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My Billionaire Ex-Husband: Living With My Dad’s Heart

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"You can't be my dad, I don't have one. My mom is both my parents." Lily chuckled at Jaden's revelation, her gaze cold. "No, Angel. I swear, you can ask your mom, I'm your father," Jaden insisted, his voice heavy with emotion. "Well, even if my mom agrees, it doesn't change the fact that I don't have a father. I don't need one anyway," Lily interjected, her sass evident in her tone. ************ Susan Eden's life took a tragic turn when her father, her first love and sole provider, passed away in a fatal accident. Before his untimely demise, he selflessly donated his heart to Jaden Clifford, the son of his employer, who was struggling for his life in the ICU. He pleaded that they take care of his only daughter, Susan, which they promised to do. Jaden's mother orchestrated Susan's marriage to her son, despite Jaden's heart beating for another, his college lover, Janet. The union led to a loveless union, characterized by Jaden's glaring infidelity and constant disrespect to Susan. Janet, tired of being a mistress, framed Susan for being promiscuous, which resulted in Jaden divorcing her and ruthlessly ousting her from the mansion, despite the objections of his parents. Susan, unaware of her pregnancy, relocated abroad to pursue her nursing aspirations. Years later, returning to Miami with her daughter, Lily, she radiated resilience and confidence, having transitioned from a gullible and shy girl to a dependable and empowered woman. How would Jaden feel after seeing Susan standing independently and realizing she has a child, who is the same age as how long she had been away?

Chapter 1

“Jaden, you shouldn't rush into decisions like divorce, without thoroughly investigating her supposed infidelity. Remember the promises we made to her father on his deathbed," Maxwell Clifford intervened after hearing about his son’s divorce plans.

"Dad, trust me, I've thought about this for days. She's guilty. You can ask her yourself. I caught her red-handed with a stranger in our bed," Jaden responded, his eyes burning with anger and resentment.

"You didn't even give me a chance to explain. I swear, I had no idea..."

"Enough of your lies! Girls like you, from your background, are usually opportunists preying on wealthy families," Jaden's sister, Zara, interrupted, her voice dripping with hate and manipulation.

Throwing the divorce papers onto her, Jaden declared, "Sign these now! I owe your father, but that doesn't mean I'll tolerate your promiscuity. I know he donated his heart to me, for which I'm eternally grateful. You know what? Name your price. I'll pay you off so I don't have to hear about his favors anymore." His eyes penetrated her with rage.

Susan rose from her seat, shock, and anger fuming in her eyes. "Don't you dare put a price tag on my dad's heart. Never try that again! I might endure insults from you, but don't you dare undermine my dad's sacrifice."

"You want to talk about cheating, huh? Just because I ignore your wrongdoings doesn't mean I’m weak or naive. I know all about your secret relationship with Janet. It's so bad that you even moan her name during intimacy," Susan said, her voice filled with emotion but strong.

Tired of Jaden's fake happiness around her, despite her genuine love for him, she had hoped their bond would grow stronger. But with Janet in the picture, her dreams of a happy family with Jaden seemed abortive.

Accusing her of cheating wasn't the worst part for Susan, it was Jaden's indirect disrespect for her father's sacrifice, treating it like a transaction. Angry and frustrated, she finally stood up for herself, bruising Jaden's ego and ignoring the consequences.

Jaden’s Mom felt uneasy and heavy, she couldn’t help but feel she had let Eden, down.

"I don't mind the divorce, but you must stay in this mansion. It was the promise we made to Eden, your father before he gave his heart to Jayden," Mrs. Mary said, her face clouded with guilt.

"Unfortunately Mom, I don't want to keep seeing her around. She needs to leave the mansion as soon as she signs the divorce papers. We'll make arrangements for her welfare and accommodation," Jaden declared, further provoking Susan.

As a spoilt child, Jaden's parents always gave way to his demands, due to his medical history. Their greatest fear was losing their only son, so they always ensured he got whatever he wanted, even if his actions were despicable.

Amidst the heated confrontation, Jaden boldly announced his intention to marry his college sweetheart, Janet, despite Susan's hesitation to sign the divorce papers.

"It's been two long years of enduring pain, Jaden. You've never given me the respect of being your wife. Instead, I face constant challenges at the bore of each day," Susan sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"That's why I'm relieving us of our miseries. I don't love you, and I never will. But I still care about your well-being because I have your dad's heart beating inside me," Jaden replied, his words leaving Susan feeling emotionally devastated.

"It's always been about pity, hasn't it? You shouldn't have agreed to this alliance in the first place. I would have appreciated my dad's gesture of giving you a second chance at life without strings attached. I spent two years trying to be a good wife to you," Susan replied, tears streaming down her cheeks. "You've been a fool, Susan," she muttered to herself.

Despite her presence, Jaden continued proposing his marriage plans to his parents. Their faces reflected uncertainty and betrayal, unable to oppose their only son's wishes. Placing his happiness first.

"Wow! We have a real wedding to plan. Mom and Dad, can you please stop wallowing in guilt and be happy that your son is finally going to be with the one he loves? It'll make him live longer and healthier," Zara stated mockingly.

Zara’s words broke Susan even more, she couldn’t phantom why Zara hated her with so much passion. She felt like running out of the mansion immediately but to where?

"I don't need alimony, and I don't need your financial support. All I ask is that you take good care of my dad's heart, don’t skip your medication, and always prioritize your happiness," Susan stated, her heart breaking and her self-esteem crumbling as she listened to Jaden talk about his wedding plans with Janet.

"No, please, don't say that. We can’t bear to watch you live without anything. Please accept whatever assistance we render to you. It'll help you start afresh. You can always come back if you need anything. Please don't reject our help," Jaden's mom pleaded, tears welling up in her eyes as she felt the burden of their failure to honor her dad, their son's heart donor.

As his parents begged Susan, Jaden's resentment and bitterness towards her grew even more. He empathized with their struggle but was saddened by their inability to see his pain. They seemed reluctant about Susan's infidelity and his feelings; they were only focused on fulfilling her father's death wish.

"She's not innocent. Stop treating her like I'm the villain here. I caught her cheating with a stranger in our bed," Jaden said, his words stabbing into Susan's fragile heart.

Fed up with his mockery and humiliation, Susan silently retrieved the divorce papers Jaden had thrown at her. Without a word, she approached Jaden, took the pen from his front pocket, and signed the papers with a mixture of sadness and disdain fuming through her eyes.

Feeling the coldness in her gaze, Jaden immediately felt uneasy witnessing her sign the papers without hesitation.

"Here you go, Mr. Jaden Clifford, it's done," Susan said coldly, her voice dripping with hatred, sending a shiver down everyone's spine.

"It's not our wish for your marriage to end like this. We have a vacant rooftop apartment; we can transfer it to your name," Mr. Maxwell stated, his eyes clouded with guilt.

Susan who was usually shy and innocent, could not dare to look at any member of the household in their eyes. This time, she glared fiercely at Mr. Maxwell and stated cordially,

“No, thanks. I don’t need your favors.”

After which, she walked upstairs, leaving everyone in shock and dumbfounded as they hadn’t witnessed this part of her before now.

Chapter 2

“You have made your decisions, Jaden. You should also realize there is no going back,” Mr Maxwell stated, his gaze dull and sad.

As Mr. Maxwell's dignified words echoed in the room, a heavy atmosphere settled over them. Mrs. Mary's tears flowed freely on her cheeks as she remembered the tragic circumstances of Eden's death, her voice trembling with grief.

"He was rushing to the hospital to give us information about the heart donor from Maryland. But fate had other plans," she lamented, her heart heavy with pain.

"He offered his heart to us on a platter, asking us to care for his only blood, Susan. I can't help but wonder how he would feel looking down on us now. We have failed him," she added, her voice breaking with emotion as she leaned on her husband for support.

But Jaden's anger flared even more, his parent’s words cutting through his heart making him feel resentment. "Enough! Let's find another don


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