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My Boyfriend Is A Hidden Mafia Boss??

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What if one day you came to know that the person you loved with your whole heart is none other than the murderer of your parents... Would you still love him or would you take revenge for making you all alone in this cruel world? Era Steve is an orphan who doesn't like violence and wants a peaceful life. She is naive and innocent. She always wanted a life partner with whom she can live an ordinary life. Very far away from rich people's diplomacy. That's why she has fallen in love with Daniel Makenzi who she thought to be the perfect match for her liking. The kind of person who also doesn't like violence and has a very calm personality. But is it really the true??? No.... Daniel Makenzi, the famous mafia who is dominating the whole world at this present time. He is the person whom the whole underground people are afraid of. He is the most cruel man in this world. But... Then why Era thinks that he is the opposite kind of person? Did he hide his real identity from her? Yes, he did... Daniel Makenzi has hidden his real identity from Era Steve to become the person she wanted. But why?? Is it because he loves Era and knows what she wanted her soulmate to be? Or.... There is a hidden mystery behind it?? If you want to know the answer then join the journey with the author Rockbison. It is a comedy-based mystery story with a lot of characters and so readers won't feel bored reading only the MCs problematic life but also the side characters little little funny scenes and also love stories... Hope you guys will enjoy it and will comment what you think about my novel. This is my second novel and if you guys haven't read my first novel then go check out Seducing Her Aloof Ex...

Chapter 1 : Master...

Chapter 1: Master...

It is raining heavily. Some men are standing outside a big mansion careless of the rain. They all have guns in their hands. Maybe they are guarding the mansion.

From outside the mansion, looks like it belongs to the king of this country but from the inside.....

Aahh, still it looks like the king's mansion but.... the Mafia king's.

Inside the house, some sort of crying could be heard from the hallway. A man is kneeling on his knees and both hands are tied up with a rope.

In front of him, six to seven men are standing with guns pointing towards him.

There is also standing another man in front of all these gunmen. Maybe he is the leader of these men. He is looking at that kneeling man like a beast who is ready to prey on his target the second his master will order him.

But he has no gun in his hand. Maybe, his bare hand is enough to take him to hell.

" Who are you?" The kneeling man asked. His voice is cracking seeing his surroundings. " Why did you take me here?"

Suddenly some footsteps could be heard from upstairs. A man is coming down from the first floor like a king. His aura is much worse than the leader's.

And hearing those footsteps, all the guards become more alert with their appearance.

But it didn't make much difference to the leader. Even his urge to prey on his target increased more and so he started to growl.

" Zacky," The man called in a very deep voice to the leader who had started to growl.

And hearing this one word is enough to calm down that leader whose name must be Zacky.

After that, that man came down and sat on the luxurious chair placed in the middle of the room. And seeing him, every guard standing there bowed their head in respect including Zacky.

" Master," Zacky who is the leader of the gun squad called the man sitting on his throne.

His eyes are all sparkling looking at his master. Maybe he wants his master to quickly finish his judgment so that he can play with his prey.

" Who.... who are you?" The kneeling man asked in hesitation.

Because he had never seen this man before and seeing his aura, he could tell that he might be a very big person.

That man is having a bad feeling about what kind of big person he could be. Because of how the master is looking at him as if he gonna eat him alive in no time.

But the question is why?

Who is that person everyone is calling Master and why did the Master take him here?

He is just a regular office worker who never did a bad thing. Or... Maybe he did....

" Why did your man take me here? l didn't do anything." that man said again.

" Are you sure Mr. Jonh that you didn't do anything?" Finally Master talks to that man in a harsh voice.

" l don't even know you then how am l supposed to do something to you." Mr. Jonh replied. " There must be a misunderstanding."

Suddenly the Master started to laugh. " Yeah, you are right. You didn't do anything to me." Master replied which made Mr. Jonh sigh in relief but not for too long.

" But you have dared to touch the most important thing of my life." Suddenly Master stopped laughing and said in a serious voice.

" Wh...what?"

"You know what, you are right. How can you know a mafia like me? You are just a normal office worker who works hard from 9 to 5. When do you have time to gamble with us?" Master said.

Then Master stood up from his luxurious chair and came near that man.

" But you know what.... there are some mistakes which you make just once but can cost you your life."

Mr Jonh started to shake in fear seeing those brown eyes which is looking more red than brown so near.

" What...what are you talking about?" Mr Jonh asked again.

" Don't you remember anything? Huh...from this morning?" The master comes close to his face. " In the bus?"

Hearing Master that man started to remember what happened in the morning. But soon his eyes got bigger realizing what he did and quickly looked at the Master.

In the morning Mr Jonh got into a bus which he always gets into to go to his office. He is a very punctual man.

Today there was an extraordinary crowd on that bus. Suddenly his eyes fell on a very beautiful girl in that crowd who was standing not so far from him.

That girl has pure blue eyes and brown hair. She was looking so mesmerizing that the man couldn't hold himself but was fascinated by the girl.

Especially her body. She was wearing a normal office dress but still looked very tempting in it.

Mr. Jonh never saw such a girl before and so he couldn't hold himself but think of taking a little advantage of her. And so without thinking anymore he went to her and stood behind her.

He was about to touch her when suddenly that girl realized what was going to happen and so withoutwaitingnforg any further that girl got off the bus quickly.

" Who...who are you?" Mr Jonh asked again in fear mostly in confusion.

Because that girl was looking so innocent and naive that how can she have a connection with a dangerous like him?

Master scoffed. " Do you remember now?"

" l...l didn't do anything?" Mr Jonh started to cry and seeing that reaction Master laughed and started to go back to his seat.

That was the first time Mr Jonh thought of doing something like that. Because that girl was looking so mesmerizing that he couldn't hold himself.

But he also couldn't touch that girl properly. Then why did they take him here for just a small thing?

" l wasn't even able to touch that girl properly. Then why are you doing this to me?" Mr. John said.

Suddenly someone came to him so fast like a bullet and punched him in his face that he fell on the ground very hard.

" Even if you have touched a single hair of my Miss, still it will cause you death." Zacky punched him and said.

" Please, please forgive me. l...will never do this. Please." Mr Jonh begged cryingly.

Blood started to flow from his mouth.

Master laughed. " Do you think l will give you that chance again?"

That man started to shake again in fear. " Plea..."

" Take him to Tommy. l don't want to see his face again." Master ordered which made Zacky sulk.

" Master, why don't you give him to me? l will take care of him more than your silly pet." Zacky complains.

Zacky was waiting for so long to play with this man's bones and blood. But now Master is giving him to his that good-for-nothing pet Tommy??

" You have more work to do Zacky. So let Tommy play for some time now." Master replied.

After that, the guards took Mr Jonh to Tommy's house which is located in the middle of the garden.

He was shouting and begging for forgiveness but no one listened. But maybe Tommy would listen and give him an easy death.

Then Master stood up from his chair and started to go outside, to the parking lot and Zacky followed behind.

" Master, Miss might be sleeping by now. So there is no reason for you to go there." Zacky said as if he could read his Master's mind easily.

Zacky is a late twenties guy who is the most loyal and closest person to his Master and is the leader of this mafia squad. He is with his master from the very beginning of his memory and knows the Master better than anyone else.

Master also treats him like his own brother as they both grew up together and Zacky is one of the people who he can trust blindly and knows all of his secrets.

" Did you prepare the cake l asked you to?" Master asked Zacky without looking back.

Chapter 2 : Happy birthday...

Chapter 2: Happy Birthday...

A car stopped in front of an apartment in the middle of the night. It's already past 12 so there are not many people in the street.

A tall and handsome figure who might be in his early thirties comes out of the car and starts to light up a cigarette while leaning against his car a little bit.

He is looking at the apartment in front of him. Exactly on the fourth floor.

He waited there until his cigarette was finished and then took out his phone and massaged someone.

After that, he again started to look at that building. He is looking so intense while looking at the fourth floor where there is a little window.

Suddenly the light in that room turned on not long after the man put his phone again in his pocket. And seeing that, a little smile appears on his face.

So without waiting for long, the man opened his back seat door and took a box out from there.

In the meantime, a very cute-looking girl with bl


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