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My Crazy Assistant

My Crazy Assistant

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The story is about Joey a young girl in her early twenties, she is very beautiful and also smart. She is from a middle class family and a graduate of Havard university. She has been unlucky with work since she graduated from school. Joey finally meets Carlos, the CEO of Carlos groups. Carlos resulted into hating ladies after his last hurtful breakup. He own the biggest running companies in America. Will Carlos be the one to change Joey's bad luck into goodluck by giving her a job in his company? Will there be love after job? Find out this in this exciting story.

Chapter 1

Carlos is a very handsome tall man, he is in his early thirties, he is one of the richest bachelor in the world. He became arrogant after his girlfriend broke his heart.

His father his also very rich, he was a handsome man too, his father always teased his mother that she purposely gave him her face. On the other hand, Carlo's teenage brother was the exact replica of his father. His moods depended on his environment.

He is sometimes friendly and sometimes rude. He was annoying most times but when you talk of looks, this teenage guy was dreamy and cute.

“You didn’t tell me you were back” Carlos said

“We wanted it to be a surprise” His mother said

“Yeah it was. How was your trip?” “It was splendid. I had fun” His father replied

Mr Williams was a very happy and active man unlike his son. You can’t blame him though

“Has the maid attended to you yet?” Carlos asked

“No I asked her to hold on till you come” Jasmine smiled

“I’m here now. Let me go meet her to prepare your favorite meals” He said

“ella” He called as he went up the stairs

Stephine had gone to work as usual and joey was at home bored with nothing to do or trouble to look for.

Joey is a very beautiful and skinny girl, her parent own a bakery and she has a younger sister. She is a graduate, with first class.

She just got fired from her job and has been looking for job. Stephine is her best friend, they leave in the same house.

She took her bath and wore a pink top with black pants,packed her hair in a ponytail and stepped out for a while.

She kept walking and walked past the restaurant when Mr Jude called her

“Why are you calling me huh? I’m no longer working

here” joey snapped

“Yes and I’m sorry about that. Please come back. I was wrong for blaming you” Mr jude said.

“I am not coming back cause I quit” She wanted to leave but he drew her back

“Please I will pay you double of your salary" Mr Jude said.

“I don’t care. Please excuse me” She glared at him and left

Mr Jude came to beg joey to come back because after the incident where joey quarreled with the lady and got fired,Mr Carlos glared at Mr Jude before leaving.

Mr Jude knew Carlos wasn’t happy with his judgment and decided to get joey back so he won’t be on Mr Carlo's blacklist but she has turned him down and he is confused on what to do now.

Jeoy was passing the street when she saw a vacany poster saying they were in need of a cook.

It was a very big and beautiful restaurant they sells food one of the cook just quit her job and they were in need of a replacement.

Joey was so happy she smiled and entered the restaurant.

She saw the receptionist, “Good morning ma. I saw the poster that says you guys needed a cook and would like to apply” joey said and smiled.

“Okay follow me” The lady said and joey followed her, she took her to the manager.

They both got to the manager office, they knocked on the door, "come in" the manager said. The receptionist told the manager what joey said.

She took joey to the kitchen for a test run. She asked her to cook for them and they would taste before giving her the job.

“if you prepare the food well you will get the job" the manager said.

“Okay ma" joey said.

"What should I prepare" joey asked, "pasta, everything you need is in the kitchen" the manager said.

“okay ma" joey said with a smile.

"I will leave you now" the manager said and left.

“Are you sure she can do this?” One of the employees asked

“I don’t know, when she is done we will know" the manager said.

“Okay. Let’s wait and see”

Joey mistakenly fell a plate down.

The manager and the employee, heard the sounds.

"What is going" the manager asked, "I'm sorry ma the plate fell down by mistake" joey said.

Few hours later joey was done preparing the food. She served the food.

“I’m done cooking" joey said, some of the employees helped her to bring the food out the kitchen.

“Okay” The manager

Joey brought the food and the manager almost threw up on setting her eyes on it

“Oh my” The employee exclaimed

“Please what’s your name miss?” The manager asked

“joey ma”

“Okay. Joey, please where is the pasta and cause I'm seeing Mashed potatoes?” joey chuckled.

That’s the pasta you’re looking at. Taste it okay?

It’s delicious”

“Mrs kim ,I can’t eat this. This looks like what a child threw up. I’m not even seeing the pasta” The

employee said facing the manager

“Woah what did you cook? I asked you to cook

Pasta” Mrs Kim said pushing the food away

“Yeah that’s what I cooked” joey said

“But I ain’t seeing anything” The manager stood up and entered the kitchen Her eyes opened wide as her jaw dropped

“What happened in here?” She yelled

“I cooked” joey smiled sweetly

“what is this?” The woman exclaimed

There were broken plates on the floor,disheveled pots and water everywhere.

“This place is a big mess. Miss joey, you are fired”

“Fired? You haven’t even employed me yet” joey said shocked

“I don’t care. You are fired. Leave my company”

“okay ma" joey said in a sad tone.

Mrs Kim was shocked and annoyed because of what she saw. Only to cook and the lady messed up her kitchen.

Joey got out of the company and continued walking.

She was angry that the woman fired her. She wasn’t even employed and the woman dare fire her.

“It’s not like I even wanted to work there. I was only trying to do her a favor” She signed.

On her way she saw another vacancy, they were in need of cleaner, she was so happy, she checked the address.

Chapter 2

When she got home she checked about the company it is one of the biggest company. She was so happy she was praying they accept her. Even though it was a cleaner job.

The next morning she took her bath, dressed up and went to the company.


When she got there, she saw someone outside. She konw the man he was, him and is boss usually come to her former job, where she worked as a waitress.

“Good morning sir” She smiled

“What’s your name?” the he asked

“My name is Joey ” she replied smiling.

“Wow. How may we help you?” he asked.

“I’m here to apply for the cleaning job”

“That’s interesting. Follow me” He said and she obeyed

They took the elevator and got to Carlo's office. He was busy on some files when they entered

They walked over to where he was with Noel

“Hey”he said

“Hi” Carlos answered without looking up

“Ummm…a lady is here to apply for the cleaning job”

“A lad


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