , met his first love who supposed to be dead. Will he leave me for her?

Engagement Called Off

" Sorry, Charlotte! It may not be a good timing for us but I am announcing that Your little sister will replace your position as the Mistress of the Hawks family!"

When Charlotte hears the explanation about replacing her place with her little sister who is from her Mom's second family, She feels a hollow inside. Even though, Her parents are her biological parents They all want to give her half-sister the best life that is supposed to get.

Charlotte Milestone, The elder daughter of the Milestones family. Everyone thinks that she is born with a golden spoon and a princess but behind all the shroud of showing off, She is nothing but a Cinderella. Her little sister is four years younger than her. Her Mom cheated on her father. Later when her lover died in an unfortunate accident, Her father accepted her back out of love.

As her sister came into their lives, She became the one who looked like an outsider. The neglect of her started accentuating her parents as soon as her sister started using her kindness toward them. But She always forgave her, Thinking family shouldn't hold grudges against each other.

Right now, She was supposed to get going to have her wedding shopping with her long-term Fiancé who just came back from abroad. She hasn't met him yet, she was waiting for him to get married after his coming back.

She gazes at her father disbelievingly who is comfortably sitting on the couch and giving a soft smile towards her sister, Rachel Milestone, 20, a freshman. Rachel shyly is tucking her hair behind her ear, Seemingly she looks like a white lotus in front of everyone.." Why Dad?" she asks under her breath, ignoring the splitting pain in her heart. She was looking forward to getting married and having her own family. She once saw her Fiancé in a photo but hasn't met yet to seen him directly. Now Her father wants to destroy her dream.

" It's easy! Brian Hawks told his parents that he doesn't want to marry someone who is a little Old. He prefers your sister more!"

She purses her lips, looking at her father who is sitting across from her. Her pain inside clutches her heart painfully, However, She knows she won't be able to do it anyway.

" Also, Sister! You aren't suitable for Brother Brian. He is smart, Handsome, and intelligent. When I met him, He said he doesn't want someone like you!"

Rachel says hostilely with a smirk on her lips. But her attention is on her nails which are newly done.

" You met him?" She asks in disbelief. Today she is supposed to go to the shopping mall with her Fiancé for the first time. But Her sister already met her Fiancé.

" Well! Since Dad has announced everything. Then I don't have anything to hide on. Brother Brian and I have been dating for three months. And I am already soon to be a mother. It's 2 and a half mouth.."

Showing off her belly, Rachel smirks at her. Charlotte's fingers tremble, Her gaze at her sister is full of unknown feelings that are intertwined with pain and hatred. She has never demanded something from her parents. But She was okay in the past with whatever they decided for her. Even she greatly accepted and appreciated the engagement between two families and her wedding with the boy she didn't love. But she learned to love him to create a family where she would be happy.

" So She seduced him. You know about it, Dad!". She asks in a plain voice. Her voice sounds rather calm. She shakes her head and closes her eyes firmly to get the proper breath of what she needs at this moment.

" Why are you sounding like your sister stole your husband? Also She or you. Why does it matter? She is pregnant with Brian's child. She deserves the position! Now Listen to my other announcement!" His voice resounds the carelessness in her matter. To him, All he can want is profit and making money. He doesn't even seem to care about letting his daughter know that she shouldn't hope up for her wedding.

Charlotte keeps shutting her eyes, She still feels the sharp twisting in her fragile heart. She can't move on from the fact that her family doesn't care about her feelings at all. They treat her like a toy but she doesn't know why she always gets this kind of treatment from her family.

" You all must have heard about the Rodriguez family. Yesterday, I had a meeting with them. They have two sons, They want me to give one of my adorable daughters to them to be their daughter-in-law. It is really good news for us, Isn't it?"

He sounds proud, grinning mischievously. Charlotte keeps her mouth shut, Right now, She has lost all of her interests and hopes to get married or make a perfect family.

" What? Isn't it the richest family in our state? Are you sure about it?" Rachel shouts, She seems to know about the family. " Why didn't you tell Me before? That family is much better than Brian's. Also, I always wanted to marry off in that family" Her voice rises with disbelief.

" But You already got pregnant with him. You should be grateful that you will get married to Brian. " Her father assures her with a smirk. Rachel raises one of her eyebrows to understand what her father means but she looks a little disappointed that she won't be able to marry someone Rodriguez's family.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is lost in thoughts. She has little knowledge about the family since she always dreamed of working in Rodriguez's fashion design department. But She couldn't able to join there. She is now an employee of Sunshine Company.

" So, Is sister going to get married in that family?" Rachel asks puffing her cheeks angrily. She is totally unhappy about her sister getting married to a richer family than she will be.." What do you say? Charlotte! It's the best chance for our company. Being in-laws with them is like expecting the skyrocket.."

Charlotte's uninterest gaze settles on her father who is daydreaming about getting the money from the Rodriguez family. Her soft hands form into a fist. Her tears are still hesitating to drop off. But her expression is still empty and plain.

" Can I refuse your wish, Dad?" Upon seeing her family for years, Now she thinks she deserves nothing like what she experienced all of those years. To be a perfect daughter, and to make her parents happy, She has always worked hard. But she was left with neglect. So It's time for her to do as she wishes.

However, A Deafening silence in the room appears. Her father and Rachel look at each other, almost in disbelief. They are not used to her rejecting their parents. At least, Charlotte is like a loyal dog to them. This is the first time in their life, She said No to something that matters a lot to them.

" So You want me to be disappointed in you? Do you think I will be happy seeing you destroy the chance to get a goose that lays golden eggs. !"

Mr Milestones yells angrily slamming the glass of wine he has been holding, on the table. Charlotte flinches but her heart laughs out loud with mockery inside. Her father wants to make her a trade deal. Selling her to earn money. Her own family, her sister, and her Fiancé laughed at her. Maybe was making fun when she was excited to get married. Now they once again want her to marry someone who can give them money. They don't care if the person who she has to get married can be a drug smuggler or a playboy. All her family wants is Money.

" You are going to get married today in the afternoon. It was decided by your mother before we announced the wedding between Rachel and Brian. You are going to move in today!"

It is hard for Charlotte to keep on going. She wants to end her relationship, trust, and respect towards her parents. She wanted to get little respect for her own opinion on her matters from her parents. She still wants not to make them disappoint but she wants them to understand that she is disappointed in them.

She knows it's not a fantasy world where she can go against her parents and be a sassy girl to fight back. She was raised in this way. She has to accept and say yes to her parents. She doesn't want to make them unhappy. But Still, she wants her parents to realize how much unhappy she is because of them. But there has no way to make them realize that since they're obsessed with money and fame.

" I understood, Dad! I am happy with whatever you want me to do. It's okay to get married today. " She sounds tired but she smiles like a clown, mocking herself for how hopeless she becomes, She can't say No to what she hates.

Surprised Wedding

" Stupid!!" Her slurry voice echoes the dressing room where she is changing her dress for her wedding what is going to happen in the next few minutes? She has completed her makeup and now she is going to wear the dress. She looks at the wedding gown that is sent from the Rodriguez family for her to wear. Seeing the dress, her heart fills with sudden uncertain feelings. This is the latest model from the Rodriguez fashion design department that is launched last week in an international fashion show. The dress hasn't been launched in the market yet. However, She wanted to join the fashion show but she is just a normal employee so she couldn't able to.

" How lucky you are!! sister! You are wearing the dress that I have ordered with Brian for our wedding..." Rachel says hostilely, showing how unhappy she is with Charlotte for having the dress she desires. However, Charlotte is surprised to see how comfortable Rachel is after stealing her man. Even showing off her tummy which isn't


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