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Mr Billonaire and the Soul sisters

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Erada and Olivia are identical twin sisters who were separated at birth, one grew up as an heiress to one of the four main families in Green city while the other became the leader of the most notorious group of mercenaries, Daera, her name brings fear into everyone's heart, cold and merciless, she will kill everyone who stands in her way. When Daera decides to seek revenge, she is determined not to spare anyone, not even her identical twin sister. In her quest for revenge, she meets Draco Steele, the CEO of Glam jewelries, the most formidable billionaire in Green city and Olivia's first love, Erada's aim was to use Draco just to exact her revenge but she slowly starts to fall for this dark dangerous billionaire. What happens when the two sisters gets stuck in a messy love affair ***


*Devil's lane* *A deserted road between Green city and Grove city*

" Today, I, Erada will take my revenge on the Kingston family"

There was a grim look on the girl's face as she made a solemn vow, lurking behind the bushes were three of her men as they waited in silence for the arrival of the car.

Beneath the mask, the girl's face was unreadable, there was no hint of apprehension on her face, today, the eldest miss of the Kingston family would surely fall into her hands.

There was a reason why the road was called devil's lane, although it was the only route leading to Grove city, it was a path where most people would not dare take, anyone dumb enough to do so would end up in the hands of robbers and several assassin's lurking behind the shadows, it was said to be the camp of the most notorious mercenary group in Green city, 'The undead'

Rumors had it that the leader of the group, Daera was a young lady that never smiled and could kill anyone just for staring at her, no one had seen Daera's face, she always wore a golden mask and many speculated that the reason was because she had a terrifying scar on her face, some said she was a monster who couldn't reveal her face to the world.

There was a slight rustling of feet as the black Audi came into view, the fish had finally taken the bait, they had placed a lot of traps on the road and there was no way the car's tyres wouldn't get deflated, the car would stop and it would be the perfect time to ambush them.

Erada didn't expect the car to stop even before  reaching the nails, the group of four exchanged puzzled glances , what the hell was going on?

Suddenly the door of the car was slammed open and a man and a woman pushed a beautiful young lady out of the car, pointing a gun to her head.

What was going on here, why was the driver and her assistant trying to kill her , there was a dumbfounded look on the young lady's face as she trembled incessantly.

" Mm.ark L.lily w.. what's going on" she couldn't believe that the driver and assistant she had trusted for so many years would pull such a move on her.

" What's going on? Seriously!" Lily mocked " eldest miss, it's time for you to die, do you think I've always loved staying by your side all these years, I've always wanted you dead and today we can finally kill you and blame your death on the undead"

" If there's anyone to blame, blame it on your own stupidity for blindly coming with us to devil's lane"

The young lady continued to shake her head incessantly, she couldn't quite bring herself to accept the situation.

" I c.can't believe this it has to be a joke"

" It doesn't matter if you believe it, you're bound to die anyway" Mark snorted, his hands tightened on the trigger when a gunshot pierced the air.

Thud! Instead of the eldest miss, Mark fell to the ground with his mouth wide open in disbelief, as blood trickled from his chest.

" Mark!" Lily shrieked, as she looked all around trying to detect the source of the gunshot, she paled in fright as four masked figures burst out of the bushes, her legs turned into jelly at the sight of thier grey robes but what frightened her the most was the young lady in the front with the golden mask, Daera, this was.. this was the undead!.

The young lady had turned as stiff as a statue, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry, she was almost killed by her driver and now she had gotten into the hands of the undead, she didn't know which was worse, at least if she was killed by her driver, she would have a quick and merciful death but these mercenaries might torture her until she dies.

" How dare you try to kill someone and frame it on the undead" one of the men snorted, his chilling voice made Lily lose her hold on the gun.

She dropped to the ground with a thud, it was pointless to point a gun at the undead, there were always dressed in a bulletproof armor, guns couldn't harm them and in terms of martial strength they were unrivalled.

" Please! Pardon me for my mistake, I..I.. was stupid" she begged

" We have never shown mercy to anyone, now tell us who instigated you to kill the eldest miss of the Kingston family" Erada questioned, her voice was calm and relaxed and it was what made Lily more afraid, Erada was curious as to why the two would want to kill the eldest miss, the two of them could have ruined the ultimate revenge  she had been planning for years.

" one, I was.. merely jealous that the eldest miss was living such a luxurious life while I had to pick up her shoes, was due to jealousy"

" Jealousy" Erada sneered " do you take me for a fool, Venom, pluck out her two eyes, lets see if she'll talk then, I'll have to go to the trouble of adding it to my collection of eyeballs, oh! You can add her fingers and toes too, all of them"

Lily shuddered violently as the lanky youth approached her with a carved knife, her hands subconsciously tightened around her face.

" I'll talk! I'll talk.. please.d.dont come closer" she crawled back slowly " it was the eldest Master, the eldest Master ordered me to do it" What! The young lady's eyes went wide in disbelief, her own twin brother wanted her dead, she couldn't stop her hands from shaking

" The eldest Master" Erada mumbled, she didn't expect the Kingston family to be so messed up, it only made things  more interesting, she made a signal to Venom with her eyes and he immediately snapped the woman's neck.

" Should I go ahead and take out her eyes and toes" Venom frowned

" Forget it" Erada waved her hands " scum like her isn't worth to be added to my collection"

Still shivering, the young lady stared at the two corpses on the ground, in a day she had experienced a whole lot of betrayals but the most painful one was the fact that her twin brother whom she loved and trusted was actually the mastermind behind everything.

" I.. I'll.. give you money, lot's of it, please let me go"  she pleaded shakily

" Let you go?" Erada echoed.

The young girl trembled, judging from thier faces, she could tell that they had no intention of letting her go, she had this strange feeling that they had come specifically for her, if they wanted her dead, they could have left her to die in the hands of her evil assistant and driver so why exactly did they save her.

" Do you know the kind of people I hate the most" Erada snorted, her voice contained a lot of mockery " Rich and entitled people like you who thinks everything in life can be solved with money, sorry to disappoint you but I don't intend to let you go"

The Young lady shuddered, behind the mask, she could feel the intense hatred from Daera's gaze, she had never offended the undead so why did they target her, was it just to cut off all her body parts, she blamed her own weakness, if she wasn't so weak then she would be able to fight them but she knew it was useless even if she was strong, countless experts had lost their lives to the undead.

" I..if you let me go, I'll do anything you want, I'll give you anything but please don't kill me" she pleaded desperately, she couldn't die just like this, she needed to understand why her twin brother would want to kill her, she even pinched herself just to confirm that everything wasn't just a nightmare and the sharp sting of pain made her know she wasn't dreaming.

" Perhaps, you'll understand why I can't let you go" Erada frowned as she slowly took off the mask on her face, she had always kept her face hidden, not because she had an ugly scar but she couldn't bear to casually expose herself, the three men by her side were her most trusted people and the only ones that had seen her true face, a blast of cool air hit her face as she took off the gold mask that had become plastered to her face like a second skin.

The girl stumbled backwards, shaking her head in disbelief at the face that was staring back at her, her eyes widened in horror because the girl in front of her looked exactly like her. There was no difference at all in thier looks.

" is this possible" she clutched her head tightly, how could there be another person in the world that looks exactly like her and this person was none other than the infamous Daera, leader of the undead

" Well, we finally meet, sister" No!! That was the last thing the young lady heard before losing consciousness.



Erada rolled her eyes as the young lady fell to the ground with a thud, two of the men couldn't hide thier disgust either, such a pathetic excuse for a twin sister.

Even as Erada tried so hard to remain indifferent, there were a lot of emotions running through her mind, if the Kingston family hadn't done the unthinkable to her several years ago, would she have ended up a pampered weakling like this eldest miss, maybe she would have had a different kind of relationship with her sister and not  this strong feeling of hatred when staring at her.

" Boss, how could fate be so cruel as to grant you such a lame excuse for a sister" Eight grumbled pitifully, shaking his head at the slender figure that had lost consciousness, the eldest miss of the Kingston family was actually weaker than the media described her to be, even though she was identical to his boss in terms of looks, the difference between them was as clear as day and night, while his boss was str


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