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Catherine dropped out of highschool at the age of fifteen to fend for herself as her insouciant parents could not take care of her. She passed through so many challenges in life, was molested and bullied. Catherine thought her world had turn apart after her father had a fatal accident, and she cought her mother in bed with a man claimed to be her father's best friend. She also started seeing clara's ghost, her aunt who had died in the accident. Lindsay Brooke, catherine's mother refused to help Catherine save her father who was in coma at the hospital. She runs away with her lover to New York. Clara forces catherine to quit her job and find a new one. On the road of finding a better way to solve her problems, she comes across Max, a friend and successful business man who introduced her to his best friend, Jaden Roberts. Jaden is a billionaire in New York, and catherine is going to serve him as his maid. But she becomes dumbfounded when she recognized him as her former highschool bully. What will happen to the both of them? Will she quit the job and find another one or should she go ahead and serve her bully as his personal maid?


I flickered , wathing the couple slamming themselves in the hotest way ever. They didn't even know when I walked in.

"Give it to me baby!" I heard my mom's voice cry underneath the blanket.

The man was on top of her, fucking the ribs out of her.

"Mom!" I cried out and immediately the man rolled off turned to me in surprise.

"Darn it!" He mumbled as I stared at them in disbelief. Mom raised her head and covered her face in shame.

I couldn't believe my eyes. In fact I thought I was dreaming. That was Mom, lindsay Brooke my own Mom, fucking another man in her husband's room.

"Baby I can explain" She suddenly said and I wondered how she even got the guts to talk.

"Mom, you!" I pointed at her and at the old dwag who called himself my dad's best friend. This was the most trusted man, dad ever had as a friend. And of all the women he wants to have sex with, is my Mom?

"Darling listen it's not what you think" She was stark naked, but as she stood up, she grabbed the blanket that was over the both of them and covered herself with it. I turned to Mr idiot, he hurriedly grabbed a pillow and covered his thing, frowning at mom.

"Don't touch me!" I stopped her from coming close.

"It's not what I think. I should listen? to what Mom? that you are having sex on your husband's bed, with his own best friend? what the hell is that supposed to mean......"

"Enough!" Mom raised a hand to stop me from talking further.

"Yes, I had sex with your dad's best friend so what? is that supposed to be any of your business?"

Mom was being unreasonable.

"Mom, am coming back from aunty clara's funeral which you have refused to attend. And dad is still at the hospital, fighting for his life! and this is all you can do to support the situation?"

Mom chuckled and moved more close to me.

"Your dad and I have been separated a long time ago. Though we live in the same house ,because we didn't want you to find out. I am no longer with your dad. He called me a prostitute because he couldn't give me what other man were capable of. When I missed him, where was he? When I needed him the most, where was he? He was out there, gambling his soul away. "

I laughed in annoyance. Very unreasonable was this woman.

" So, just because dad is a gambler,you decided to throw his face to the mud and sleep with another man?" I looked at the gold digger, he was sick with disgrace.

"I didn't throw his face to the mud. Like I said before, your dad and I are done. So whatever is it that I have done shouldn't bother you" Mom rolled her eyes like a cheeky teenager. I looked at her up to toe and shook my head.

" Fine. Dad's condition is getting critical. The Doctor says that if we don't pay the treatment bill, it will get worse"

" Then take him to another hospital. Beg one of those your boyfriends or sugar daddies for money they will help you" Mom replied casually. I was struck by shock.

" Me, boyfriends...... sugar daddies oh my God! What are you saying? "

" What do you want me to do? I don't have money!" She turned towards the bed and climbed back to lay on Mr Don's chest. Kissing him, my heart felt like I've been stabbed. That was my own mother who has become a monster. I couldn't even look at them.

" Just give me little money. At least to pay for the current treatment. " I pleaded softly, looking away. it was an unholy sight I couldn't even look at it.

"Am sorry child, but I can't" Mother gave me a wicked smile.

"Why don't you go and ask him where he dropped all the money he used for gambling ?"

With no reply to that question, I walked away. My heart sank into deep pain. I couldn't believe this was real. That my mother could do this. Even the surprise package I brought for her, I dropped it carelessly on the floor and left the house.

The tears were beginning to fall, I couldn't hold on. I ran to the backyard and into the woods. Looking for a tree to sit under, I sat down, buried my face on my knees and wept bitterly.

My name is Catherine Brooke. And my life, is all tangled up. Dropping out of highschool was one of my biggest nightmare that had started. I never knew that my parents would act this way towards themselves. They were enemies, fought all the time. It was hard to call home a home when it was full of hell. My dad used to be a clerk, but stopped after he had spent all his money in gambling.

My mom.... well, she used to be a teacher, but also stopped. Now she goes in and out at her own will, doing only God knows what. I was Left alone to fend for myself. At sixteen, I searched for a minor job to earn money. Though it wasn't easy as growing up around bullies was another nightmare I can never forget.

Back in highschool days I used to have lots of bullies. Especially one who was the deadliest of them all. His name was Jaden from the senior section. I feared him like I feared god. He was to me a demon I should never come across. Still I was his biggest target.

Jaden would walk up to me and smack my butt for no reason. Albeit being a junior, I cursed him thousand times but it all got worse. The fact that I was fat at that time made it more interesting. He would squeeze my boobs and laugh with his friends. Sometimes he would lock me up in the toilet and I would stay there till school hour was over. Because of him, I was nicknamed 'baby panda'. He was everywhere, anywhere I go. Sometimes I missed school days because I tried to avoid him.

And those days though gone, I still felt a flush of fear when ever I remember him ,as if he was around me, hovering like the devil and laughing at me. After dropping out of school, I managed to find a job. When dad had this accident, I wasn't myself anymore. Even years after I dropped out of school, I cared less about myself, all I wanted was for my family to unite together and for daddy to get well soon.

My tears mingled with my sweats. I couldn't hold it at all.

"Take this" Someone said, holding a hanky to me. "It will cool your mind"

The voice was familiar, I looked up and took the hanky.

"Thank you. Oh! you don't know my pain right now" I said, wiping my face with the hanky and blowing my nose. But all of a sudden I paused. Wait a minute!

When I looked up at who was standing before me, I couldn't believe whom it was. I thought i was dreaming.

"Aunty clara?" I asked in horror. Clara, dad's dead sister whom I just came back from her funeral was staring right at me.

" Hello cat" She said to me. Her voice was real and smooth. I couldn't believe my eyes.I stood up and looked at her.

" Hello.... cl.... " The next thing I knew, I slumped on the ground and fainted.


Catherine POV

I moaned and shifted, trying to figure out the drummers playing in my head. I opened my eyes and saw Clara who glared at me.

She slinged on the air and watched me. Composedly, i wriggled backwards away from her. Trying so hard to be serene . I was in my room, unwittingly. The last time, I remembered, I had fainted. And now I was in my room, and this dead clara stood infront of me in a stare.

"Alright, don't freak out, it's just a dream" I told myself. Then I screamed in fear, enveloped my mouth and screeched .

"Please don't kill me aunty clara! am innocent. I didn't know that you were in the car with my dad that night! please have mercy"

I expected clara to pounce on me and strangle me to death like I watch in movies. But instead she was motionless, then suddenly she chuckled.

"You know you are very good at acting" She said smoothly. "Why didn't you join Hollywood with


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