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Mr. Christopher, Be Gentle

Mr. Christopher, Be Gentle

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A sniff, he grazed the panty over his nose and her thighs watered in an instant. "T-that's M-mine!" Blushing, she protested. A gasp, she felt his hand right under her dress. "Then.. This... Is mine." ×~•~× "Willingly." Her eyes gaped up. "Y..Yes." shy, she mumbled but then, her chin was held up with tight grip. "I need my woman to say it. The obedient one," His eyes on her tempting lips, "The one I fucked." Vanessa Lore decided to have a graduation party since she will be getting married after. Her first bachelor party became the last one when she had her first kiss with a hot man and had an amazing night in an expensive hotel. When she woke up, she left him even though she loved his touch. With no choice in her life to make, Vanessa had her engagement located in her fiancé's famous and one of the luxurious Palace's. But on the very day, she met her fiancé's uncle who seemed to be young and very familiar. As if she spent a very erotic and sexy night with him.

Chapter 1


The cheers of her fake friends made Vanessa smile bright but inside, she just wanted to run back home.

As she internally screamed, she waved her hand softly.

The dress she wore suited her curves and her silky hair only complimented her more.

As she sucked in a breath, a hand wrapped itself around her wrist.

Turning her head around, her eyes widened.


A wide grin, Alyssa hugged her in an instant.

"Vanessa!! I missed you!"

A sigh, her hands patted Alyssa's back.

Breaking the hug, Vanessa shyly grinned within her cheeks reddening with warmth.

Alyssa eyed her face before her finger help up Vanessa's chin.

"Oh...You're different today."

Vanessa could sense Alyssa's sudden change of behavior.

Vanessa nervously laughed it off and the 'friend's' soon occupied Alyssa which made Vanessa hesitantly sit in front of the counter.

With her elbows on the cold surface of the counter, her head laid upon her hands to ease herself.

Vanessa Lore, 18 years old, The young daughter in Lore's family.

Vanessa never been a daughter of the Lore's whom they would love to show off to the world.

Instead, she's the very timid and innocent daughter who never even existed in most of the people's eyes.

And she was the first daughter to get married in the Lore's family.


Less chance to be exposed as Lore's daughter & No burden to take care of.

Vanessa thought her parents are typical and never cared about one's feelings because they never experienced or felt cared by other's, and she kept it that way her entire life.

And what she doesn't know still remained the same.


Upon hearing her friend, Sandy's voice, she frowned.

Turning her head around, her eyes went blank for a second.

The view of a slim waist that was hugged by tight pants along with the button shirt that had the first two buttons undone, the man who stood there in front of her eyes looked so smoking hot.

His clothed abs accidentally bumped against her face, and he seemed to turn attentive in no time.

And Vanessa, being herself, blushed.

"Oh-Oh are you okay?"

His gentle voice melted her heated up ears as he gently leaned closer, rubbing the tip of her nose as if she's a kid.

"Oh... there, there, your nose is-."

The smile upon his face soon froze.

" red."

His eyes meeting hers, he noticed her pink cheeks and a small chuckle left his lips after the way she broke the eye-contact that was accidentally held by both of them.

Wow .. That's so fast.

As he felt his assistant tug on his shoulder, he turned to him.

Glancing back at her, he bit his lip.

"I'll be back."

His words brought her back from the dreamland she, on purpose, drowned in.

"Wait, he's really gonna come back?"

Vanessa mumbled to herself, flattered by the way he smiled at her.

Turning away, she felt Sandy glare at her.

Avoiding her gaze that was stabbing her back, Vanessa was lost in the warmth she felt awhile ago.

Touching her nose, she shyly blinked down.

"It still hurts?"

The way he whispered warmly in her ears made her flinch.

Blinking wide at him, she instantly looked away within her hand clutching her purse.

"Two drinks. Your choice."

As he spoke, her eyes averted to him in an instant.

Is he offering me a drink?

How should I even react?? I never drank before!

His head turning to her, he frowned.

"Why you look so surprised?"

Her shy shake of a head in disapproval made him eye her figure.

Wearing a sexy dress which looked so good on her, she still looked like an innocent kid in his eyes.

"N-Nothing, I think I-"

His hand took the purse from her hands which she has been clutching tight, and she looked down, shocked.

But what he did after left her breathless.

His fingers intertwined with hers, and he scooted closer in his seat, so it would be free to hold hands.

Looking up from his hand, she gulped when he was already looking away.

What do I do.. What do I do...?!


Rocking his upper body a bit to the beat of the music that was blasting aloud, he spoke, and her lips were licked in an instant.


Head turning to her, his eyes ran up and down her face.


She hesitantly nodded.

Seconds passed by before she finally decided to raise the hand he held tight.

"N-Nice to meet you."

As she timidly shook their intertwined hands in midair, he eyed it then glanced at her face.

A breathy chuckle, he shook it back just as tiny as her.


Christopher... Such a beautiful name.

"Your drinks, sir."

Christopher nodded and immediately took one.

Handing it to her, he eyed her expression.

Observing her as she gaped at the shot glass he held, Christopher could notice her nervousness.

She gulped, and a small smile formed on Christopher's face.


Her head shot up.


He gulped down the shot and dropped the glass on the counter.

Looking back at her, he shook his head.

"Nothing, Are you new here?"

Vanessa wondered why he's so curious and that led Vanessa to obediently answer without thinking much after a while.


She ended the conversation with a short and quick answer before he called out the bartender.

"Bring a light beer."

Bartender blinked twice

"Sir, We only have... vodka and whiskey flavors."

Christopher patiently listened before looking at her.

"You want to try anything new?"

The sudden urge to be goofy made her shoulders raise, and she shyly kept her both hands below her face.

"What would you recommend for me?"

A chuckle, he pulled her hand onto his lap and soon, she giggled without any hesitation.

"One violet sex."

Her eyes blinked wide.


His eyes met hers, and he casually gulped one more shot.

"Violet Sex. It's the best for... beautiful girls."

Wow... I'm beautiful?

At the thought of him calling her beautiful made her softly grin, and she felt his fingertips graze over her pale knuckles.

As the bartender returned with the drink that looked so glittery, her eyes gaped at the bright violet color it consisted of.

"Try it."

He said as he chuckled.

"It's so purplish."

The way she gaped at it made him smile.

So cute.

Watching her take the glass and gulp half of the shot glass, he eyed her face.

Rosy cheeks accompanied by parted plump lips, she looked so sexy for his eyes.

Like a piece of lemon he would love to take a bite of, she looked so exotic and so innocent.

"Ow... that's good?"

Breathing out, she tilted her head and laughed softly making him laugh along.

"You never had alcohol?"

She hesitantly shook her head and he licked his lips.

" In fact, I never attended any clubs in my life -"

Pausing in mid-way, she hesitantly looked down.

Why am I talking too much! Am I already drunk!?

The wide smile that has spread on his lips made her body turn pale.

"Why'd you stop?"

She hesitantly looked into his eyes and the Instant move was taking the half drink she kept aside.

Taking the gulp, she whimpered.

She immediately looked at the lemon that was placed on the small plate and took it.

Placing the lemon between her lips, she gently sucked and Christopher's expression changed.

Eyes closed, her red cheeks, her lips sucking the lemon, everything looked so erotic for Christopher, and before he could stop himself, he slowly took the lemon away from her lips.

The warm breath on her lips made her eyes clutch close and soon, his lips meet hers.

The gentle press of his lips against hers left her breathless and Vanessa thought that this is the end.

But when he tugged her arm closer, his another hand gently caressed her cheek.

A gasp, her thighs landed on his, and before she could realize, she's already on his lap.

Her breath started to get hot as a boiling pot.

As he licked her lips that were sour, it tasted so good for Christopher, and he sucked her bottom lip gently.

Hands trembling as they gripped his shoulder, Vanessa's eyes blinked vigorously in order to avoid his tongue that licked the corner of her lips.

A peck after another, he lowered his head.


Before her mind could react, her body did.

Looking into his eyes, she immediately broke the eye-contact in order to slow down the pace her heart was racing in.

"Long drive? We can...go to my hotel."

Her eyes met his and her lips parted in realization.

Oh... Shit! He's asking me something bad!

"I-I n-never.."

She gulped down the lump in her throat.

"I never d-did it."

Her eyes started to lose the strength as she slowly spoke and Christopher's hand froze on her cheek.

"It ?"

She shyly looked down.

God, Can't you understand?

A deep inhale, her fingers clutched his shirt and she closed her eyes.


She opened her eyes, stunned by his bold words.

She never expected that gentle face to spell those words and when he did, he looked more intimidating.


He repeated and this time, it wasn't a question.

It's a confirmation he did for himself.

Sliding his hand on her clothed inner thigh, he eyed her face.

But her mind seemed to be somewhere making him blink.

Is he going to push me?

No, he might tell me get off of him guess?

But it feels so warm...

Cheeks flushing, Vanessa looked down in embarrassment.

But his warm breath against her neck made her blink vigorously.

"So.. You're virgin?"

She sighed as she nodded her head, exhausted by the amount of questions he asked.


Gently placing his hand under her chin, he made her look up.

No matter how many questions he might have asked that night, that specific question which still bothered her body was one and only.

That is—

"—Can I take it ?"

& Vanessa, with no hesitation, kissed his cheek along with a breathy gasp that stated,

"—Yes !"

Chapter 2

A pull, Vanessa found herself in his car, with his hand on her thigh.

Caressing her skin that was already shivering under the dress she wore, he squeezed her thigh before his hand took hers to hold.

placing her hand on the on gear shift, he pulled it backwards and her body felt warm chills spreading from her head to toe.

what's wrong with me?

She thought but when her hand soon rested upon his lap, her eyes blinked vigorously.

From his exposed chest to his thighs that looked muscular yet thin, he almost looked like an Idol she always fangirl over.

Gulping as he gently drew circles on her hand, her eyes blinked towards the window.

"name again?"

Her head shot to him.


He glanced at her as he noticed the slightest startles in her.

"what was the name again?"

His breath heaving with every word he spoke, Vanessa found it so attractive that her heart drummed over her che


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