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Mr. Fu's Exclusive Favorite Wife

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In the heart of adversity, love becomes a battlefield for Chen Nian and Fu Tingqian in "Compromised Vows." Three years into their marriage, Chen finds herself shackled to a man who appears to be living a double life, indulging in the company of other women while leaving her to bear the weight of loneliness. As Chen's world crumbles, a desperate plea for help echoes through the corridors of her existence. Her beloved grandmother teeters on the edge of life, and in a cruel twist of fate, Chen turns to the one person she vowed never to depend on—Fu Tingqian. Their union was born out of compromise, a reluctant surrender to circumstances that threatened the very core of Chen's existence. With an ailing grandmother and the walls closing in, Chen confronts Fu, hoping for a glimmer of compassion. Instead, she is met with a cold, calculated offer: "Fifty thousand for the surgery, twenty thousand for the divorce, and ten thousand as a parting gift. Take it and leave. She belongs in the Fu family now." Heartbroken and betrayed, Chen grapples with the bitter reality of her choices. In a society where appearances deceive and love is a fragile illusion, "Compromised Vows" explores the complexities of relationships, societal expectations, and the sacrifices one must make when faced with an ultimatum. Will Chen find the strength to rewrite her destiny, or is she destined to be a pawn in a game where the stakes are higher than she could have ever imagined? Amidst the glamorous façade of the elite and the shadows of unspoken truths, "Compromised Vows" is a tale that weaves together the threads of love, betrayal, and the indomitable spirit of a woman fighting to reclaim her own narrative. Step into a world where alliances are forged in the crucible of adversity, and the true test of love lies in the ability to rise from the ashes of compromise.

Chapter 1

**Chapter 1: My Name Still Adorns Your Spousal Register**

In the hospital corridor, the resonant click of polished leather shoes echoed alongside brisk strides, coming to a halt just below her gaze.

Chi Nian's slender lashes fluttered as her eyes traveled up along those long legs, lifting her head to meet his gaze. Before her unfolded a countenance as sharply defined and handsome as a deity.

Her throat, parched and causing a slight hoarseness to her voice, uttered, "I swear it wasn't intentional. Do you believe me?"

The man, with a tall and commanding figure, exuded an aura of condescension, his gaze indifferent, not uttering a word.

As Chi Nian moved her lips to say something more, the hospital room door swung open. Su Manzhi's manager, Jiang Xue, emerged.

Spotting the imposing figure outside the door, Jiang Xue's strained expression softened a bit. "Mr. Fu, you're here."

Fu Tingqian's sculpted features revealed no emotion. His voice, low and cold, inquired, "How is she?"

"Both palms grazed, with some bleeding. The doctor has disinfected and treated her wounds, but..." Jiang Xue hesitated, concern evident, "Manzhi was quite startled. Her spirits are a bit fragile at the moment."

While saying this, Jiang Xue discreetly cast a glance at Chi Nian.

Seated in the chair, seemingly oblivious to the chilly and even resentful glances, Chi Nian maintained her composure.

Jiang Xue, with a tone of sinister ambiguity, continued, "It's fortunate for Manzhi, thanks to her good fortune. Otherwise, how could it be so simple—just a bit of blood and shock? On such a wide road, the car just happened to collide with us. I suspect it was intentional!"

Chi Nian remained unruffled, her poised demeanor deflecting Jiang Xue's attempt to provoke. It was like trying to argue with a muted voice; she couldn't generate a quarrel, only stifling frustration.

Jiang Xue snorted coldly, then turned to Fu Tingqian, "Mr. Fu, please go in and see her. Perhaps her emotions will stabilize upon seeing you."

Fu Tingqian nodded, and Jiang Xue quickly stepped aside.

Watching him stride into the ward, Chi Nian, who had maintained an air of extreme calm throughout, suddenly found the situation somewhat amusing.

Ironically, the person who seemed most concerned about another woman at this moment, someone he had never even inquired about, was her husband.

Well, Su Manzhi was always more important than her. It had always been this way.

Once the doctor treated Su Manzhi's wounds, she lay on the hospital bed, unable to control her body due to the shock, until Fu Tingqian entered.


Her eyes brightened, attempting to sit up. Fu Tingqian gently pressed her shoulder. "Lie down and rest, don't move."

"Why did you come?" Su Manzhi looked at him. "Did Jiang Xue call you?"

Fu Tingqian murmured an affirmative.

"Just a bit of scraped skin. She made too much fuss about it. It's not necessary for you to make a special trip for such a trivial matter," Su Manzhi said, though her bandaged hands and feeble expression betrayed the real story.

Fu Tingqian nodded. "I'll send you back later."

"No need. It's still early, and you probably have a lot of work. I can go back by myself."

He glanced at her, his tone warm. "There's no rush. I have time today."

Fu Tingqian, a man known for his cold demeanor, displayed an unusual patience and tenderness, particularly when dealing with Su Manzhi.

Even though Chi Nian was well aware of this, she couldn't help but feel a slight sting at that moment.

Having stood at the ward's entrance for quite a while, Chi Nian, at this inopportune moment, spoke up, "This is my responsibility. I've reported to the police to document the scene and gather evidence, just in case. It's better for you to stay in the hospital for a few days. I'll cover all the expenses."

She had stood there for who knew how long until her voice was heard. Su Manzhi and Fu Tingqian seemed to notice her only now.

"Miss Chi, there's no need to blame yourself," Su Manzhi said with a gentle smile, brushing a strand of hair from her ear. "I haven't suffered any major injuries. No need to complicate matters with police involvement. I believe it wasn't intentional on your part."

Her beautiful face, radiating kindness and grace, garnered admiration and affection from anyone who beheld it.

However, Chi Nian couldn't help but find Su Manzhi's words subtly nuanced.

When Chi Nian married Fu Tingqian, although the wedding was low-key and the process not particularly beautiful, their marital status was well-known among friends and family. Moreover, Su Manzhi had known Fu Tingqian for a long time. There was no one more aware of the relationship between Chi Nian and Fu Tingqian.

Chi Nian thought, perhaps because Su Manzhi knew too well, she addressed her as "Miss Chi" instead of "Mrs. Fu"? Then, this Mrs. Fu had indeed failed in a way that was quite foreseeable.

Chi Nian, with a calm and cool expression, smiled gently, "I appreciate your generosity, Miss Su. However, if I'm not mistaken, my name still appears in the spouse column of Mr. Fu Tingqian's register. Given your status, it wouldn't be appropriate for him to advise his wife on your behalf."

Su Manzhi, a bit embarrassed, said, "I was just being considerate..."

"Save your kindness for others." Chi Nian's lips curled slightly, exuding a coolness. "After all, your financial comfort is still courtesy of my husband. If I were to skimp on something as trivial as compensation, it wouldn't be justifiable."

Fu Tingqian, with a sidelong glance at her, uttered his first words to her after so long, and they weren't particularly friendly. "You can decline others' kindness, but if you're delusional, shut up and get out. Stop spreading rumors here."

Chi Nian continued to smile faintly, her smile not reaching her eyes. "Is Mr. Fu so anxious to speak for his beloved that he fears others may not know about your clandestine relationship?"

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Is Your Implication...Divorce?

The expression on Su Manzhi's face could no longer be described as unpleasant. The thorn deeply rooted in her heart was the inability to be openly with Fu Tingqian, which had always been a sharp pain for her.

Before Su Manzhi could react, Fu Tingqian, furious, abruptly stood up, kicking the chair away with a menacing demeanor.

"Don't make me repeat myself," he cast a captivating glance at Qi Nian, his thin lips enunciating each word, "Get out."

The compelling and ruthless appearance, coupled with his intimidating gaze, sent shivers down the spine.

"Xue'er..." Su Manzhi had never seen him angry before, and even though the anger wasn't directed at her, she still felt surprised and somewhat delighted to see him standing up for her.

In the common perception of Fu Tingqian, he was born with an icy demeanor, silent, and d


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