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My Cold Billionaire

My Cold Billionaire

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Be a Billionaire and good looks is not a guarantee that Nicholas Alistair's love story will run. Feeling very disappointed because his previous fiancé had betrayed him, Nicholas closed his mind and acted cool. He thinks women are creatures to be avoided. However, this caught the attention of an assistant named Kimberly. She, who had just taken up the position of Nicholas's private assistant, had a secret love. The cool and indifferent attitude shown by Nicholas made the young woman very challenged to crush the mind of her boss. Can Kimberly, a young woman full of secrets, crush Nicholas's mind as cool as ice in Antarctica?

Chapter 1

A few years ago.

"Nick, I'm pretty confident that Briana is cheating on you."

Nicholas looked up. The look of surprise was clear on the man's handsome face. But he still tried to calm down to respond to his friend's words.

"What nonsense is this, Jack? Did you see it for yourself?"

Jacob shook his head. It was not he who witnessed the incident. "But, I can prove what I just said. Hans who accidentally saw Briana go with another man. Not even once. But many times."

"It's a bullshit, Jack!"

"I swear, Nick. I'm telling you about this so you can be more careful. So far, Briana has been kind and loyal. In fact, she betrayed you. I can't even tolerate what your fiancé did!"

Seconds later, Jacob held out his cell phone, intending to show Nicholas something. The thing that made the man feel breathless. Visible in Nicholas's eyes, a photo of a man and girl kissing. He recognized the woman as Briana and the man was the manager of his girlfriend.

"Briana has betrayed you, Nick. Are you confident you're going to marry her, anyway?" Jacob asked for safe. "Your Fiance really has lied to you. This just can't be forgiven. You should clarify as soon as possible."

Nicholas growled in annoyance. Trying to deny all the information that his best friend gave. So, to prove everything Jacob said, Nicholas, who was on a business trip to Milan, returned to London.

Nicholas Alistair is in a serious relationship with Briana Swan, who works as a profesional artist. The two of them are even engaged and will get married in a few weeks.

Arriving at the Airport, Nicholas started his car at an above-average speed. Splitting the streets of London to an elite residence in the center of city. When he arrived, Nicholas brought his feet to the apartment unit that Briana had been occupying. Placing a finger on the key sensor, the apartement door opened. Nicholas was a little confused because he found the entire room was dark. Only the lights in Briana's place seemed to be still on.

"Oh, God ... I love the way you satisfy me, Honey. You've never once let me down."

"I can even give you more than this."

From Briana's room, Nicholas could hear the voices of a woman and a man sighing at each other and whispering. Overwhelmed with curiosity, Nicholas opened slowly the door to the room, which was not locked from the inside. It shocked him when he found his fiancée being intimate with another man in a state of no clothes.

"I'm glad you can satisfy me like this, Mario. I'm happy that you are always by my side like now."

"Anytime, I'll always be there when you need, Briana. It's not hard to satisfy you in bed."

Hearing Mario's words, Briana smiled. She kissed the man in front of her again. Mario then also returned the kiss that Briana gave. Carrying his hand, caressing the woman's entire body intensely.

"One thing I like about you, Mario ... ," Briana whispered. "You're very different from Nicholas. In all his life in a relationship, Nicholas never wanted to sleep with me."

Briana didn't realize that Nicholas was watching her from outside the room. Until not long, because he could not stand it, Nicholas chose to immediately enter the room. This of course made Briana and Mario surprised.

Noticing Nicholas's presence, still breathless, Briana tried to speak. "Good grief, Nick, w-what are you doing here?" Briana glared in shock. She pulled the blanket up, struggling to cover her naked body.

"What am I doing? I should be the one asking, what are you doing with that man?" Nicholas cast a piercing gaze at the man next to Briana.

"I-me? Of course, I'm having fun," Briana replied.

Nicholas remained in his position. Trying to hold back the emotions that almost exploded. Even the glint of his eyes and his sharp jaw showed he was ready to pounce on anyone, regardless of who it was.

"I can't believe you're doing this in my favor. You betrayed me." Nicholas shook his head in disbelief. "I don't think we need to continue this engagement anymore. Everything is clear enough for me," he continued later.

Instead of being anxious, Briana looked calm, as if she had known for this to happen in the end.

"I wanted to cancel our engagement long ago. Besides, I don't choose you, Nick. You're too busy with your world of work. As deep as we're dating, you don't require touching me," said Briana.

Nicholas snickered at what he had just heard. He's always been regarding the wrong woman. "You realize I feel it would be better not to disturb you? I just demand to protect you, make sure my ego doesn't take away your honor. And you guess that's a mistake?" Nicholas didn't understand Briana's way of thinking.

Briana even laughed discord at Nicholas' words. "You're too naïve, Nicholas Alistair. I'm a modern woman who also needs warmth from a partner. What about you? You've been acting like an old-fashioned man all this time. Not to mention, you're so busy taking care of your job, paying no attention to me. I'm sick of all your behavior."

Nicholas nodded at Briana. Seconds later, the man spoke again. "Alright, I will follow your wishes. From now on, we will end this engagement. Never appear before me."

"You think I'll regret it? Of course not, Nick. I've been waiting for this moment for a long term." Briana approached her mistress, raised her face, then landed a deep kiss as if she wasn't concerned about Nicholas' presence, who looked at her in disgust.

"Why are you still here?" Asked Briana after breaking the brush. "Just so you know, you're interfering with my day making love, Nick. We don't have any relationship, so you'd better get out of here," said Briana.

Nicholas turned around. Without saying a word, the man then left. Leaving Briana's apartment with a million pains gnawing at his heart.

Chapter 2

“Henry Cavill, damn it!” cursed Kimberly. “If only I didn't watch Netflix series until dawn, maybe it wouldn't be this late.”

This morning, for the umpteenth time, Kimberly had to be late to the office for such a trivial reason. She stepped foot along the corridor of the AlpaBeta Corporation building to go to her room. However, before arriving, Kimberly bumped into a man in the opposite direction so that they both sat on the floor.

“Gosh! Am I not big enough that you can't look at me?” murmured the man in front of her.

Grimacing, Kimberly tried to get up. “Sorry, I was rushing, so I didn't see you. Once again, I apologize,” Kimberly replied without turning her head towards the other person. She was too busy tidying up the blazer she was wearing. Then just ran away, ignoring the man who hit her cursed in pain.

"Shit! Why are there such impudent employees at AlpaBeta!"

Kimberly can breathe easy. How could she not? She cou


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