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My beautiful seductress

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Sheila was eighteen years old when she lost her parents in a terrible road accident. It was her eighteenth birthday. The day that was supposed to be a happy day turned as a tragic one. Her life changed completely. She had to balance between her three part time jobs and attending lectures. Three years later,life was still the same if not worse. David Brown,the CEO of Brown cooperation and the most sought after bachelor in town is struggling between managing the company and taking care of his rebellious daughter. The two people from two different worlds meet, how will their relationship turn out to be?

Chapter 1

"Come on Sheila, why are you taking a century to get ready? The best spots will be occupied by the time we get to the bar." Vee's voice could be heard, calling Sheila from the sitting room.

"I am coming, just give me a second," Sheila yelled back. She was getting ready to go out on a Friday night. Actually, this was a suggestion made by her friend to cheer up after getting fired from the secretary job she had just acquired a few days earlier.

That trashy CEO kicked her away like she was a stray dog after she expressed her stand on not getting involved with him romantically. She could still hear his words ringing in her ears, not forgetting the crisp slap he gave her.

"The reason I gave you a job and saved your miserable life is not because you are qualified enough to be my secretary. I just wanted to f*ck your brains out. Since you are not interested, get the hell out of my office. I never want to see your pathetic face in my company ever again." He spat furiously. Sheila could still remember how it hurt to be reminded again and again that she was nothing but a poor and hopeless girl.

Shaking those bitter thoughts away from her mind, she adjusted the strap of her black dress.

This was not her usual dress code but her best friend and sister insisted she put it on. It was too revealing and to top it all, it clung to her body like a second skin.

She would have preferred to be tucked in bed, getting some sleep but here she was, getting ready to indulge Vee in another of her crazy ideas, after all, who could say no to her?

Sheila emerged from the dressing room playing with the hem of her dress. She felt uncomfortable wearing such clothes. Vee, who had been waiting patiently for her friend, forgot how to breathe upon laying her eyes on her bestie. Who said that seductive women were sexier? She bet to disagree. Her best friend was the white rose type, pure and untainted but she was d*mn s*xy in that black dress.

"You are so beautiful." Those words left Vee's mouth involuntarily. She was one to appreciate beautiful things.

"Thank you but Vee, do you really want me to go out dressed like this?" Sheila asked.

"Why not? What's wrong with what you are wearing? I bet all Men will have their attention glued to you tonight!" Vee beamed.

"Sit here, let's get your hair fixed and a little matte lipstick, and everything will be perfect," Vee added pulling Sheila to one of the little sofas in the room.

"Make my hair? but I think it's just fine." Sheila stated confused.

"What do you know? Just sit back and watch." Vee said and grabbed a Pink lipstick and started applying it on Sheila's already Pink and plump lips. Her hair that was tied into a bun was released, cascading down to her waist.

"You have such lovely and beautiful hair, it's a shame you don't know how to appreciate it," Vee mumbled, fixing her hair.

Sheila had jet-black hair that flowed to her waist like a calm river. It's a pity she always preferred tying it to a bun which always annoys Vee.

But she liked to stay simple. That was her slogan.

After a few touches here and there, they were ready to go. The two friends left the little house and boarded a cab which Vee had already ordered online.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived at the club.

Club image...

It was Summer. The weather was a little hot even at night. A huge line of people was waiting to be granted entrance. This was one of the most popular clubs in town.

After standing in line for five minutes, Sheila started complaining.

"This was a bad idea. I should be catching up to my second dream by now Instead of lining up here to enter a club," she said.

"Relax girl, you got me. Follow me, if I don't get you at this moment then I'll eat sh*t." Vee said, pulling her bestie with her towards the bouncer blocking the entrance.

"Excuse me ladies, but you should follow the line." The man said sternly but who was Vee, she was experienced in flirting her way to anything.

"Hey handsome, you look good today. I think I should collect your number for later." Vee said winking at him suggestively.

"Oh really? Then I'll give it to you." The man said excitedly. A beautiful woman just promised him later, how could he say no?

"Sure, here." She handed him her phone which he keyed in the letters hurriedly.

"Good boy, see you later." She said blowing him kisses and that's how the two ladies managed to get past the huge line and enter the club without any opposition.

"You should learn a few tricks from me," Vee said casually. Yes, Sheila admired how easily she could handle matters but that was something she herself could never pull out. Not because she couldn't but because she was a reserved woman.

"No, thank you. It's'already enough to have you, this country doesn't need any other for that." Sheila declined the offer politely. Vee was born a natural seductress, she didn't need to put much effort to pull off that role. Her pair of hazel mischievous orbs added to her advantage. She could charm any man she wanted. No man so far ever turned her moves down.

Actually, she was not always like this. Vanessa was a charming young lady but that changed after that incident years ago. She was just sixteen years old when her parents sent her to her worst nightmare. She lost her innocence and lost herself.

From that time, her lifestyle changed. She lost trust in people and led her life carelessly. She would date en carelessly, many of them ended as a one-night thing. She never had a relationship that lasted one week. She would dump them mercilessly.

Sheila understood her even though thinking that it was wrong of her but she never questioned her. She just hoped that her friend would come to trust and love again. After all, those were the two things she lost in that nightmare.

Chapter 2

The following morning, Sheila woke up feeling like her head was hammered. How she got home she had no idea about. All she knew was that she had drowned her sorrows with beer last night.

She had thought that she was okay but that was a joke. After last night, she realized how fucked up her life was.

Who is Sheila Masons?

She was a twenty one year old girl, a graduate from a recognized university in the country, State university. She majored in business management and administration. It was what her parents wanted her to be. Ofcourse, her adoptive parents, Mr and Mrs masons.

Three years ago, she lost both her parents in a terrible road accident. They were driving home with their tricycle on a rainy day when an over speeding car crashed on them. They died on the spot. She Lost her parents on her eighteenth birthday.

Sheila had talked to her parents urging them to hurry back home and celebrate her birthday. Her parents owned a food store, that's where


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