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My baby daddy is my step dad

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"You know you smell like pineapple juice "his husky voice came out making her shiver . she pulled his grip ok her awsy and tried moving from his grip but his hold on hdr was just so tight . "You know we can't keep on doing this ,you are my step dad"her weak feeble voice came out but instead the man just grinned as he thrust into her . After being betrayed by her ex and her best friend ,Dora was heart broken and decided to spend the night at the club and drink awsy her sorrow ,but luck wasn't on her side because she had s*x with a stranger in the club ,but the next day her mom introduce him to her as her fiance and he was going to be her step dad . Dora felt more devastated and decided to move far away but not until two months later she found out that she was pregnant . she was pregnant for the stranger she met at the club and it wad no other than her step dad ,the man that she hated so much ,she so much wanted to end their marriage but along the line she found out something that changed her life forever .

Chapter 1 betrayed

chapter 1

The loud moans from Jeff's room made me stop on my track when I tried to move my legs but it was just as if nothing was happening and I just couldn't move one bit .

I knew I didn't have to go there ,he was already cheating and there was no way I was going to see them, because it was going to hurt me the most but I just had to do it. I just have to see who he cheated on me with .

"Jeff , please please " I heard the girl cry out ,she was definitely in her own world of pleasure. ..

I was already burning in hate and I felt like I was going to explode but when I thought about whose voice it was I felt like my blood was going to stop ,I knew that I didn't want to think about it but I just don't want to think that my instincts and my thinking were right now .

I Walked through the stairs and getting to his doorstep I met these familiar footwears and those belong to Tessa .

.Tessa told me she was in the Philippines but what I didn't understand was how her footwears got here and in my boyfriend's house .

I hurriedly walked into the room and the scene in front of me almost made me go mad.

I saw my so-called fiance and boyfriend of 5 years be busy thrusting in and out of my best friend like his life depended on it .

"What is going on here ,Jeff, what are you doing "I yelled, almost losing my voice ,but they didn't even bother to look at me ,they behaved like I never existed.Jeff just threw a glance at me and continued doing what he was doing .

I let out all the tears that I had in mind as I rushed out of the house.I could see the way the guards and the maids looked at me with pitiful eyes but I wasn't going to have that. I guess they already knew what was happening .

"Dora ,Dora , please wait it's not what you think "I heard someone yell behind me and I knew that it was jeff the moment I heard his voice ,but I thought that he was too busy to look at me and he continued what he was doing then what the hell was he running after me ,I was definitely going mad .

I turned to look at the boy that I had loved all my life and all this years ,never had I thought that he was going to betray me ,I thought that I could trust him but yet he could do this to me ,he could make me feel like trash just in front of my friends how dare he betray me after everything that we have gone with together .

"Babe please just listen to me ,I swear I wouldn't have let that to happen I shouldn't have done that , please don't do this to me it's just a mistake and I regret all of it , please babe don't break up with me "he begged looking at me with pitiful eyes .

if It were before I would have fallen for this Stupid trick of his but I wasn't going to be that fool anymore I wasn't going to be fooled by anyone I had already had enough of all of this .

"This is what you say ,this is what you would say all the time ,the last time I caught you with a lady I should have ended it a long time ago but you told me that you were going to change and I folishly believed you ,but here we are, you have done it again and all you keep on saying is a mistake you should have just told me that you didn't want to get married to me ,you should have f*ck*d any other person but definitely not my best friend ,how could you f*ck my best friend and you still expect me to have you back,you just showed me that I wasn't worth it and for my own mental health am going to leave ,am done with this realationshop and don't think that am joking I mean everything that I had just said ,it's over between us Jeff and there's nothing that you are going to say or do that's going to chagde a thing about it "I yelled at him cleaning the tears that were Rolling down my checks ,I was seriously in pains and anyone who say me at this moment could see it ,yet I just didn't want to show it .

"I guess I had been waiting for this day so long ,I just don't know why you are so foolish ,how could you just trust someone you barely know ,I accept the fact that I was treated like a sister from you but one thing you should know is the fact that I am never getting married to you and no matter what it takes nothing like that is ever going to happen ,I guess you have just being a fool all whole because he had always been mine and we planned all of it ,I made him date you and I got close to you because of your money but I guess that it was taking so long to hatch the final plan but am not longer interested am tired of pretending and lying about loving you ,I guess you leave a miserable life b*tch , because that's what you really deserve "Tessa told me .

I tried to process all the words I just heard ,it was just as if I was in a dream ,I was definitely hallucinating ,I couldn't believe it ,this can't just happen .

"I hope I never see your face again b*tch because it makes my skin crawl ,"she told me while Jeff just bowed his head.

I knew I wasn't in a dream or In any state of dilemma. It was definitely happening and those I trusted had done it again ,how I had treated her ,I was just a fool all along .

"I hope you both rot in hell and Live a miserable life ,you Jeff you are going to pay for it I swear .

I walked out of the building without looking back

Chapter 2

chapter 2

I tried putting all that happened to me today behind my back and stop thinking about it but it was just as if I couldn't hide the thought of Jeff cheating on me with my best friend was just stuck in my head and I couldn't stop thinking about it ,I felt used and betrayed ,I hated this feeling to the core I don't know why I kept on getting myself into this pain ,I don't deserve any of this but yet it just keeps happening to me ,why was I always unfortunate,I thought jeff loved. We had been dating since college and Tessa had been the perfect best friend that I could ever thibj of but it was just as if I had been filled and the both of them just played with me ,or was just beyond reasonable doubt .

I walked into my house and the quietness welcomed me back ,the first thing I saw was me and mom picture at my graduation from college ,she had the most beautiful smile that anyone Could think of , I knew I couldn't call her at this mom


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