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My CEO is a Submissive and I am the Dominant

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"Would you like me to serve you as my Mistress?" Dominik Lawrence — a man who treated me like trash earlier, suddenly asked me to be his Master as we entered our hotel room on our first night together. Of course, I couldn't ignore such a golden opportunity like this. "You can call any woman as your Mistress, but I want you to call me your Master. Understand?" And this is when I spent the night and played with Dominik Lawrence, whom I realized later that he was the CEO in my office right after we spent our night together.

Chapter 1

It should be one of the best days I’ve ever had in my life. It should be the day when I could enjoy my weekend by eating my favorite dessert, an ice cream cone with a durian flavor. Walking across the street as my eyes were busy doing what others do; window shopping.

And when I said ‘window shopping’, it’s not as what many people actually do. In fact, I’m not looking at the stores; they’re not what I’m looking for. What I’m looking for are the many hot guys around the street I was walking on at the moment.

For example, the one who was looking for something that I had no idea at all over there. From the place I stood, I could see his perfect *ss, even though I thought he made sure to cover them inside his unattractive white trousers, which unfortunately, couldn’t give me more access to enjoy the full scenery of what he hid inside his boring trousers.

Or the guy with a great body shape and an adorable face, like some TV idols. Unfortunately, he was off limits since he already has a girlfriend, from what I assumed from the girl walked next to him and stood next to him while chuckling for a reason I didn’t know and I didn’t want to know, making her look like a donkey instead of a living doll.

But never mind. It wasn’t my priorities now since what I thought was my perfect day was already over. I stood in front of the city's biggest shopping center and gave a death stare to a man with an overbearing attitude. He didn't seem to care about anything around him..

And no. I looked at him with a look as if I wanted to kill and skin such an overbearing, annoying man standing in front of me, not because I felt afraid (and are there really people who are so afraid that they stare intently at other people like I did?), but because I felt so p*ss*d at what he had done to me just now.

Whether he did it intentionally or not, what was clear to me is that I couldn’t just accept what he did to me and pretend it never happened. Not when he managed to make me miss one of the most enjoyable moments, along with my favorite flavor of ice cream, which I never miss every time I come to this place.

I know it didn’t make any sense for me to blame that man since we bumped into each other unintentionally, and ended up with my previous ice cream falling onto the floor without any chance for me to get it back.

I looked at the ice cream, which was now lying on the floor near us with teary eyes, as if I was ready to cry whenever I wanted. I felt so sad since it’s my favorite ice cream in durian flavor, the only thing I rarely had a chance to buy and enjoy.

And now, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it because it’s already fallen to the floor, along with my clothes, and also that person’s coat, who bumped into me before.

What’s even more annoying to me is that instead of apologizing for bumping into me and dropping my ice cream, he was busy cleaning his formal suit from my ice cream, and he acted as if he didn’t care or even bothered himself about me, making me feel as if my existence were not important to him.

As soon as he finished cleaning his suit, he threw the used handkerchief right on me instead of throwing it into the nearby trash bin.

“Use it to clean your hands and your clothes. I don’t need it anymore.”

He said that before walking away, leaving me in shock from his indifferent attitude.

Did you get the reason I was so annoyed by his act now? If so, that’s great since I was pretty sure people would be so annoyed if someone treated them badly like he did to me.

And if you ask how come I still be able to glare at that guy when I said he walked away, that’s because I managed to stop him before he actually left me behind.

“Hey! Where the hell are you planning to go now?” I asked, trying to contain the annoyance at being treated like a lowly creature without losing my calm composure.

“I’m going to go to another place. I’m sure you should know it just by looking at me, right?”

This guy! He is insane! At least, you should apologize for what you did to me and the damage you did to me!

As I couldn’t hold back my anger anymore, I bit my lower lips in annoyance as I approached him and grabbed his collar roughly.

“I don’t care if you are rich or just pretending to be rich. But the way you treated me was really rude and inappropriate!”

“Really? Why do you think the way I treated you was really rude and inappropriate?”

He asked me that as his face looked so freaking calm despite watching me scream at him like a mad person while trying to loosen my grip a little. Which, of course, I didn’t let him go easily, so I tightened my grip even more.

“First of all, you’ve bumped into other people and knocked over other people’s things.” I said, gesturing the number one with my finger right in front of his face.

The person frowned his eyes in confusion. “It’s true that I bumped into you earlier. But it was an accident, and you also bumped into me. So why should I apologize to you for something I didn’t do on purpose?”

This f*ck*ng person!

Be patient, me… Be patient…

I then took a deep breath before resuming my words. “Second, you don’t apologize to me.”

“You’re not apologizing either. Are you?”

This d*mn creature… I really hate him even more!

While trying to hold back my anger that soon I was sure that I would explode at any moment, I signaled a number three with my finger, while handing the handkerchief that still had leftover ice cream that I had eaten earlier right on his face.

“Third, you gave the thing you already used to a person who bumped into you. Do you think other people won’t feel annoyed if you give them used goods like that?”

“Why? From what I see, you look like you are okay with it, so I gave you the thing I used. So, where is the problem?”

The problem is in your brain, d*ckh**d! F*ck you with your shrimp brain! No, a shrimp is so much better than this f*ck*ng b*st*rd!

Since I could not take his overbearing attitude towards me anymore, I grabbed his hair straight off and kicked him many times as my lips were busy uttering swear words to him, wishing that what I was doing to him would open up this b*st*rd’s mind.

You heartless living creature! After this, I will make sure you apologize for my fallen ice cream! I don’t care if you have money or not, I would make you pay for my fallen ice cream!

“Can you stop doing this to me?” he asked, trying to hold back my hand that was still grabbing his hair. “If you keep pulling my hair like you are doing now, I’ll be bald later!”

I took the opportunity to kick him hard as his hands tried to stop me from grabbing his hair with all his might. “It’s good if you get bald later! I will let everyone know that you deserve it!”

“If you continue like this, you’ll ...”

Before he could finish his words, I started to lose my balance since I was too eager to kick that person. And because of my recklessness, I ended up with my position lying on the ground, while he was right above me.

Our eyes then met for a few moments before I turned my gaze to his upper body.

“Tell me what you want. I will compensate for the damage I caused to you.” said the man with a serious face.

Chapter 2

His voice, which sounded so firm in my ears, made my brain seem to stop working for a moment.

I swallowed my saliva, and without realizing it, my eyes were getting busier and busier, tracing every inch of this annoying person's appearance.

It surely was a weird thing I did, but I just didn’t want to lose the opportunity to feel his perfect body, which made me swallow my saliva several times while thinking about what I wanted to do with him.

From the expression he showed me, I got the feeling that he didn't mind what I was doing at all, so I continued to move my hands until I reached his waist.

A little more…

I looked back at his face. From what I saw, he was trying to bite his lower lip as my hand pressed hard against his waist, as if he were holding back his lips from making a sound.

The look in his eyes seemed to beg me to keep pressing his waist like this.

Is this a good sign? I thought, trying hard to stop myself from


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